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Europe » Italy » Tuscany » Arezzo May 17th 2013

Friday already and it is our last day! We woke to the sound of heavy rain dancing off the roof and patio. When it rains in Tuscany it doesn't do half measures. We had our plan to visit Sansepulcro so off we set on the same road we had driven back from Anghiari. We are definitely beginning to know our way around this region what with the help of maps and Sat Nav! We were approaching the town and I was reading from the Guide Book that it was the chief industrial town of the area so to be honest we thought a short visit would be enough. As usual the town turned out to be more catching and the old part remains much the same as in medieval times. It is the town where Pierro ... read more
The Mayor?
Two very wet Rally drivers
A very busy waiter at the restaurant form where we viewed the rally drivers.

Europe » Italy » Tuscany » Arezzo May 16th 2013

Considering we have been staying just outside Arezzo for the past 6 days we thought we had better visit the town. Sandra, our host arrived over to the cottage this morning to greet us. She had been in England for a relative's wedding until Tuesday. She was very chatty and offered us an umbrella for the day as it was tipping down with rain. She gave us a few tips of where to visit as well so with extra maps and coats fleeces and brolleys off we set. We drove right up to the old part of Arezzo. It is quite a big town compared with many we have visited, the modern part being on the flat and as usual the old part on the hill top although there were just a few ups and downs. ... read more
Anghiara - an alleyway
The restaurant in Anghiari
The organic farm near the Buriano Bridgee

Europe » Italy » Tuscany » Arezzo May 15th 2013

This morning we woke to sunshine although the weather forecast for Arezzo was rain at stages through the day. We headed for Cortona the beautiful walled medieval hill top town about 45 minutes from Arezzo. The town was made famous following the novel and film "Under the Tuscan Sun" - all about a woman called Frances who ends up letting go of fear and taking the plunge to make a new life in Italy. Having spent the afternoon in this absolutely lovely town I can guess how she just fell in love with it and from what I gather so have many others particularly Americans. Every summer several American students flock to the town for Summer school and today we heard many American accents. So we had to climb to the top of the hill as ... read more
Castiglione del Lago
Jim in one of the alleys in Cortona
A Great Crested Grebe on Lago Trasimeno

Europe » Italy » Tuscany » Arezzo May 12th 2013

Some photos of our accommodation in Bagnoro. Sunday was our rest day. Having said that we had a jaunt to the local Supermarket. It is always interesting checking out all the different food and produce! Then in the evening we headed up the mountain road thinking we might get to the top before dark. Not a chance. It just kept on going. Jim went on ahead at one point to check out the next bend and I heard the rustle of bushes beside me. All I could think of was wild boar and I let out a Jimmmm! Fortunately there was no sign of any deer or boar but glad we turned as it was dark by the time we got back. We were told by Paul this morning that there are families of boars close ... read more

Europe » Italy » Tuscany » Arezzo May 12th 2013

We departed from Antella at 11 and decided to take the scenic route via the Appenine ridge. Tusc50 kany has not been a disappointment. It is more beautiful than they say. The landscape is unspoiled and as you look upwards towards the rolling hills they are clad in trees and wild flowers and meadows. The small hilltop towns are so sleepy and with locals sitting in the piazzas chatting. There were signs advertising the 50 k cycle race on Sunday and there were groups of cyclists out training. The ones we overtook passed us by again on the downward slopes clearly having a ball. We stopped just for a wee rest at Popi and discovered a gem of a town - a medieval castle with the oldest library in Italy - ancient books and charters and ... read more

Europe » Italy » Tuscany » Arezzo August 5th 2012

After such along day yesterday due to the early start, late bed and an extra hour from crossing a time zone, we were up late. There was food for breakfast in our welcome pack, which was just as well because Italian shops don't open on Sundays. We had read in the local information that Arezzo had a Sunday antiques market and it seemed like a good a place as any to spend the day. Toby and Fiona didn't go there last time they were in Italy so it was fun to visit a new place. As with most Tuscan/ Umbrian towns, Arezzo has steep streets that lead to the main piazza which is surrounded by important civil buildings. Each of the streets was filled with market stalls and we spent time looking at them all. We ... read more
The view from our bedroom up to Montone
Our first Italian bruschetta
Tower  in Arezzo

Europe » Italy » Tuscany » Arezzo May 31st 2012

A picture is worth a thousand words...... ok - in the case of an average photographer (me!), maybe 500 words....... read more
ROME - St Peters
Pompeii, Italy
Herculaneum, Italy

Europe » Italy » Tuscany » Arezzo May 31st 2012

Thursday 31-May-12 – Arezzo, Italy There have been reports of some earthquakes in the north of the country with quite a few fatalities. Thankfully, we are well south of that region. Arezzo is a magical place – see which gives a much better description of the place than I could. We spent 3 days in this lovely town in Tuscany. The people were friendly, the food was great, and prices were very cheap compared to Rome and Sorrento. Saturday was Republic Day – (Birth of the Italian Republic, 1946), a public holiday in Italy. We witnessed a ceremony in one of the town squares to celebrate the day. It was full of pomp and ceremony. Many speeches by many people!! Lots... read more

Europe » Italy » Tuscany » Arezzo May 30th 2012

Wednesday, 30-May-12 Rome to Arezzo We left Rome for the last time this afternoon, and caught the “inter-city” train to Arezzo, about 2 ½ hours journey north of Rome. Although we loved the history and sights of the magical city of Rome, we were far from impressed with the most unpleasant odour of the town. It seems that everyone smokes, and anywhere they like – even near restaurants, and IN the al-fresco dining areas. The city is littered with millions upon millions of cigarette butts. The ground around the Termini railway station was a carpet of them! Even the exhaust fumes from the cars and scooters were not noticeable because of the smell of cigarettes. We booked our train ticket online, copied the file to a USB memory key, and printed it out on the hotel’s ... read more

Europe » Italy » Tuscany » Arezzo July 7th 2010

hello again, sorry to take so long to publish, but as you can imagine, travelling in a campevan is not conducive to writing blogs on computers. however, must admit have been very very lazy when we got to fondi and settled down in the house, however, we have been so busy that time has just got away from us. well lets continue the 'grisswold' travels. after successfully negotiating paul around the city without the benefit of gps (see previous blog) we managed to locate the camping ground that we could stay in. straight away he dragged me up the hill into the town. Arezzo is set on top of a hill and you need to climb up the stairs, in the distance I spied an escalator, but paul wanted to hike up the stairs, fortunately, i ... read more

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