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Europe » Italy » Veneto » Verona August 3rd 2019

With the operas finishing late I am now a day behind in the blogs - so hope to catch up today. After another great breakfast, we headed to retrace our steps to find the Duomo - we at least knew the direction of travel from our wet trip the day before. Having made it to the castle once more, the sign was spotted pointing us in the direction of the Duomo (think I missed it whilst looking down to avoid puddles) - with no such excuses this time we made it to the cathedral fairly unscathed apart from going the whole way around it to find the entrance. As you will see from the photos, the interior was absolutely stunning and the many stages of the build over the centuries just added to the splendour. It ... read more
Basilica di San Zeno
Basilica di San Zeno
Basilica di San Zeno

Europe » Italy » Veneto » Verona August 2nd 2019

The breakfast at the hotel is amazing - so much food and choice that keeps being replenished. It certainly sets you up for day. The four of us decided to head across Ponte Pietra to the Castel San Pietro, a high point which offers a view across the city of Verona. We headed from the hotel to pass the Arena di Verona enroute, however we were sidetracking by buying a couple of shirts, ties and a scarf on route from a wonderful shop with its origins in Milan. The shop staff were brilliant and prepared the shirt for me to try it on - never had such service in the UK. Once purchases had been made, we continued on our journey to our original destination, we decided to stop for a pitstop, which was lucky as ... read more
City walls
View from Castle
View in the arena from our seat

Europe » Italy » Veneto » Verona August 1st 2019

Our final breakfast in the Regina Palace hotel was another good feast - looking out to the lake. Next, all packed up and checked out, we headed to the station for our first train of the day - the 09:40 to Milano Centrale. Although a couple of minutes late, the train pulled into platform 1, the trouble was the coach numbers were not that clear so we got on the train and I went in hunt of coach 6. As I was moving down I saw the numbers increasing and thought it was ok for both of us to travel down - wrong! The numbers did indeed increase but from number 4 to 14 in one leap. We gave up and stood mid carriages and got into a wonderful conversation with a couple from New Zealand ... read more
Impressive building
Little feast for €6
Oldest bridge with 2 original arches

Europe » Italy » Veneto » Verona September 22nd 2018

Vanochtend vroeg uit de veren, want we hebben weer een lange autorit voor de boeg! Snel een deftige douche nemen (want we moeten lang met elkaar in de auto zitten J), eten, kampplaats opruimen en vertrekken richting Cavallino. Tijdens het eten werden we weer vergezelt door tientallen mussen! Nog even tanken (voor 112 euro!!!!) zodat we onderweg niet stilvallen. Ook een mooi tankstation met een groot houten beeld van Willem Tell in. De Wc kostte er wel 1 Zwitserse Frank, maar ze kwamen nog net niet uw poep afkuisen. Bij de heren toch, bij de vrouwen was het blijkbaar anders. Thomas heeft onderweg mijn fototoestel uitgetest (200 foto’s per 5 minuten). In his defence, het uitzicht was echt wel mooi met watervalletjes en bergriviertjes. Onderweg reden we ook door de Gothardtunnel, een tunnel van 17 km ... read more

Europe » Italy » Veneto » Verona September 8th 2018

Sadly this morning we said farewell to Florence and headed north. Our destination for the day is Verona on the way to the Dolomites, part of the Alps. Igor is very good about comfort stops which are on the highways much like rest stops in the US. However the coffee bars are distinctly Italian. You go to the cash desk to pay and then at the bar you present your receipt and reorder your drink. If the comfort stop is crowded the coffee bar is mobbed. At one such stop some of us ladies were ushered into the gents' along with the gents. Crazy! Arriving in Verona, we met our guide and proceeded across the bridge through the grounds of the Medici palace. Verona has Roman antecedents and the Roman amphitheatre is today a working opera ... read more
professions of love on the walls of Capulet courtyard
Buildings of former Jewish ghetto on Piazza del Erbe
Fellow diners on the Piazz del Erbe

Europe » Italy » Veneto » Verona June 23rd 2018

I went to Verone for a conference. I like going to conferences to catch up with previous colleagued and friends. It is especially nice e^when the conference takes lace in a nice little town. Verona is most known thanks to Shakespear famous novel "Romeo and Juliet" and also for its Opera festival (during opera are played in the huge arena). Social events at this conference were great: we got a city tour, a dinner in Lazize and one in a great mansion in the country side. Verona is only a 6h train ride from Geneva, so at the end of the conference Alex joined me for a long weekend. It's a very pleasant city. You can see all the major sites in a day: the arena, apparently the biggest in the wolrd still use for shows ... read more
Verona - Piazza Bra
view of Verona from Castel San Pietro

Europe » Italy » Veneto » Verona June 17th 2018

15 June - Our group traveled by bus to Verona, setting of Romeo & Juliet. The city is divided by an S-shaped River, Adige, crossed by several bridges, the most striking of which is Ponte di Castelvecchio. Like so many Italian cities, there are remains dating back to Roman times visible in random archeological digs spread around the town. Verona was a strategic location along trading routes going both east-west and north-south, so it changed hands several times, from Romans to northern Barbarians to an independent city-state , to Venetian control, to Austrian takeover, to Italy today. So there is a lot of German/Austrian influence in the culture and food here in Northern Italy. On this Friday the city was quite crowded, but our group managed to follow a local guide through the cobblestone streets and ... read more
Narrow street in Verona
The arena in Verona
St. Anthony's in Mantua

Europe » Italy » Veneto » Verona June 8th 2018

June 8, 2018 I'm loving Verona - it's not so crowded and it's easier to walk around. Susan & Joe (on the concert tour with me) are going to the radio museum and I decided to tag along with them. We wanted to take bus #11 which picks up at our hotel, but a little elderly Italian woman was trying to tell us to go across the street (which is not really across) to go the right direction. We didn't understand and got on the bus going the wrong way. We rode to the end of the line, and then he turned around and we went back to the hotel. Then Nancy, Diana, & Mike got on. They didn't know where the correct bus stop was either and they flagged down the bus. Oh well, we ... read more
Radio Museum
Radio Museum
Radio Museum

Europe » Italy » Veneto » Verona June 7th 2018

June 7, 2018 (I apologize for the delay in posting. I tried to post 3 days of events from Verona but the Internet was not cooperating at all. I couldn't upload photos and the Internet was on/off/on/off. I finally quit. So, I'm home now getting caught up.) Today we left beautiful but busy Florence. What I mean is that it is not easy to walk around Florence: narrow streets, people to dodge around, cars, scooters, motorcycles, buses, etc. Walking in a straight line is impossible. The walking exhausted me. Before we left Florence we had one last stop: The Academy Gallery where Michelangelo's original David is kept. Getting into the gallery was the typical hurry up and wait routine, and we only had time to see David- which is spectacular. There are also many unfinished sculptures ... read more
Michelangelo's unfinished sculptures
Michelangelo's unfinished sculptures
Michelangelo's unfinished sculptures

Europe » Italy » Veneto » Verona May 21st 2018

Our train for Verona left at 9:45, so we just had time to shower and have a quick cappuccino before heading off to the Metro to meet Christina. Back in the day, we would have not booked our hotels until the day before we got to the next city. That is what we did on our first three trips to Europe. I would make use of and get some amazing deals. Sometimes we did get some not so desirable hotel but 80% of the time we did pretty well and the price was always very good. The downside was that we had to pay as we went. Now when we travel I predominantly use and prebook everything and prepay, so we do not have to worry about credit card holds, etc. as the only ... read more
Streets of Verona

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