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Europe » Italy » Lombardy » Lake Como May 2nd 2011

Leaving our lovely little spot it was time for a serious drive over another mountain pass as a short cut to Lake Como. Winding up a narrow road for about 45 minutes we found the turn off and headed up the seemingly good large yellow road. Winding up higher and higher we got above the snow line and found the bob sled run, just around the corner there was sign that said CLOSED, bugger, the gate was not down so we though that maybe they had just forgotten to take the closed sign down. Deciding to have lunch and think about it and 4 wheel drive came down so I flagged em down, they told me in no uncertain terms that yes the road was in fact closed and looked at me as though I was ... read more
On The Road To Passo di Croce Domini
On The Road To Passo di Croce Domini
Lake Como

Europe » Italy » Lombardy » Lake Como June 6th 2010

Getting out of Milan was as hard as getting in. We seemed to travel in circles for hours following signs for 'Como'. And that was after we spent an hour at least, looking for a couple of 'lavandarias' that Buff had Googled. They turned out to be dry-cleaners, not self-service laundromats, but not to worry. He found one on the web in Bellagio where our next B & B is. Finally on the Autostrada, not long before we are in Como - not much to this smallish lakeside town. But the last 15 or so kilometers to Bellagio are along the lake and they are white knuckle time for Buff (his hands are on the wheel) and me (mine are somewhere in my lap, on the dash or up on the passenger door when a particularly ... read more
Our room with me bundled up.
View from balcony
Lago di Como from the balcony

Europe » Italy » Lombardy » Lake Como May 13th 2010

HE SAID... We arose very early (6am) for a 7.45am train to Milan. We arrived around 10am and had a short orientation walk before heading up to the roof of the Duomo. It was a fantastic view of Milan’s sprawling cityscape, and the feat of engineering required to build the cathedral was mesmerising (although I continued to ponder the cost in human lives that was spent constructing such colossal monuments). We wandered around the city, stopped for a coffee and then met Michael, Milroy and the kids (Ren’s cousins) in front of the Duomo at 2pm for lunch. The sun finally struggled out from behind the rain clouds and started burning down on top of us, so my scarf had to double as a headpiece (which changed my appearance entirely - I now looked like a ... read more
lake como villages
bellagio streets

Europe » Italy » Lombardy » Lake Como October 25th 2009

We planned our visit to a bike race around Lake Como. For those who know my husband and youngest son, this makes perfect sense. The Tour of Lombardy, as this race is called, Is the last race of the season for pro cyclists. But the rest of us - me, my friend Jackie and Ari - We were happily just along for the ride to see Como and relax in the lakeside town of Bellagio.      Bellagio is often referred to as "the prettiest town in Europe." I know there is plenty of competition for that title, but I do believe this place is in the running. Immaculate Bellagio has winding cobblestone streets, lovely old churches, charming buildings in pale earth tones, flower boxes at every window and not a chain store in sight. Not ... read more
Adrienne and Ari in Bellagio
Ari and Jackie in Bellagio
A and J Bellagio

Europe » Italy » Lombardy » Lake Como May 19th 2009

Lake Como: 10th - 14th May 2009 Like so many of our choices during this trip, we're here to test the hype. Lake Como was reputed to be romantic, idyllic, could we resist? Our first mistake was not organizing with George Clooney to stay at his place. According to the residents, he got it right: his own villa overlooking the lake with several adjacent villas for guests. Instead, we found a 3(ish) star hotel for a few days. Now, I'll stop here and confess that, back in the days when Raymes and I were choosing between 4 stars and 5 stars, there wasn't much to laugh about: Kelvin at the Four Seasons in Langkawi got my g&t's just right (NB: not too much tonic is the secret); and Nunu, our driver in Lisbon, was so ... read more
Hiking through the Beechwood forest
View from the west side of the lake
View from the west side of the lake

Europe » Italy » Lombardy » Lake Como March 23rd 2009

I have to post this blog entry with haste. I leave next week for my district's Eurotour. The tour will last 19 days and cover 9 countries. In total, 46 Inbounds, 3 Rotary personal, and a driver will take the tour. That means I will have more material then I will ever be able to post... if I don't post this week. The first 10-15 pictures are of an Inbound Conference on the Island of Föhr. The agenda was almost completely centered around preparing for the Eurotour, but the district from Berlin came with us. So, we had double the fun. On March 10th, I got up later than usual. I dragged myself and a suitcase to the train station and flew to Milan. The plan was to visit a friend and fellow exchange student ... read more
Mob on the Train
The Ferry to Föhr
Long May She Wave

Europe » Italy » Lombardy » Lake Como October 13th 2008

The following morning, I hop on one of the numerous ferries to Menaggio on the western shore. Looking back at Bellagio off the ferry stern, the good weather was still staying with me. From Menaggio, I continue west to Lake Lugano. Italy shares Lake Lugano with Switzerland, however, wanting to avoid border crossing delays and snooty Swiss border guards, I decide to stay in Italy. I trace the southern shore of Lake Lugano before heading south into the hills between Lake Lugano & Lake Como. October is a wonderful time to visit Italy. Most of the tourists have gone home, leaving the roads and the sites relatively traffic free. A soft, autumnal light caresses the landscape giving everything a portrait quality. ... read more
Old Road
Lake Lugano
Hillside Village

Europe » Italy » Lombardy » Lake Como October 13th 2008

After about 20 kilometers of this, I finally made it over the ridgeline and began decending with Lake Como stretching out below me. The narrow streets encountered in the small mountain villages are typical of Italy. Yes, trucks and buses also use them. With the sun sinking in the west, I make my way down the steep hillside to Lake Como near the town of Pigra. Making my way to Menaggio, I catch a ferry back to Bellagio. ... read more

Europe » Italy » Lombardy » Lake Como October 13th 2008

With its narrow streets and sweeping lake vistas, you’d be hardpressed to find a lovelier village than Bellagio.... read more
Afternoon Ferry

Europe » Italy » Lombardy » Lake Como October 13th 2008

More vistas from Bellagio and the Hotel Villa Serbelloni.... read more
Lake Vista

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