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Europe » Italy » Veneto » Rovigo June 28th 2011

Ciao everybody! Less than 24 hours before I leave the ground in Venice, visit London for the first time in my life (but it doesn't really count), and land back at home. That's weird to think huh? It is for me... Today, of course, started with the usual nothing... just sitting around, doing random useless things. I made a copy of the video I played at my graduation party for the family (and even added more photos) so that they can remember me many years from now (if they don't see me again). So that killed a couple of hours. I also remembered that I promised a long time ago to make you a video of some of the food that we have been eating here in Italy, so I also took some time to do ... read more
Car Damage

Europe » Italy » Veneto » Rovigo June 27th 2011

It's really weird to me, looking back at some of the first entries I ever did... how I was counting down the days until I took off on this epic journey. And now I'm sitting here, doing the same thing, counting down, but for departure FROM this epic journey. I've been through a month here in Italy so fast, and I can't believe that it's wrapping up! But I won't get too ahead of myself... I still have one full day left to enjoy! It's a Monday, meaning it's a weekday, meaning the morning and early afternoon is the same: I do pretty much nothing useful and exciting. The most exciting thing about this morning was me forcing myself not to read The Jungle... it was like the devil/angel on the shoulder type deal. Finally, the ... read more
Car Dealership
Paolo, Pepe, and annoying guy

Europe » Italy » Veneto » Rovigo June 25th 2011

Hello everybody! I know I’m posting this entry extremely early today, but the reason why is because tonight we are once again going to the beach at Lido of Venezia and we will be spending the night there. Because of this, I don’t think that I will have internet access, therefore anything to post my blog entry with. So, tomorrow’s entry will cover the rest of today as well! As usual, I haven’t done much this morning- just shower, read, play Wii, and get ready for our trip! I’m sorry that there isn’t much more for me to write about… it’s tough when you haven’t really done much! I guess the other thing that happened to me was I had a really good night’s sleep last night… and if you know me, there is a positive ... read more
The mayors house

Europe » Italy » Veneto » Rovigo June 23rd 2011

Well now that I am basically healed of the mysterious virus that knocked out half of the family the last couple of days, we are all back to our normal routine. And if you can remember back to what that was in the morning and early afternoon, it is pretty much nothing to talk much about. Wake up, shower, play Wii, read The Jungle (phenomenal so far, by the way! READ IT), eat food, watch House, etc.... I'm glad I can get done with half of the day in just a paragraph now. (Except that this first new normal day was Paolo's birthday!) The day really began when Paolo told me to "prepare myself" (this is how they've been taught to say "get ready"... it makes me laugh quietly to myself every time) because we had ... read more
Part of Pear Panorama
Federico trying to catch peanuts in his mouth

Europe » Italy » Veneto » Rovigo June 22nd 2011

Ok, so here I am, Day 2 of being sick. Well, right now, I should be saying "pseudo-sick". I feel pretty much fine at the moment. This morning I slept in a very long time... as one would if they were ill. I woke up once or twice in the middle of the night and still felt like I was sick, but by the time I actually got up (around 11 o'clock) I was feeling pretty good. So, I went and ate some breakfast and decided that I was going to add more to yesterday's wussy blog entry and re-publish it, so you all had more to read about than a short entry with an apology! (So, if you haven't gone back and looked at my previous blog entry, you should, because you will find a ... read more
Pizza e Torta Salato

Europe » Italy » Veneto » Rovigo June 21st 2011

Today, for the first time in Italy, I got home-sick. Ha! ok I got you! I'm not really actually homesick... but I am "home sick" if you know what I mean. That's right, today, at the beginning of my last week here in Italy, I got some sort of bug that left me feeling like crap the whole day. Now in a way, it's kind of a good thing... because I get to experience the way that ill kids are treated by their parents in Europe. Some of the things that Elena was doing (or trying to get me to do) were pretty unusual... like she was soaking my forehead, wrists, and neck with some solution that was a mix of water and what looked like Bio-shield (the stuff we preserved our dissection cats with in ... read more
The Post Office
Walking to Rovigo, 6-20
Canal picture (#2) 6-20

Europe » Italy » Veneto » Rovigo June 20th 2011

So I just got home maybe 20 minutes ago... spent 15 minutes trying to get the Internet to work, and here I am, at 1:54 in the morning, trying to stay awake long enough to type a blog entry! I'm exhausted... So my morning wasn't too eventful. I got up a little earlier because I thought we were going to Padova and I didn't know when... better safe than sorry. I ate breakfast, talked with Lucia, my allergies were killing me (despite the Claritin) and I had to blow my nose four-billion times (no exaggeration), read The Jungle, and other things. The real day began when Elena dropped me off at Antonella's house (she then took Paolo to his lessons.) So there I was, alone, an English-speaking foreigner, in the house of a classmate I don't ... read more
I'm on a bridge..
Nerds for life!

Europe » Italy » Veneto » Rovigo June 19th 2011

Well, you know how I was saying earlier that my morning routine has grown to be the same ever since school ended and that there really wasn't much to talk about? Well, today, I stand corrected. Because this morning was no ordinary Sunday morning for the Sasso family. Why? you may ask. Well, the reason why gives the title for today's blog entry. It is Claudia's confirmation! I de believe I mentioned something about a church deal going on today, but I didn't ever know exactly what it was. That's because whenever they referred to it, they used a name that I wasn't familiar with. "Cresima". Well, when I was getting ready and riding there and sitting through the ceremony, I still didn't know what the purpose of it was... until I decided to actually look ... read more
Claudia being confirmed
The altar
She had a nice white dress...

Europe » Italy » Veneto » Rovigo June 18th 2011

This morning has just about been the same as the past few mornings, so I don't really want to bore you with the repetition. However, for those of you curious... -Wake up, breakfast, watch House, shower, make some Jell-O (they don't have that here, and we are going to eat it tomorrow after lunch!), eat lunch (and watch Paolo spill water everywhere and blame it on Claudia... reminds me of me when my coffee gets spilt. It's always Shoopie's fault.), read "The Jungle" and do other random things until the day started at night. As usual. Some random observations about Italian culture that I discovered this morning: 1) When you go to buy the daily paper, there sometimes is an option to pay another half of a Euro and also get a classic novel with it! ... read more
Due Torri
Nico and I
An outdoor church service

Europe » Italy » Veneto » Rovigo June 17th 2011

Today was a LOOOONG day. No really. Long. I thought that we were going to Ferrara today, but we didn't end up going for some reason. But because of this, I kind of woke up earlier that I have been the past week so I could get ready. Well, everyone was up, but nobody was ready (well, Elena and Nico were at work, and Lucia was only here doing her cleaning, so Paolo and Claudia weren't ready for anything). So I thought maybe we were going this afternoon, but it didn't happen. So whatever. The fact of the matter is that I got up earlier than usual this morning. Helping it become a very long and exhausting day. My morning rundown: --Wake up, shower, eat breakfast --Talk to Lucia in Italian some (I showed her some ... read more
I found Maio!
Can art.
Davide laments...

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