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Europe » Italy » Lombardy » Lake Como October 12th 2008

Not willing to lose any more precious time, I blasted north to Lake Como via la autostrada. Lake Como is the spiritual home to Guzzisti the world over. Every Guzzisti is required by his faith to make the pilgrimage to Lake Como at least once in his lifetime. Lake Como is shaped like an upside down Y with the idyllic town of Bellagio at the tip of a peninsula where the Y comes together. I arrived on a Sunday afternoon and Bellagio was bustling wth day trippers from Milan, including a wide assortment of bikers.... read more
Aston Martin

Europe » Italy » Lombardy » Lake Como August 12th 2008

Words alone cannot express how MUCH I love this little village! Population, just a few thousand-under 3 I think. Slightly over 1000 homes & SO many of them GORGEOUS! I'm not much of a shopper, but here I SHOP ;D! Bellagio is one of the most distinguished & famous holiday destinations in all of Europe. It deserves to be so. Quiet, peaceful, serene & yes, it should probably be said, a celebrity haunt, if you're interested in that sort of thing. Personally, I'm not. Well, I did manage a look @ George Clooney's house, heh, took a tad of effort, but I was "right there". George didn't look to be home as there was EXTREME renovation going on & full grown trees being brought in to enclose his "humble abode"-yea right ;D There was talk the ... read more
SHOPPING Wheeeee !
The shadowed lanes

Europe » Italy » Lombardy » Lake Como June 28th 2008

From India, we arrived in Paris a few weeks ago, and spent a night there with Jess, Jamie and Renae, doing the typical things like Arch de Triumph, Eiffel Tower (all the way to the top!), Champs Elysees, eating pastries, drinking coffee, ... it was all very stylish and clean, compared to previous places, but we were a bit surprised that it was only about 20 degrees. Both men and women Paresians look amazingly stylish, mainly dressed in relativley simple clothes that fit well and that I'm sure cost a fortune. We saw lots of little dogs to match. Next morning, we made an early start and picked up our hire car, and drove all the way south to Ginestas, for Claire and Neill's wedding. It took a really long time, with only a few short ... read more
Arch de Triumph
Steve and Caroline

Europe » Italy » Lombardy » Lake Como June 16th 2008

Sunday the 18th, we have just finished our walk along the Cinque Terra, Annie seems much more excited than normal, my first thought is that she is just so happy being away with me for 9 weeks with still another month to go. I was pretty sure it didn’t have anything to do with meeting up with Rob and Wilma in Santa Margherita, being able to get away with Wilma and do the shops, and staying the night in a beautiful hotel with a lovely soft bed and pillow??? Na! It proved to be a major operation manoeuvring the van through the tight streets of Santa Magherita and then to have the bell-hop ride out on his motor scooter to find us and lead us to a suitable parking place. It really has become an art ... read more
Rob, Rob, & The Rob Car
Juan les Pins, French Riviera

Europe » Italy » Lombardy » Lake Como October 22nd 2007

Lake Como is warming up for me. Literally and metaphorically, actually. Autumn is swiftly kicking Summer to the South, but if you can get out of the wind it's still quite nice. With a sweater on. I think I'll stay here for a bit. I don't have to be anywhere until Saturday. It's hard for me to stay put, though. I don't want to move because I want to see everything and "get it all in"...I just feel like drifting. Then again, this hostel is really nice and the view from my window is stunning. Lake como is starker than I thought it would be. Maybe that is the approaching winter talking, but there is something to the mountains and the water that is less silky and luxurious than the Mediteranean. Don't get me wrong, it's ... read more

Europe » Italy » Lombardy » Lake Como October 19th 2007

Still haven't seen George yet...will most surely keep you updated on any sightings or invitations to dinner. Cheers - al... read more

Europe » Italy » Lombardy » Lake Como October 4th 2007

Of all the places in the world we were told that Lake Como was one of the most beautiful and enchanting. We had no idea what we were getting ourselves was truely remarkable. Lake Como sits at the base of the Swiss Alps and truely holds it's own. We stayed at the Northwest corner in a little town called Gravedona. Lets just say that Gravedona was so small that in three days we had eaten at everywhere trattoria and gelateria in town, which was not hard to do. In Gravedona we found the most delicious gelato, "brie frita," and caprese salad (which I discovered later was even better in its homeland of Capri which was our last stop). I am not sure if I would have ever tried it prior to Gravedona but Pistachio gelato ... read more
View from the top of the driveway
Front Lawn
View from our patio

Europe » Italy » Lombardy » Lake Como September 29th 2007

Well, I am not in Rome, but an Italian phrase....Paese che vai, usanza che trovi! Where you go, follow customs. So, I have been eating and drinking wine. I was so starved in Germany/Austria eating pretzels and such, now I eat pizza, gelati, etc. Yummy! Lake Como is beautiful as ever and the weather was better than the last time I was there. But, there was sooooo many Americans or English speaking people, I forgot I was in Italy!! I think we have George Clooney to blame for that. He put Lago di Como on the map. It was rainy in the morning one day, but cleared up. I took some good sunset pictures. The last night we ended up going to this bar that I remember from last time called La Divinia Comedia. It was ... read more
Duong hanging out
Me with the lake behind..
The view through my eyes

Europe » Italy » Lombardy » Lake Como September 29th 2007

1 car, 1 toyata hiace (camper from the 80's) 3 Germans, 2 Americans, and several surfing boards and sails made their departure last friday early in the morning from Fischbach on their way to Lake Como. morgan and i carried our bags to andreas' appartment. we drove to friedrichshafen to meet Gotti and Anja. we helped pack for an hour and then we were off. we drove around the bodensee, through austria, lichtenstein, and switzerland. we drove over the Spügelpasse. hairpin turns, switchbacks, curving mountain roads with no guardrails. the border between switzerland and italy was at the peak. the descent into the italian alps was just as unnerving. few kilometers traveled at such a slow cautious speed. we reached lake como in the afternoon. the lake reached as far as the eye could see. mountains ... read more
Winding Mountain Road
Josh Windsurfing

Europe » Italy » Lombardy » Lake Como September 28th 2007

Ah, Italy! My favorite! Okay, my adventure began with the overnight train from Munich to Milan. Sleeping on a night train is not always the best. This time I slept a little bit better since I had earplugs I bought in Germany and used my eye mask. However comma it was still not the best sleep. In the morning, I was ready for coffee, breakfast, and a shower. I had no idea where Duong's hotel was so I went to a Vodaphone and FINALLY was able to charge the phone I had borrowed from Melissa when she was in Italy. I guess since it was an Italian number, I could only charge in italy. My "German" phone was out of credits. So, I recharged the phone and had credits to call Duong. I didn't talk to ... read more

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