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Europe » Italy » Sicily » Palermo September 28th 2022

Our first day in Palermo was really late arvo and evening so we just got our bearings went to the supermarket and bought water, beer, wine and snacks. So second day we did a big walk around heaps of sites walking around 17klms, they soon mount up when you are on the move. After breaky at our B&B off we went firstly to Teatro Massimo which was a lovely theatre built in the late 1800s, scenes from the Godfather were shot here, then Capo Market, I love markets its like the life of any town or city you visit, The Palmero Cathedral, Palace of the Normans or Royal Palace, onto Ballaro Street Market, which is bigger than Capo, Porta Nuova near the Palace of the Normans its a monumental city gate which is something else, truly ... read more

Europe » Italy » Sicily » Palermo May 24th 2022

It is fair to say that we enjoyed our time in Sicily and saw many amazing things as it is an arceiological paradise that we will tell you about, but in our opinion, Sicily needs a coat of love and care, a bit of paint and have the garbage picked up sooner. Now, before you simply move on to another blog or just take a peak at our pictures, we implore you to read the entire blog because overall, we experienced a roller coaster relationship with this province of Italy and we’d like to tell you why. Sicily is a hard one for us to describe as we didn’t fall in love with it the way we have other parts of Italy. Sicily has a tough veneer and is a bit dingy in places. But not ... read more
Colorful streets in Catania
Evening in Ragusa
Fish and Lemons

Europe » Italy » Sicily » Palermo October 14th 2021

It is long ago that you have read from us. But we used the situation in the world to first take intensive care of our company. And then we took the chance to explore more our own country where we live in. So, just be the end of last year we finally hopped on a flight again since a loooong time and charged our batteries in Siciliy, the amazing island in the south of Italy. If you want to get more infos about Switzerland, if you want to see some off-the-beaten-path experiences in Switzerland we warmly invite you to subscribe to our brandnew youtube-chanel . Here we have weekly vlogs about our live in Switzerland: places we visit, practical things you need to know living/traveling in Switzerland and much more coming up in the next months. ... read more
the coast in Syracusa
Cathedral of Palermo
cactus fruit - delicious treat in Sicily

Europe » Italy » Sicily » Palermo July 9th 2021

This is also known as a silk floss tree and is originally from South America. In May, the large fruits open and release a soft fluff, containing the seeds, once used for stuffing pillows or mattresses. These trees are able to withstand long periods of drought, remaining without leaves, thanks to their green and photosynthetic branches and to the trunk that transforms into a water reserve to the point of assuming a singular flask shape, to which we owe the local name of borracho pole - drunken tree. This tree is one of the major examples of plant diffusion by the Botanical Garden of Palermo. TERMINOLOGY ■photosynthetic - the use of sunlight to make nutrients from carbon dioxide and water REFERENCES APP: The Botanical Garden of Palermo ... read more
False Kapok : leaves on the floor
The leaves look like snowflakes

Europe » Italy » Sicily » Palermo July 8th 2021

The term 'succulent' corresponds to 'cacti', the word most commonly used to define these species that include a significant number of plants belonging to different families, such as Euphorbiaceae, Aizoaceae, Crassulaceae, Agravaceae, Aloaceae, Asclepiadaceae, Asteraceae, Apocynaceae, and Cactaceae, which are in fact the cacti. The characteristic all these plants share is their remarkable resistance to drought due to the presence of water inside them. TERMS ■cacti REFERENCES APP: ■ The Botanical Garden of Palermo ... read more

Europe » Italy » Sicily » Palermo July 8th 2021

Moringa oleifera - a tree with nutritional, antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. Catha edulis - whose fresh leaves when chewed reduce physical fatigue, appetite, and increase alertness. Hypericum perforatum - with antidepressant and antiviral properties. Withania somnifera - whose active ingredients have hypnotic effects and also favour the expulsion of kidney stones. Papaya - whose scientific name is Carica Papaya, is a tree from Central America, known for its edible and papain - rich fruits, an active ingredient with proteolic functions. THEMES ●Medicinal plants ●Papaya TERMINOLOGY ●hypnotic effects - sleep inducing effects ●papain - proteolytic enzyme extracted from the raw fruit of the papaya plant ●proteolic functions - breaking down of proteins into amino acids REFERENCES APP: The Botanical Garden of Palermo ... read more

Europe » Italy » Sicily » Palermo July 8th 2021

Carolina Greenhouse (Winter garden) The Greenhouse is home to many tropical and subtropical species, one of which I found very interesting. It is called the 'Sensitive Mimosa'. It reacts in real time to touch, wind or fire stress. The main reason for this phenomenon is to protect themselves against phytophagous plant eating insects. Once the insects arrive on the leaf, the leaf closes in on itself, causing the leaf stem to bend downwards making the insects inevitably fall to the ground. The same happens with wind related stress; in this case, the plant avoids defoliation. After a few minutes, once the wind has ceased, the leaf returns to its original position. THEMES ■Mimosa TERMS ■phytophagus insects - insects which feed on green plants ■defoliation - removal of leaves REFERENCES APP: ■ The Botanical Garden of Palermo ... read more

Europe » Italy » Sicily » Palermo July 8th 2021

The Ficus sycomorus, Sycamore Fig is a tree native to Africa and the Middle East. It is appreciated for its fruit and its shade. In Ancient Egypt, the light and resistant wood of the Sycamore figure tree was used for the construction of the sarcophagi. The wood was also used to extract stone blocks from the rock. The shape of the block to be extracted was drawn and holes were made along the perimeter in which wedges of Sycamore wood were inserted, and repeatedly wetted, so that they become swollen causing the detachment of the block. TERMS ■the sarcophagi - a coffin carved in stone either buried or displayed above ground REFERENCES APP: ■ The Botanical Garden of Palermo ... read more

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