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Europe » Italy » Tuscany » Lucca August 31st 2015

Lucca is a less known destination a little north from Florence. This ancient city bound inside the well preserved city wall(designed by Leonardo Da Vinci) got many historical architecture to offer. On top of these broad defensive walls is a ring park, a relaxing place for leisure. Within the twisting alleys inside the old city, the main sight definitely is the Roman amphitheater, the remains of the amphitheater are gone, bit it still shows the outline and shape of an ancient arena. Among many of the church the Duomo di San Martino and the majestic church of San Michele got impressive facade, some interesting sculptures and carvings like showing the life pattern for each month, and a mystery labyrinth. Another interesting sight is the Torre Guinigi tower with tree grew atop it. Lucca is a very ... read more
the Roman amphitheater
the Roman amphitheater

Europe » Italy » Tuscany » Lucca October 14th 2014

Today began with the news that the Cinque Terra was not going to be on our list of places to see today because of the bad weather. Day before yesterday, Genoua was flooded, and the weather forecast was bad for the Cinque Terra and since it is a bunch of pretty little towns build on the side of a cliff, if it is windy, or rainy, it is dangerous and they close the roads. So, instead we were going to head for Lucca, spend the morning in the town, walking around within the walls. It is one of the few towns left that still has the wall because the Romans didn't destroy them. The Lucca people were diplomatic, and because they didn't fight others, the Romans didn't tear down their wall. Of course, the town has ... read more
TGorre Guinigi
Street performers are in the squares.
Another narrow street

Europe » Italy » Tuscany » Lucca October 12th 2014

We packed out bags for pickup at 7:30 for departure to Lucca tonight. Along the way, we stopped in Sienna to eat lunch, walk alot, see little alleys, a church, aka Domo, public square, hall of justice, and get some history about the city. In Houston, the old section of town, buildings are from 1935, here, 1435 is considered historic. Lots of nice frescos, and it seems they are still finding stuff. The church we toured, was very pretty, and we were fortunate because the floor of this church has 38 panels of inlaid marble in the floor, that tells the bible stories from creation through Christ's Redemption. The artists, forty of them, laid these out between 1347 - 1547. The floor is only uncovered to view two months of the year. This was one of ... read more
Siena Square Il Campo
The public hall museum.
The Duomo

Europe » Italy » Tuscany » Lucca October 10th 2014

Geo: 43.843, 10.508Today was one of three incredible days that we were lucky enough to share with Alessandro Cammilli, a driver that I found through Trip Advisor. Unfortunately the day started badly due to the bad behavior of our hotel, who have their own driver tour company. We had arranged by email to meet Ale at 9.30 at our hotel. 9.30 came and went which I thought was odd as Ale had been so professional in responding to any emails and so on. I went to the front desk to enquire if anyone had telephoned or come in looking for us. They responded 'no' and said that being late was typical of Florentine tour drivers. They then suggested that they could provide the same tour for us if we wanted.Fortunately G decided to go downstairs and ... read more
Piazza dei Miracoli
G Holding Up the Leaning Tower
View of Lucca from City Walls

Europe » Italy » Tuscany » Lucca October 2nd 2014

OMG talk about wifi withdrawals!!! You'll have to bear with me - I'm covering a few days in this one (starting from 27th, when we were still in Florence)... Up early on Saturday and back to the Cattedrale di Santa Maria dell Fiore to climb the 463 steps of the Duomo di Firenze - we love to torture ourselves!! Then a much needed, yummy Italian coffee. Next, we visited the Leonardo Da Vinci museum (after walking right passed it several times and not being able to find it) then found somewhere to have pizza for lunch. Back to the hostel to collect our bags and off we went to the train station, bound for Lucca. Dad was waiting for us, in their little rented Audi, ready to take us up the hill to the villa (or ... read more

Europe » Italy » Tuscany » Lucca August 10th 2014

Sera! Our last day in Florence was definitely a bitter sweet one. We were able to fit in the last few things we wanted but were so sad to leave. Florence definitely stole my heart and I plan on returning as many times as possible in the future. The day started out with the Duomo, a beautiful 13th century cathedral with a huge dome that you can hike to the top of if you are willing to brave the long lines, extremely small staircases and 463 steep steps. I am slightly claustrophobic and have a fear of heights, but the trek to the top of the dome was definitely worth it, even with a 2.5 hour line. The views are breathtaking and you can see the entire city and surrounding hills. I am happy ... read more

Europe » Italy » Tuscany » Lucca June 10th 2014

To get to Lucca we had to backtrack from Siena to Florence, then quickly catch a connecting train on to Lucca. When we arrived it was very hot and we dragged our luggage over bumpy cobbled stoned streets, getting more hot and lost and frustrated. Eventually we found our B&B, Anfiteatro almost at the opposite end of town to the station. It was great to be there, kick off our shoes, turn on the air conditioning and rest. Our B&B was next to the Piazza Anfiteatro, hence the name and was very convenient to many cafes and restaurants and the Medieval wall. Although Lucca is another Medieval city, it is quite different to all the others we have seen. It is a living, vibrant city and on the day we arrived, they were holding historical re-enactments ... read more
A view from our window, the road and restaurant nearby.
Views from the bell tower
The ancient Paleochristian Church under San Giovanni

Europe » Italy » Tuscany » Lucca April 27th 2014

Geo: 43.843, 10.508Today we boarded my first ever double-decker train and headed west to Lucca in search of a roman amphitheater. Lucca dates from the Etruscan and Ancient Roman times and is a town predominantly built inside the city walls designed by Leonardo Da Vinci, It was here our luck with the weather definitely ran out and I was forced to pay a visit to Accessorize in search of an umbrella (such a hardship!). Lucca itself was quintessentially Tuscan- small narrow streets, colorful buildings and plenty of churches. We arrived mid-morning and set off armed with our map in-search of the amphitheater. About 3 hours and after having been fed and watered (the food was divine - antipasti being a particular favorite and it was here that Chris decided to start conducting a 'Best Bruschetta' competition, ... read more
Delicious anti-pasti
Duomo di San Martino
Singing in the rain

Europe » Italy » Tuscany » Lucca October 21st 2013

With six people in the house and a small fridge, regular shopping is essential, so Ced & I set off this morning during a break in the rain to go to the Esselunga supermarket outside the walls. It is bigger, cheaper & has a much better range of products than the one close to our apartment. Picked up a good range of stuff so that we could have a tasty dinner in tonight. We’ve had some excellent meals (and some not so great) while we’ve been here but there’s nothing like a home-cooked meal. Sometimes you get caught out though…we bought a packet of something that looked like a complete rice meal but which needed a number of extra ingredients added to actually make it a meal! Jon returned the rental car he's had for 4 ... read more

Europe » Italy » Tuscany » Lucca October 20th 2013

A cloudy day with occasional rain. We all slept in then Jon & Mon headed to an Antique Market taking place in several parts of the town. Ced & I checked out various options for a prospective trip to Florence later in the week and the latest news on the terrible bushfires that seem to be encircling the Blue Mountains. We feel deeply for all the people who’ve lost their homes in these fires and hope that a weather change will halt their progression. It’s hard being so far away from home at times like these but not as hard as it must be for those going through this tragedy. A visit to the Lucca Museum of Contemporary Art this afternoon enabled us to view the amazing photography of the award-winning Frenchman Henry Cartier-Bresson. His black ... read more

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