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Europe » Italy » Sicily » Taormina March 7th 2010

Cold and rainy today, Sunday (when this is being written) -- my first full day in Taormina. I arrived the afternoon before, into Catania (Sicily) airport from Munich, having made a connection there following the flight from New York. This after being delayed in my first leg of the journey (Medford to San Francisco) and my second one (SF to New York), not getting my checked suitcase until the next day as it had missed the connection to JFK, sweating out a stop and go, agonizingly slow-moving traffic jam on the way from friend Shelly’s house to the airport in New York, a delayed flight to Catania because of snow in Munich, my checked suitcase not coming out at the final airport with the other passengers’ luggage and seeing everyone else (except for one other passenger) ... read more

Europe » Italy » Sicily » Taormina November 18th 2009

Day 28 Siracusa We headed out to Archeological Museum in the late morning, walking there from the hostel. The museum is outstanding: it covers prehistory to Roman times and has artifacts from many sites in Sicily. We took more than 2 hours to go through, even with some hurrying at the end, since we wanted some time outside in the beautiful sunshine. We walked past the remains of one of Siracusa’a archeological digs, heading back to old part of town. We first stopped at the ruins of the Temple of Apollo, wanting to look at it again with all of the new info we’d gotten from the museum, including a model which recreated the original temple. Like much of Italy, so many cultures passed through here and changed prehistoric shrines to temples, to homes, to churches ... read more
Apollo Temple now
What it once looked like....
Detail of Apollo Temple now

Europe » Italy » Sicily » Taormina August 24th 2009

Geo: 37.8531, 15.2878Jess, Andy and I went on a day trip today to Taormina. We caught a bus from Catania. The drive only took an hour and a half. This was one of the few holiday destination that I did not do any research for. Andy was in charge of research Sicily and he suggested that we come here for a day. The entrance to the town through Porta Messina was only a 5 minute walk from the bus station. Taormina is on the Ionian coast. The town is up high- 200 metres above sea level, which explains the cable car service. ... read more
02 Cable Car
03 Square
04 Antiques

Europe » Italy » Sicily » Taormina May 14th 2009

Vi er havnet i internet u-land. For foerste gang i tre uger, har vi set en internetadgang. Teksten er allerede et par dage gammel - og billeder kan jeg ikke naa at uploade til jer i denne omgang. Vi har i nat krydset haelen under Italiens stoevle, og sejler nok videre i dag. Vi har det superfedt og baaden er glad. Der er gået en rum tid siden sidst, der blev lagt noget på bloggen. Vi har haft rigtig travlt, og har ikke haft mulighed for at komme i land og prøve at finde en net-cafe. Kroatien er et fantastisk land at sejle i, men det har også været et urimeligt cirkus at komme af sted med båden. Da vi d. 27. april kom for at overtage en færdig og 125% betalt båd (dansk moms), manglede ... read more

Europe » Italy » Sicily » Taormina May 8th 2009

When the Travel Bug Bites So here it is, my first official blog. I can think of no better place to start my travel blogging experience than to write about my first adventure outside of the United States. Even though I only lived there for one month, the experience truly did completely change me. I came back with a thirst for foreign language, culture and food. To this day, I truly believe that the only real way for us to learn about ourselves is to see the world, and to experience everything it has to offer; even if it is "foreign" to us. Living in Taormina, Sicily was truly an experience that I will never forget, if it was for one month, 5 years ago. For one month, I shared a hotel room with 5 college ... read more
Streets of Taormina
Mt. Etna
Sicilian Juice Man

Europe » Italy » Sicily » Taormina March 25th 2009

We were awakened by a lot of noise and talking at about 3:00am on Monday morning. A few hours later the delicious smell of fresh bread wafted in our window. Later, when it got light and we looked out we realized that one of our neighbours across the narrow street is a bakery. If I can make it over there in my pyjamas by 6:30am I can get a crusty loaf for 1 euro. We drove the 5km along the shore to where the cable car will take you up the cliffs to Taormina. This is a swanky town with glitzy shops geared to separating tourists from their euros. German was the predominant language we heard with a smattering of French and English. We realized that all the tourists, including ourselves, were of a certain age...we ... read more
The Ear of Dionysius
Dry-stacked Limestone wall
Limestone wall - end view

Europe » Italy » Sicily » Taormina November 25th 2008

We are in Taormina, Sicily. We spent the morning traveling from Rome, picking up the rental van and waiting for the Frictons. We all piled into the Ford Transport (9 passanger van- like the van from paris) and headed up Etna, the mountain known to the Greeks as the home of Vulcan, God of Fire and the one eyed Cyclops. After a long windy and drive up the Volcano, we were turned away from the summit because the Funicular was closed for the season. We enjoyed the views of the craters and collected some lava rock. On the way down we saw beautiful scenery and a Volpe (fox). He was hoping to receive a snack of some sort. After a long look, he ran away, leaving us to continue our journey to Taormino. We had a ... read more
Villa Ducale Room
Girls in Taomina

Europe » Italy » Sicily » Taormina October 3rd 2008

03 Oct 2008 The SS124 from Taormina to Giardini Naxos is incredibly narrow and windy. It still managed to fit us, a car going the other way and a scooter, with the occasional bus thrown in though. Giardini Naxos was pleasant to drive through, and we followed signs out along more windy roads up the valley to the Galle Dell Alcantara (Alcantara Gorge). As a side note: I've decided at this point that I am sick of driving Italian roads. Now unlike larger gorges you may have experienced, and certainly what I expected, you couldn't see this one from the road as you approached. i.e. it wasn't a grand canyon or Clyde (before Lake Dunstan). We parked in the deignated "Gratuito" parking, and were prompted by a man wearing a suspect shirt for €1 for parking. ... read more

Europe » Italy » Sicily » Taormina September 29th 2008

29 Sept 2008 (these blogs being uploaded from Letojanni -have to do pics later) Another sunny day awaits us: breakfast was excellent. The residence provided fresh croissants, normal cornflakes, chocolate cornflakes, coffees, fruit juice and jams. I imagine the jam was for toast, but didn't see anyone having toast. We asked for bowls for the cornflakes (you can guess what flavour the boys chose), but apparently there were no bowls. The idea was to fill a plastic cup - like a glass - with the cornflakes, add milk, and eat with a spoon. The boys liked this as it meant they were left with chocolate milk to drink after eating the cornflakes. Ky went for a run down the hill - yes down only! She walked back up. Suggested later that she may run down to ... read more

Europe » Italy » Sicily » Taormina September 28th 2008

28 Sept 2008 Fortune was with us today: the ferry docked and at reception I asked where the Maggiore rental car company depot was. The man informed me right there (pointing off the side of the boat). I looked out the starboard window and sure enough, there was a building right there with the sign in plain view. Just a short wait for the office to open at 7:30, and then we were off in a VW Passat. I immediately found my driving style for Italy had adapted to the smaller narrow car we'd had before, a Lancia Muro. The Passat was a bit wider, so caused me a bit of consternation as we wound our way through Palermo trying to find the Autostrade. Lucky for me it was early Sunday morning and almost no traffic. ... read more

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