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Europe » Italy » Tuscany » Lucca October 5th 2013

Headed into Levanto to withdraw a large sum of money to pay for our 3 weeks in the apartment we had booked in Lucca. As Lucca is only about 100km from Levanto and we had arranged to check in at 2pm, we decided to call in to the beachside town, Forte dei Marmi, for no particular reason other than it was on our map and we needed a coffee. The Appennine ranges near this town are rich in marble and other minerals and this town has grown rich from the proceeds. The main street was full of luxury outlets…Gucci, Prada, Armani etc and everyone there (except us) looked prosperous. We had a pretty bad cappuccino in a luxurious coffee shop and headed to the beach which was flat, brown sand divided into sections for private use. ... read more
Our abode in Lucca
Our abode in Lucca
Our abode in Lucca

Europe » Italy » Tuscany » Lucca May 22nd 2013

As we arrived in Lucca at sunset, we didn't have much time to explore so will let the photos do most of the talking for this entry! Only managed to squeeze in a quick wander before it got dark, bumped into another guy staying at the same hostel at us so shared dinner with him, then had a quiet wine before retiring before our big day tomorrow. Early start the next day, with a connecting bus before our Train on to La Spezia and the Cinque Terre!... read more
Surrounding wall
Kim loving her new leather jacket

Europe » Italy » Tuscany » Lucca April 25th 2013

Todays gelato flavour(s) ,yes I indulged in two today - Fragola(rich in strawberries,yum) and Malaga(rum and raisin) The surprises keep coming for us as we travel around Italy and today there was another that we certainly didn't expect but more about that later. Breakfast was another rather 'sombre' occasion with no background music to soften the room sound a bit.Every time one got up to check the toast etc the chair legs made an awful noise on the tiled floor and you had the sense the others in the room all stared.It got to a point that we picked the chair up with hands under the seat so the legs didn't scrape the tiles. The German couple were back again from yesterday morning.They look so serious that you want to suggest they lighten up on life.We ... read more
Water channel inside the old town area of Lucca
Lucca cathedral
Lucca cathedral

Europe » Italy » Tuscany » Lucca April 22nd 2013

Ciao! We’ve been in Italy for two weeks now and are living on a diet of pizza, risotto, pasta and ice cream (and our first BBQ of the trip!) which is gorgeous but I imagine will show on the scales! Italy seems to be much faster passed than France, still with the long lunches where everything closes down from 12-4, bigger waist lines and scarier roads! We thought that French drivers were a bit mental….but all is forgiven! A lot of the roads here seem to have lost their markings, their edges, and the resulting free for all can be interesting especially as everyone’s in a rush (but then the shops do close at midday!). The language thing is harder too, as even though before we left I would have said I couldn’t speak a word ... read more

Europe » Italy » Tuscany » Lucca November 27th 2012

Dear Max and Dominic, On our last weekend here we went to see two cities that we thought would round off our time in Italy. Lucca is a small city, about the same size as Nelson and Richmond put together, and it is very beautiful. Back in the time when it was dangerous to live in Italy because there were small wars every few years between the big cities, Lucca built a massive wall around itself. It takes about an hour to walk around it. The wall is so thick and strong that you can easily walk on top of it and even cannons wouldn't be able to break it down. It is much wider than a house - kind of like a dam made out of earth with bricks on the outside. This wall was ... read more
The deep streets of Lucca
The moa of Lucca
"The Square" in Pisa

Europe » Italy » Tuscany » Lucca June 24th 2012

Lucca to Bologna 12th June to 19th June 2012 Tuesday 12th June 2012 We leave for Lucca via Arezzo as it looked like a scenic drive through the mountains. It was a fantastic drive and Tom figured that the road was OK as a few buses and large trucks came past us, so that meant is was OK for camper. Soon we started to climb and then comes some serious climbing, then the clouds and on with the fog lights front and rear. Reach the top and start to descend, whilst watching the TomTom to see where the road goes as the fog is so thick. The road winds back on itself constantly and the descent is steeper than the ascent. A bit hairy. We come out of the ... read more
13.6.12  Lucca - Palo Alto High School Choirs
13.6.12  Lucca - some aprons a colleague asked us to buy.
18.6.12   Bologna - Andrea and Gaye

Europe » Italy » Tuscany » Lucca May 29th 2012

Having seen the best of Florence we decided to head for a day trip to Pisa and Lucca. Catching the local train was a fun and cheap way to travel with the station only a short walk from our hotel. A short train trip of about an hour we arrived at Pisa and to be honest the Tower is really the only thing to see there. Generally a rather drab place the tower and baptistery are a lovely interlude if you can get past the bloody souvenir stalls and hawkers trying to sell you all sorts of stuff, still they gotta make a living too. Spending a couple of hours in Pisa it was soon time to leave and head off to the walled city of Lucca. Again catching the local train it was only a ... read more

Europe » Italy » Tuscany » Lucca May 15th 2012

While I'm starting to get the bug bad for visting the rest of the country, on Tuesday I set off with my cousin Arianna to visit the local town of Lucca by foot and on bike. Lucca has, among its narrow, narrow streets, once protective walls, and many piazzas, famously 100 chaese, or churches. Its history goes back a long ways, as you can imagine, and I will get into the walls and some of the history as I learn to translate the local story from Italian. I learned a little about the history of the competitive development of churches in Lucca. As some of my pictures show the size of churches and especially their connected torre (towers) were a sign of power, and of course wealth. Over the years, when local people of power got ... read more
La mura terzo di Lucca
La mura terzo di Lucca

Europe » Italy » Tuscany » Lucca May 10th 2012

Thanks to some jet lag, I woke up at 5 a.m., Italian time, to a serious chorus of birdsong outside my window. I arrived in the heart of spring, and the birds are going crazy in the midst of doing what birds and bees do, comprende! I certainly had enough NRG to grab my lenses and head outside as the birds were singing like crazy and sunrise was approaching. I discovered, embarrassingly, that my hosts had the house alarm armed at the time, and so guessed it, I woke all of those who were lucky enough to be sleeping at the time... ':~p I was forgiven, and so I made my way outside, and explored my way around the property with camera in hand. The tule fog and sun rays cast through it were amazing ... read more
Sun rays in the fog
La Mia Casa per un Mese
La vista dalla finestra della mia camera da letto

Europe » Italy » Tuscany » Lucca May 5th 2012

Geo: 43.843, 10.5085-7 MayLucca is a lovely city, obviously much quieter than Florence and Venice but still plenty to see and do. The city is surrounded by a wall used to protect it in war times. There is a road on top of the wall and the walk around it is 4km. It poured all day on Sunday and the shops are closed so I walked most of the way around and called into the Lucca Gallery of Contemporary Art. There was a very strange exhibition on called Paint where the artist started on white canvas, colored the majority of it with black lines and then used different textures of white paint to cover it all. I think the aim was to use white as colour whereas we usually start with white and introduce other colours ... read more
Glad I'm not the gardener

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