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Europe » Italy » Sicily » Taormina July 10th 2012

Geo: 37.8531, 15.2878 GUN 34 GUNLERDEN SALI : Güzel uyumuşum ve çok güzel uyandım… Yıkandım … Kahvaltımı yaptım.. Ayşecik te uyandı… Yerimiz gerçekten güzel zira çok güzel ve keyifli esiyor .. Bu esinti olmazsa, bu sıcağa tahammül zor.. Yanımızda 100 yaşlarında bir çiftin, daimi karavanı var .. Selamlaştık..onlarda yabancı dil "nizane" dolayısıyla vücut dili devrede… Dünden aklım başıma geldi ve denize falan girmiyorum .. Havuzu da var ama korkuttular bir kere... denemedim. Sütten ağzımız yanmış bir kere... 16.05 otobüsü ile şehre gitmeye karar verdim. Ayşe, kendine bakım yapacakmış ....beni saldı. Otobüsü heyecanlar içinde dağ başı gibi bir yerde bekledim . Yol o kadar dar ki, yoldan geçen arabalardan korunmak i... read more
Taormina hatirasi
niyet bozuk

Europe » Italy » Sicily » Taormina July 9th 2012

Geo: 37.8531, 15.2878 GUN 33 GUNLERDEN PAZARTESI: Taormina otobanindayiz.... Otoban da tanidik bir tavir sergileniyor.... tüm araçlar sol seritte gidiyor sag serit neredeyse bos... Sanki aniden, Italya dan baska bir ülkeye gelmissiniz gibi... Taormina çikisinda, otobani terkettik ve Ayse nin en bayildigi virajlara kavustuk... Viraj viraj üstüne, dön baba dönelim...yol sizi Taormina nin tepesine çikartiyor Daha sonra biz kampimizi bulacagiz diye kivrila kivrila tepeden sahile süzüldük... Manzaralar nefes kesici.... fakat yolun darligi nedeniyle, bir yerde durup fotograf almak mümkün degil... Listemde ki ve programda ki kamp ta yok olmus iyi mi ? Buhar olmus... Daha ilerde baska bir yeri önerdiler... bir türlü bulamadik ...zira bize verdikleri isimde 2 kamp var ... Birisini, sadece par... read more
ve mutlu son

Europe » Italy » Sicily » Taormina May 29th 2012

I awoke at 7:00 am, had a nice shower with plenty of hot water and water pressure. No AC here but it cools off around 5:00 pm. I was the first at 7:30 for breakfast, had the dining room to my self with Scubby Do on the TV. There was quite a spread… first I got American Coffee (with a large pitcher of hot steamed milk). Then a huge plate of food arrived: ham, salami, cheese, lettuce and tomato salad, and 2 spinach souffle cakes. On the side buffet was every kind of pastry imaginable, a bowl of chopped fruit, another of whole fruit, yogurt, granola, and juices! I made a sandwich with the leftovers from my plate, but did not end up eating it. I took the 8;45 bus to Taormina, about a 30 minute ... read more
Greek Theatre, Taormino
Beggar at the Church

Europe » Italy » Sicily » Taormina May 14th 2012

Geo: 37.8531, 15.2878This morning we took the ferry from Villa San Giovanni to Messina. One trip on a Greek ferry will convince you that BC Ferries gives us a good deal. The ferries seem to be privatized and although very frequent (40 minutes for this company) are not very clean and the access is very difficult - you get the tickets in one place and then go to another place to board. Arriving in Messina is a bit of an experience. All the traffic converges to a T junction with 2 lanes turning into one. We finally got on the toll road and exited for the villa. The GPS took us on a circuitous route to a nearby town and then finally we found the villa.The town of Taormina is a medieval town which has become ... read more
Morning Cloud & Messina
Competitor's Ferry
Hotel Villa Schuller

Europe » Italy » Sicily » Taormina April 25th 2012

Our first port in Italy was Livorno. This is the gateway to Florence, Pisa and Lucca. All of the tours to Florence were of the 8-10 hour variety so we opted for a ride to Lucca instead. This lovely Tuscan town, birthplace of the famous composer Puccini, is just the right size to be able to cover in a day. Lucca is surrounded by a wall which is as wide as a road. Visitors can walk the wall or ride bikes on it. We opted to walk so that we could go up and down into the town. We really lucked out since it was market day in Lucca. The market is set up along the city wall and runs for blocks and blocks. We circled the whole city and then went back to the market ... read more

Europe » Italy » Sicily » Taormina March 25th 2012

Sunday - Agrigento and Enno We left Palermo and headed south to the Valley of Temples overlooking the Mediterranean Sea. Driving south we followed the route Patten took when he was heading North with “recognizance in force”. He was ordered by Eisenhower to allow Montgomery to reach Messina first but Patten could do recognizance. Patten followed orders, sort of. He took his entire army north, doing “recognizance” on the way, met little resistance, reached Palermo and liberated the city. Another order reached him from Eisenhower. “Do not take Palermo”. Patten replied, “Should I give it back?” The landscape is dry and though it is green now, soon it will be brown. Now it resembles Ireland with emerald green grasses. Groves of flowering almonds and olive trees line the road. It is quite lovely. WE drove through ... read more

Europe » Italy » Sicily » Taormina March 20th 2012

Our group left this morning for our tour of Mt Etna, the largest active volcano in Europe which just erupted the day we arrived. It was an amazing drive all the way ... Well as far as we could go ... There was a ski area there that was open and we were abLe to climb a crater. SOOO COOL! We had shots from a shop owner of this red fire stuff that took your breath away! We were then off to our wine tour and vintners lunch. Our lunch started out with an amazing Antipasto then there were plates of pasta for us. We thought that was it ... But no ... We were then given plates full of meat with a fresh salad. Topped off with a bowl of fresh fruit which thankfully was ... read more

Europe » Italy » Sicily » Taormina March 20th 2012

On Sunday we arrived in Sicily to a beautiful sunny day and Mt Etna had just erupted so we could see the steam! Very cool. A handsome Italian man was waiting to take us to our hotel ... Villa Diodoro ... situated on the cliff with a magnificent view from each of our balconies! Everyone went off to spend the day walking around the city. We all went different ways for dinner and shopping! Monday morning we met our tour guide, Maria Rosa, for our half day walking tour of Taormina. What an adorable city with the little streets and alleys, who much history! In the afternoon we all went for a walk down the very steep hills to make our way to the beach where we had a picnic with fabulous sandwiches and of course ... read more

Europe » Italy » Sicily » Taormina August 15th 2011

Monday 30th May to Sunday 12th June 2011 Monday 30th May 2011 Taormina/Letojanni Rest day as I now had symptoms of a cold as well as Tom. Tuesday 31st May 2011 Taormina/Letojanni Into Taormina to computer shop – but still no printer cartridges that I had ordered 3 weeks ago. Back to Letojanni village for a walk around. Started at the southern end of the village that we had not been to before and we found a shop that sold good beach chairs, snorkel and goggles, flippers and a towel - and they delivered them back to the campsite for us. Walked around some more, then back to the campsite to try out the beach chairs. The ocean had warmed up enough for me to go in for 5 minutes :-) . Finished packing up the ... read more
2.6.2011 - Puglia/Sorento
June 2011 - Puglia/Otranto - view of harbour
June 2011 - Puglia/Otranto - view of harbour

Europe » Italy » Sicily » Taormina June 15th 2011

Our expectations for today were simple. No fancy shore excursions. We thought we could save $$$ and explore Sicily on our own. Boy did we luck out! A local guide directed us to a bus stop and for only 5 euros we had round trip transportation up the steep mountain to the enchanted little town of Taormina. It is most well known for its impressive Greek theatre that was rebuilt and expanded by the Romans. It is perched high above the Ionian Sea with Mt. Etna positioned as the backdrop to the stage. We learned much about the theatre and Sicily from an audio guide we purchased with our tickets to this archeological site. We also learned that this was the place/island of the cyclopes described in Homer's Odyssey. From the theatre we could see off ... read more
Theatre Ruins
Strait of Messina
Mt Etna

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