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June 25th 2011
Published: June 25th 2011
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Bed-head. Heck yes.Bed-head. Heck yes.Bed-head. Heck yes.

Weird picture of me... I feel like my face is shaped wierd. Could that because my hair was making it look all disproportional?
Hello everybody! I know I’m posting this entry extremely early today, but the reason why is because tonight we are once again going to the beach at Lido of Venezia and we will be spending the night there. Because of this, I don’t think that I will have internet access, therefore anything to post my blog entry with. So, tomorrow’s entry will cover the rest of today as well!

As usual, I haven’t done much this morning- just shower, read, play Wii, and get ready for our trip! I’m sorry that there isn’t much more for me to write about… it’s tough when you haven’t really done much!
I guess the other thing that happened to me was I had a really good night’s sleep last night… and if you know me, there is a positive correlation between the quality of a night’s sleep and the craziness of my hair once I wake up. The equation is as follows:

"Qk=C" where:
Quality of sleep—Q
Bed-head constant—k
Craziness of hair in the morning—C

So, one of the pictures you’ll see on this entry is my crazy hair when I woke up. There aren’t many days in my life when

This palace (I think it is) is made even cooler by the solar clock it has on the side of it! (The white rectangle). It works like a sundial!
I feel the urge to take a picture of my crazy hair in the morning, but this is sure one of them.

The other pictures that I have posted are other pictures that I took yesterday in Padova. I feel like I should make up for my lack of text by posting more pictures than usual. So, because there isn’t much to read in this entry, not all of the pictures will appear amongst the text. In order to see them, you’ll need to click a picture you CAN see (like my crazy hair one) and then look at them on that page. If you have a Facebook, I’m sure you can figure out how to look at pictures on here. If you don’t have a Facebook, well then… it’s just like looking at picture slideshows on the New York Times or C-Span websites.

I hope you all have a great day, and I’ll get a blog entry out for you all tomorrow! Don’t forget to look at yesterday’s entry (June 24th) if you haven’t (I know that since I posted this one so early, you might not have had a chance). There are a ton of cool
The mayors houseThe mayors houseThe mayors house

So the big building in the back left is where the Mayor of Padova lives. And right outside his front door are hundreds of tables where people can sit and sip coffee and old townhouses with vines climbing up the walls. Expensive to rent? You betcha.
things that I had the chance to write about!

Buon Giornata! (Have a good day!)

Additional photos below
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I can't really figure out the right words to say what this is, but it's like a portico-type deal that sits right next to a canal-type thing. I think it'd be a really nice place to relax if I lived here :)
View from Prato della ValleView from Prato della Valle
View from Prato della Valle

From where we sat in the park, you can see in this picture many townhouses that people live in, and at the very end of the street, the Basilica di Sant'Antonio
Basilica di Sant'AntonioBasilica di Sant'Antonio
Basilica di Sant'Antonio

I've posted a picture of this before, but it was a night photo and not too visible. Here's a better one, where you can see everything in great detail!

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