Good news... I'm not dead yet...

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June 22nd 2011
Published: June 22nd 2011
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I'm not dead...I'm not dead...I'm not dead...

yet. Here's the picture of me after my seizure. just kidding... I faked it actually... I'm just trying out for an episode of House.
Ok, so here I am, Day 2 of being sick.

Well, right now, I should be saying "pseudo-sick". I feel pretty much fine at the moment.

This morning I slept in a very long time... as one would if they were ill. I woke up once or twice in the middle of the night and still felt like I was sick, but by the time I actually got up (around 11 o'clock) I was feeling pretty good. So, I went and ate some breakfast and decided that I was going to add more to yesterday's wussy blog entry and re-publish it, so you all had more to read about than a short entry with an apology!

(So, if you haven't gone back and looked at my previous blog entry, you should, because you will find a lot more text than there was before!)

The whole day really didn't consist of much. I didn't even leave the house! So I'm actually betting that this entry won't be very long at all. The only interesting cultural thing that happened was the doctor.

"But wait, Stan... didn't you just say you didn't leave the house?"

Why, yes I
Pizza e Torta SalatoPizza e Torta SalatoPizza e Torta Salato

"Torta salato" can be translated two ways... "savory pie/cake" or "salted pie/cake". I was hoping it mean the savory one. I didn't take many pictures again today, so this is all I've got to work with!
did you observant reader! Here in Italy, there is still doctors on call, who will come to your house to look at the sick people. WOW! That's something you don't see a lot of or at all in the good ole USA, huh? So I was surprised when the doorbell rang and Elena said it was the doctor...

Even though I was feeling fine, he gave me a short examination too... he limped towards me with his cane and proceeded to make insulting and witty remarks at me while popping Vicodin. Oh wait... sorry... that was one of the episodes of House I watched today.

What the doctor did was listen to me cough through his stethoscope, check my ears, throat, and stomach. He said I was pretty much fine and dandy (except his speech sounded more like it was in Italian than English). He was only there for all of ten minutes, to take care of both Claudia and I (maybe even Elena, who stayed home from work today because she was feeling "malato" (sick)). But anyways, it was a new and interesting experience.

The rest of the day consisted of a nice mix of: House,

Peaches! Take a look at the two different types of peaches we have at the house... they're WAY different from the USA ones. They are crisp like an apple (not soft) and don't have any peach-fuzz! (the one on the left looks like it does, but it's just the color of it!)
Drew Carey's Improv-a-Ganza, Super Smash-Brothers Brawl on the Wii, "The Jungle", and taking my temperature with the armpit thermometer. Oh yeah, we also had lunch and dinner... but none of us really ate that much of it... delicate appetites you know?

So now here I am, at 11 o'clock (record time to start an entry) after a day of just lazing about, typing the blog entry in record time. I told you not a lot happened today.


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