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Europe » Italy » Sicily » Taormina May 14th 2011

First rule of driving in Sicily? There are no rules! ; 2nd rule – refer 1st rule Fri 6 May to Sat 14 May 2011 Had a great overnight ferry trip from Naples to Catania, Sicily. We had a cute little cabin with own shower and beds were very comfortable – it was like flying 1st or business class with a gentle rumbling of the ship’s engine. Not quite the Queen Mary experience. Arrived in Catania, Sicily safe & sound. This is our first rental car experience – all good from collection & after little challenging start with our GPS we got out of Catania and on the open road to Agrigento, home of some of the world’s best preserved Greek ruins. If Robbo had been driving we’d never have been able to leave the ... read more

Europe » Italy » Sicily » Taormina May 10th 2011

Monday 2nd Monday to Sunday 8th May 2011. Monday 2nd May 2011. Taormina. Went into to Taormina on scooter. Tom was concentrating so ended passing the entry and up the hill before he realized what he had done. I thought he was looking for a parking space. So back we go and get a parking spot. Walk around and found a Ferramenta (hardware shop) to buy some bits and pieces. We were in luck as they also carried the ‘Fragile’ tape for our postage. We have been looking for a while to buy this but no-one had it – not even the Post Offices. Went into the school to introduce myself and then to Tourist Information office and got a map. We decided to do a private tour of Mt. Etna on Tuesday – so we ... read more
May 2011 - Sicily  Taormina -  view of Mt Etna
3.5.2011 - Sicily - Taormina - Mt Etna
6.5.2011 - Sicily - Valley of the Temples

Europe » Italy » Sicily » Taormina September 24th 2010

Geo: 37.8531, 15.2878There is a long windy road that takes you up to Mount Etna passing by several lava fields on the way. We visited Etna South station which is the most visited. Having parked in the first car park we came to, we heard at the tourist office, that the only way to get near the top was first to go by cable car price 30 euros followed by a truck drive (about 30 euros) followed by a guided tour for same amount. This seemed like a lot of money when we could see the volcano from where we were, and as daughter Helen was suffering from ear trouble we decided not to go much higher. In fact there is a steep climb up the side of the volcano from the carpark, which doesnt cost ... read more
a caldera
lovely lava
a peak too high

Europe » Italy » Sicily » Taormina September 16th 2010

Possibly my favourite place in Italy! About 45 minutes away from Catania where I arrived on an altered railpass :). Had to wait for a bus to take me up the hill to the bus station, from where I walked uphill to the old town gate. It was so so nice, but swarming with tourists unfortunately. The pics say it all - it was a stunning town - proper medievel with the Teatro Greco built in 1st century BC, so so so nice :) with amazing views of the coastline particularly from the Teatro and the viewing terrace on the Piazza IX Aprile - who needs the Amalfi coast when you've got this beauty??! The Villa Communale took my breath away and was a nice getaway from the swarms of English and Americans in the main ... read more
Teatro Greco
Mazzaro beach
Villa Communale

Europe » Italy » Sicily » Taormina September 9th 2010

Geo: 37.8531, 15.2878A Sat Nav is no use when you try to get into Taormina, which is at the top of a long windy road and is full of one way narrow streets most of which are pedestrianized. A man on a scooter had to come from the hotel to rescue us and show us the way. The Hotel Bristol Park is old fashioned and full of antiques and paintings. We didnt like it at first because we had to change rooms from a dark one at the back to a seaview room, which was then very pleasant as it had a balcony on which we could have preprandial drinks and a view over the town and to Mount Etna. It also has a pool and a garage which are essential.The main sight seeing attraction in ... read more
in the amphitheatre
teatro greco
good view from the theatre

Europe » Italy » Sicily » Taormina April 6th 2010

The sun was shining once again when we woke up, and today was supposed to be the warmest (in the morning) so we made plans to go to the beach, because even though it was colder than we would like, we had to at least see the Sicilian beach. To get to the Taormina beach you can take a cable car from the top to the bottom (aka, down a mountain), which all my friends seemed to think was an awesome idea. Me? not so much. i was petrified (cable cars may be the scariest thing in the entire world). but it was one of those things you would never be able to do again so i bought my ticket (yes i had to pay to be shaking in fear) and waited. Going down the mountain ... read more

Europe » Italy » Sicily » Taormina March 27th 2010

So I was the big pusher of going to Taormina during spring break. i had gone there five years ago and absolutely loved it. i went in high school and absolutely fell in love with the town. it was the first place we stopped on our tour and after a hellish day of traveling that included a flight that got overbooked and everyone's luggage being lost, we woke up to a ridiculously gorgeous view and spent the day roaming around this wonderful town. Clearly, it was a necessary place for me to revisit. Our first day was a complete wash--it poured the entire day--and after a small breakdown after reading the weather report (rain ALLL week)--i woke up to sun and gleefully ran through our cold hostel room (clearly this hostel was not prepared for cold ... read more
View from Piazza 14 Aprile
Going up to Madonna della Rocca
Made it!

Europe » Italy » Sicily » Taormina March 23rd 2010

I love all your comments. Sorry if I don't manage to answer them all. Not much time available to be online. But, know that I love reading them and taking in the caring support. Love, Donny... read more

Europe » Italy » Sicily » Taormina March 22nd 2010

Weather: A couple of days into this week, the sun started peeking through, the rain diminished and eventually stopped, and it gradually got warmer. Ah! On the physical front, I’ve been sleeping well and the bruising, after spreading over to the area around my left eye, to more or less match my right, is now slowly dissipating. Last Saturday, I moved to a shared apartment (there’s two of us, each with our own room), so I can do my own cooking -- when I don’t eat out with some of my school friends -- and allowing me to more closely follow the paleo diet that works so well for me. The apartment location is also in a logistically better part of the town than my previous residence, in closer proximity to markets, the school and where ... read more

Europe » Italy » Sicily » Taormina March 14th 2010

What a week! As a 61 year-old Swiss student, who’s been here over two months, said as we chatted over espressos, “It’s not like we’re twenty-somethings who can endure anything like we did then.” Amen. All the students over around forty, complain about the cold - not just the weather, which has been mostly that and rainy, but the cold in the homes as well. Everyone is cold a good part of the day. Hardly anyone thought to bring winter-type clothing to a place so far south. Fortunately, I threw in a light knit cap and thin gloves, which helps a bit. Aside from the cold, during the first few nights here I went through a continuous pattern of sleeping for very short periods - from a half hour to maybe an hour and a half ... read more

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