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Europe » Italy » Veneto » Dolomites September 5th 2019

We slept well last is silent here after dark, and very quiet during the day. Everyone seems to have at least one dog, but they don't bark at night. We woke around 6:30 am, and were on the road by 9:30. We had decided to visit the national park near Belluno today, but didn't have concrete plans after that. We found the trail area in the Cordevole Valley after a few is more complicated without google, although we did download maps while we were on wifi at the apartment...We don't have data here, so we are navigating with a GPS, paper maps and road signs, and sometimes the help of strangers. We took a short hike along the river, and returned on the narrow country road, through a few small villages. In one, there ... read more
At dusk tonight from my walk in the village
Dinner tonight
A typical home..

Europe » Italy » Veneto » Dolomites September 4th 2019

I guess our new normal is forgetting and losing stuff! We had to turn around 15 minutes from home on Monday, because I had forgotten my coat! When we got to the gate in Seattle, my metal water bottle was missing, and I got my morning run by jogging back to security to look for bottle. I tried to buy one in Chicago, but $22 for a Chicago Cubs bottle was too much...While waiting for our Venice flight, we realized we had left the guide book on the desk at home. Thanks to Amazon, we had it downloaded before we boarded! And then last night I left my cell phone in the bar where we had "dinner" (more later..), and we had to drive back in the dark to retrieve it....I'd like to hope we're ... read more
Our eating area
A gift from our host, Katya
Taken on the drive up

Europe » Italy » Veneto » Dolomites September 5th 2017

We are now in the northern alps of Italy The Dolomites we probably went on the best hike we have done on this trip. We didn't expect it to be as long a hike as it turned out. 5 hours It was so exhilarating that we didn't want it to end. I wish you all could he been with us. All the time next to a fantastic mountain named the Odle. The track was in meadows, pine forests and had it's ups and downs. We went as far as a great mountain refugio. (A small mountain restaurant way up in the high country. The Dolomites have always been one of my favorites. Here are some photos of our hike. sincerely Lowell ps: To let you know. I'm having a problem adding images on the blog because ... read more

Europe » Italy » Veneto » Dolomites August 14th 2015

Who would believe that you could ride a bike that would help you get up a hill looking like a pro. Friday - I rode my first Ebike up a major mountain in the Dolomites- and ask WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN ALL OF MY LIFE? At first it was rather daunting trying to figure out how to ride this very very heavy bike. As we started up the mountain I saw hills that even in my fittest days would have had me huffing and puffing. I discovered the four levels of "pedal assist" and fell in love with the Turbo level (highest I may add) to getting up those hills. Now don't misunderstand - this isn't a motorcycle - you have to pedal but with every down-way thrust that machine BECOMES like an angle making every ... read more
no Ebikes for this guy... unfathomable
biking in the rain!

Europe » Italy » Veneto » Dolomites August 13th 2015

World War One ! The poor Austrian and Italian soldiers had to defend the border at the top of these ridges. I was curious to learn about their plight and decided we had to climb Mount Lagazoui. As of course you all remember from our history classes that the front line between Italian and Austro- Hungarian forces had to pass through the Dolomites. The soldiers on both sides excavated mile long tunnel in the mountains and then fired at one another without actually changing the front lines - because they were too cold to move !! Most died of hunger and cold because reaching them was virtually impossible - WHICH I NOW UNDERSTAND So if they say that curiousity killed the cat - it almost killed us. This trail is pretty much straight up for a ... read more
Go Jeff

Europe » Italy » Veneto » Dolomites August 11th 2015

For the last two years I have been feeling guilty that I HAVE NOT LIFTED A leg or arm to exercise- after this trip - I am throwing that guilt away. WE have reached the Dolomites and it feels like the Disneyland of nature. The jagged Mountain range is spectacular as the edges of each mountain lies against the skyline.The trails that overlook the valleys have breathtaking views of small and quant villages that are scattered all around. We are staying in a small town in the Dolomites called San Cassiano. It's about a 2 hour walk to each town- don't get me wrong you can drive but why drive when you can walk? Every morning we choose a hiking trail and then we start to climb, climb and climb. What's amazing is that when you ... read more
our apart hotel

Europe » Italy » Veneto » Dolomites September 7th 2013

Er ankommet til Dolomitterne. Efter en behagelig flyvetur landede vi Venedigs lufthavn. Lejede en bil og kørte nordpå til Cortina. På vej kørte vi igennem de mest fantastiske dale og er end oppe på et plato under nogle store bjertoppe. Efter udpakning var det tid at komme ud med kameraet og få taget noget af aftenlyset. Her er et par billeder. I morgen kommer der gang i workshoppe så det er spændende hvad den bringer.... read more
130907-7218-5D Mark III_pmx32

Europe » Italy » Veneto » Dolomites July 3rd 2013

I was mega-excited to join my mates Geoff & Eti and their London hiking group (30 other bods) on a Via Ferrata trip in the Dolomites Italy. "Via Ferrata" translates literally to iron way, and consists of a series of steel cables fixed to the rock face that were originally built to assist Italian military movements through the Dolomite mountains during World War I. The climbs are rated according to difficulty from 1 (easy) to 5 (difficult), and according to the climbing severity of the route from A (least serious) to C (most challenging). I had never done this sort of thing before, but was eager to give it a go even with my fear of heights (since the age of 8 when I took a wrong turn and almost fell off the cliff edge of ... read more
holy mother, that´s a view!

Europe » Italy » Veneto » Dolomites July 3rd 2013

Hiking in the Dolomites is superb and suitable for all abilities with optional Via Ferrata adventure. You need to be sure-footed and have a head for heights for Via Ferrata but the excitement of negotiating the protected scrambling routes is unbeatable. Originally built to assist the movements of military units in WW1, Via Ferrata is the key Dolomites attraction. It is a breath taking network of scrambling routes, comprised of skilfully installed fixed cables, ladders and gorge-spanning bridges, which aid ascents to dramatic summits. We spent one week in suitable accommodation with breathtaking views locally sourced food freshly cooked for us daily. I travelled with a group of 30 all of different levels and abilities from all corners of the globe. A definate feel good factor on return.... read more
photo 2
photo 4
photo 5

Europe » Italy » Veneto » Dolomites June 28th 2011

The last day of a holiday is always tinged with a little sadness especially when the holiday has been as amazing as this one. Spring / early Summer in the Dolomites is just stunning with carpets of wildflowers across the meadows, everywhere you look are masses of flowers and while pulling yourself up mountains is fun, I felt the need of a more relaxed day of 'smelling the flowers' before I headed back to London and working life on Thursday. My plan was to find a walking companion for a relaxed 15km stroll, fitting in some time lying in the grass with a book and a long lunch hours in a refugio. For once the plan came together (well kind of). Relaxed 15km stroll, check ... time with book, check ... long lunch, check ... me ... read more
The only way to climb a hill
Rossa Terra
Santuario di Santa Croce

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