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Europe » Italy » Lombardy » Lake Como September 25th 2007

We slept in, as this would be our last chance before Rome, and then caught two taxis to the central train station. The train station was built by Mussolini and represents Fascist architecture with its huge and imposing style. It definitely makes you feel insignificant. It’s a quick 1-hour train ride from Milan to Varenna and Lake Como, passing by the famous Monza race track.We arrived in Varenna and had our first experience lugging our gear over cobblestones to the hotel (whew!). Laura and I scored the only room with a balcony looking out over Lake Como and had la vista piu bella, although everyone but Garry had a view. We had lunch and gelato at a lakeside café in Varenna looking out across the deep blue water of the lake towards Menaggio. Lake Como reminds ... read more
Varenna shoreline
View from our table in Varenna
Amanda providing our orientation to the tour.

Europe » Italy » Lombardy » Lake Como June 30th 2007

Yesterday after the beautiful breakfast in Florence, we headed out to explore Florence a bit more before the train back to Milan. We climbed the 470 steps up to the top of the Duomo, which offered a great panoramic view of the city. The church was very detailed from the inside out. My favorite fresco so far was the “Last Judgment” spiraled onto the dome’s ceiling here, by Federico Zuccari and Giorgio Vasari. Then, we headed to see the David which was a bit chaotic, but within an hour we were inside viewing the huge sculpture by Michelangelo. Absolutely loved it. Brilliant work. There was a guide nearby talking about the symbolic use of big hands and head or hair to symbolize how David beat Goliath with the strength of his mind and bare hands, ... read more
Duomo in Florence
Duomo in Florence

Europe » Italy » Lombardy » Lake Como June 8th 2007

Anj's European Adventure Angela Johnston After leaving glorious Vernazza we caught a train to La Spezia and hired a car for our drive to the lakes. We were supposed to have a Fiat Punto but they were apparently all gone, and we were given a brand new Alfa with only 2,000km on the clock! We were excited to have a GPS, thinking it would help navigate scary Italian roads. It turns out our GPS (which we named Francesca) unfortunately only spoke Italian tho. It made for an interesting drive and I became translator as I could make out some of what she was saying! Dan did very well to drive on the other side of the road, manage the autostradas AND the crazy italian drivers. Well done!! It took us 5 hours (rather than the estimated ... read more
Stuck in the customs truck lane going into Como
Sunbaking from our balcony at Parco San Marco
On the ferry to Bellgaio

Europe » Italy » Lombardy » Lake Como May 3rd 2007

We’ve been in Greece and Italy since we posted our last entry. We started this leg of our journey with a visit to our friends, the Heards, in Athens. Lana took us to the Acropolis and we saw the Parthenon in all its glory. After spending a couple of very relaxing days with the Heards, we boarded our cruise ship, the Oceania Insignia, for an 11 day cruise of the Mediterranean. On the cruise we stopped at the Greek islands of Delos, Mykonos, Rhodes and Santorini and then moved on to Malta. Next came Italy and stops in Sicily, Sorrento, Amalfi, Livorno and Civitavecchia (Rome). After our cruise was over, we ended our stay in Italy with stops in Venice, Verona and Lake Como. Some of the places/sites we visited besides the ancient Athenian Acropolis were ... read more
The Heards House, Athens

Europe » Italy » Lombardy » Lake Como April 18th 2007

I must be crazy! I get off the tour and try to relax at my hotel, but all I wanted to do was go explore the lake. It started off pretty bad because everything I wanted to do (rock climbing, hang gliding, ropes course) were either closed or it was a 2 person min. Like it wasnàt bad enough being in Lake Como by myself but now I was going to get charged twice for it!! So I scrapped that and headed down to the lake to do a boat tour... oops not enough people signed up so it was canceled. I think the tour operator saw the frustration in my eyes because she sat me down and showed me how to explore Como without a guide. Saved me money and she had a ton of ... read more

Europe » Italy » Lombardy » Lake Como April 17th 2007

PICTURES Europe » Italy » Lago di Como Lake Como By StaceySchieldApril 17th 2007Here are pictures from the last two days!!... read more
Lake Como from Vareena
Lake Como from Vareena
Lake Como from Vareena

Europe » Italy » Lombardy » Lake Como April 16th 2007

Sorry about the short blog, but I have finally gotten to a point in the tour that I can relax and recap the last two weeks. Topping it off is the fact that I found an internet point that has a REAL US keyboard. This maybe the only time on the trip that I can write something and not have to go back for the next 30 minutes fixing what I messed up on! So letàs talk about Italy! I have seen about 25 towns in 15 days and I was about to fall over by the end of it. Going on tours is not relaxing; 6:30 wake up calls, 2 hours to run around each little town, tour guides and too many gelato stands and not enough time to try them all. You may ... read more
Katie and Bobby
Kelly, Benny, Bonny, Mary and Addie
Leslie and Dave

Europe » Italy » Lombardy » Lake Como April 15th 2007

Just to keep there passport full, and to check out the Vino and Views!!! Cozzy if you ask Dad nicely he Wont show you the pic's but if not you have been warned!!!... read more

Europe » Italy » Lombardy » Lake Como March 11th 2007

Wknd #3: The Northern Italian Lakes. Lake Como: come one, come all... twins, boy scouts... I'll admit that after such an unexpectadly AMAZING day at Lake Maggiore, I wasn't thrilled about leaving to come to Como. It was a bit chillier, and not quite as striking, but I still found some adventure... I woke up pretty early, again to a beautiful but chilly day in Como. After an espresso I decided to go for a stroll by the lake to see what I could find. I did some people watching and saw: tons of fishermen... very serious, a man teaching his tiny grandson to fish, lots of bikers, and a tour of English old ladies. I also saw my first Aston Martin... and I think a love affair is about to begin... AMAZING looking CAR and ... read more
my future car
Villa di Olmo

Europe » Italy » Lombardy » Lake Como December 1st 2006 のキャッシュです。 We came here to celebrate my good friend Analissa and her twin sisters 30th birthday. Thats the marvellous advantage you have when living in Europe, 1, 2 hour flights to so many different countries. So we couldnt say no and 30th!, well worth it. Lake Como is lovley, we went in the winter, it was cold, but we had such a great time, we intend to go back again either for summer or a ski trip. Bergamo, Milan is where we flew in and 1 hour from here are the skifields. We took a bus down to Lake Como, 4 hours away. It was the beginning of Christmas, December. The markets were wonderful, beautifully presented little stalls with an abundance of Italian products from breads, cheeses, wine , salami and chocolate. In Bergamo, waiting ... read more
Italalske jidlo..dobre
Cz Rep, Italian and Aussie

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