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Europe » Italy » Sicily » Palermo September 15th 2019

An early start to catch the Marina Markets (antiques) still nice & cool outside so we browsed for an hour then did some wandering of the streets. It was sorting & packing day so we headed home & we were so pooped we watched an english channel on tv ...the X Files!!!! we never watched it at home...but we just needed to recoup ready for our early 6am start tommorrow. Well tired of that tv we headed out again. Lots of buskers in the Piazza's & very good too. We found our way around the shops & people & nearly home again & we were drawn into the Municipal building that was once known as the Eagle's Palace. A self pronounced guide of these Council chambers pounced on us & took a small group of us ... read more
Fountain Pretoria
Statues on Fountain Pretoria
Giovanni Meli local Poet 1888

Europe » Italy » Sicily » Palermo September 14th 2019

9am walking start...through the Piazza Marina & onto the Marina area. Began to really heat up at 10am...29° daytime & 23° overnight...had to resort to the aircondioning a few times...which neither of us really like we prefer the open windows! A group of artists painting the boats & water scenery. We moved on round the waterfront & headed back inland through Porta Felice & caught the cute free bus..which takes you on the residential route mainly for locals but anyone can use it. Disembarked at Indepenzia & ventured through Porta Nuova to the gardens of Piazza dei Normanni. Wandered down Via Castro (where we stayed once before) & onto the Variety Ballaro markets.....this was all go! Saturday for the locals! Home for yummy lunch & cool down! The Cloisters outside our apartment were celebrating something...quite a ... read more

Europe » Italy » Sicily » Palermo September 12th 2019

Our feet have done some walking! Lots of places to sit down which suits us just fine. Set off to Quattro Canti corner which is part of the block we are in. Directly opposite on Maqueda we found the Norman church 1160 open, S.Maria dell Ammiraglio. Fantastic mosaics! Via Maqueda, another padestrian street was starting to come alive so we mooched along on the shade side & found our way through a side Alley to the Ballaró fish markets. Talk about vending outloud. Just enough room for people to stop at stalls & to give way to opposite travellers....mind where you step...uh there comes a scooter amongst it all...sit on the tomatoes...not quite:-P ...away we weave again....then another scooter...aubergenes this time. The Markets are so entertaining! We carried on to the Palermo Centrale Stazione & ... read more
San Giuseppe Quattro Canti
San Giuseppe ceiling
San Giuseppe marble floor

Europe » Italy » Sicily » Palermo September 10th 2019

The alarm didn't need to wake us this morning, we were well & truely up at 6am. Already packed the night before so we were on our way at 7am. The weather has been perfect in Rome which made getting around easy. Off to the Metro & it was already packed with workers...a plan was made if we got separated... The prearranged Ryanair bus transfer with SitBus shuttle went without any problems...a bit of a tour in & around Roma...good time to be on a scooter if you are trying to get to work. Arrived at the Airport at 9.20am & as we had checked in online we were basically able to head through customs check. A bit of a wait until boarding at 11.05am. I had put Brian down for priority boarding so he could ... read more
Palermo Airport
Trvelling into Palermo

Europe » Italy » Sicily » Palermo August 31st 2018

Long day Checked out 7:45 Walked to bus station Bus to airport at 8:10 Check in - then wait for flight at 11:10 Arrive Stansted 12:30 Get bags and exit airport. Come back into airport and get some lunch 2:15 - check in for flight to Palermo Kill more time in airport waiting for 5:10pm flight. Stand in the "Priority" queue until 5:10pm Pass boarding check point only to stand in tunnel leading to plane for a ridiculous amount of time. Flight departs 45 minutes late Arrive in Palermo just before 10pm (should have been 9:10) Finally get bags then buy ticket for airport bus and wait for next bus at 10:30 I thought I would sit in the front seat so I can see the way to the city - bad idea. Driver was a ... read more
Ireland - every shade of green

Europe » Italy » Sicily » Palermo July 27th 2018

Palermo – what do you say about this city? It is a vibrant, energetic place with magnificent places to see, plenty to learn about and an abundance of choices of foods to try. What is not to like?? We have heard that this is a place that people seem to love or hate. Obviously we are on the love side as we wound up staying here for 12 days. In actual fact though we could have probably left a couple of days earlier but the weather thought otherwise and we still found things to fill the days with. We were off to a great start with the marina that we picked to stay at while here. There are a few options, but fortunately for us friends of ours were in Palermo earlier and gave us great ... read more
Last View of Cefalu
Interesting Hillsides
Notice the ZigZag Paths on the Hillside

Europe » Italy » Sicily » Palermo February 21st 2018

Today we had arranged for guided tours of Palermo and Cefalù, cities that are the repositories of many Sicilian architectural and artistic treasures, including several of the most celebrated examples of Byzantine and Arab mosaics scattered throughout the island of Sicily. Both of these cities lie on the western side of the island, so the distances to be traveled from our base in Taormina required more than 6 hours in a tour bus; and a long, 13-hour-day from start to finish. We made it to the pick-up point at the Taormina bus terminal by 7 AM, where our 12-seat-capacity tour bus, driver and guide met us in short order. After a couple of stops on the way out of town to pick-up a few more passengers, we drove south toward Catania via Sicily’s superhighway system, where ... read more
On the way to Palermo
Palermo Opera
Quattro Canti facade

Europe » Italy » Sicily » Palermo October 1st 2017

That week went really quick! Caught the city circut bus to the port & walked around the waters edge & then cut back through to find some antique markets. Many stall holders and a fantastic assortment of goods for sale....hundreds of people. We jumped on the city circut bus again & got off at the Cattedrale. Being Sunday the whole town was out...I'm sure of it.....more streets were blocked off to traffic and pedestrians only allowed...oh and some handbag dogs. I can't get over how proud the Italians are about their appearance! We enjoyed strolling with the locals for the morning as it was easy underfoot today. Home to pack up ready for the next move....supposed to be thunderstorms... read more
Obviously not a problem to bang a few nails in an old wall..
In action...can't help it...
Banyan tree?

Europe » Italy » Sicily » Palermo September 30th 2017

Around the house and out... A stroll round the area we stayed in last time...Indepenzia... read more

Europe » Italy » Sicily » Palermo September 27th 2017

To the Cattedrale a magnificant building.....last time we just stayed around the corner. Enjoyed walking the pedestrian streets...Vitttorio Emanuele in particular. Ballaro markets was the aim & we hit it just before midday so it was in full swing & the produce was fresh...... read more
Cattedrale Palermo
Cattedrale Palermo
Cattedrale Palermo

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