Kiwis On The Move - Mark, Pam, Bree & Zac


Kiwis On The Move - Mark, Pam, Bree & Zac

March 2011 - Mark, Pam & Bree, leaving New Zealand for 3 months overseas. Visiting UK, Europe, USA and finishing with a cruise in the Mexican riveria.

May 2012 - Mark, Pam & Zac leaving New Zealand for 5 weeks overseas. Visiting Hong Kong, Turkey, UK, France & Italy.

May 2014 - Mark & Pam leave New Zealand for 6 weeks overseas where we will visit Dubai, Germany, Austria, Istanbul, Athens, Mykonos, Venice, board a cruise ship for 8 nights and cruise the Med and finish with a Singapore stopover.

Asia » Singapore June 12th 2014

Today we had the cable car and Panda visit planned so it was on to the subway down to the water front to catch the cable car over to Sentosa Island. Another expensive tourist trap but we went anyway. Sentosa Island is just really an amusement park but the cable car provided a great view and different perspective. Deciding to use the public transport out to the Zoo/River Safari was really a breeze and one train ride and a connecting bus bought us to the Zoo complex. Yet another expensive place, but the Pandas were a ‘must see’ today. Paying the extra S$10.00 for the boat ride we set off to find the Pandas. The River Safari is quite frankly rubbish with little in the way of decent exhibits until the Pandas. Pam spent what seemed ... read more
Time For A Feed
Yummmmm.... Bamboo!
So cute!

Asia » Singapore June 11th 2014

Our plan for today is to catch the hop on hop off bus to see as many of the highlights as we could, spending the S$33 each to be able to use all of the routes we set off. First stop was the Singapore Flyer, a large wheel like the London Eye down by the Marina Bay Sands. Having been on one before we gave it a miss and headed off to the large hotel and the viewing platform at the top. After another S$25 each to go up we reached the platform and to be honest it was a great view of the city with the F1 track visible along with most of the city. Not spending too much time at the top due to the heat we headed back down to the Marina Bay ... read more
View From Sky Park Marina Bay Sands
Sky Park Marina Bay Sands
Infinity Pool Marina Bay Sands

Asia » Singapore June 10th 2014

Off to the airport via water bus at 12.00 to catch the 4:00pm flight to Doha, good thing we left early as Venice airport to leave from is a shambles, the worst airport we have been in and we have seen a few, it took close to 2 hours to get through the booking on, security and then through the gate, don’t want to do that one again. Finally boarded and good flight to Doha. Doha airport is brand new, only opened on 27/5/14 and is huge but hard to find a coffee to be sure. Only a 3 hour layover so not to bad and Qatar Airways are a good airline and would recommend in this neck of the woods. We arrived in Singapore early and boy is it hot. We got to the hotel ... read more
Orchard Road
Orchard Road
Orchard Road

Europe » Italy » Veneto » Venice June 8th 2014

Arriving back in Venice at 8:00 am it took hours to disembark and it was not until around 11:30 am that we were finally clear of the ship making our way back to a new hotel, this one right on the edge of the grand canal some 200m from St Marcos square, it looks rough on the outside but is very nice inside with a little balcony and view right down the canal and across to Lido. Was to be a quiet day with a wander around a few last places and last minute shopping to be done and a major re-pack of the cases. We headed off to the Accademia Bridge for some night pics. An early night is called for as a long day tomorrow with 6 hours to Doha, 4 hour layover and ... read more

Europe » Croatia » Dalmatia » Dubrovnik June 7th 2014

Dubrovnik is another place we have been looking forward to seeing and arriving around 10.30am to find another 7 cruise ships in port we thought this will be a nightmare and it was. Our ship had to use its own boats to get passengers ashore and you would think that they would be used to this doing it every week but oh no it was a shambles and it took 2 hours to get everyone off the boat leaving most of us with only 2 hours at the most before we had to be back on the ship. We grabbed the first taxi we could find as our ship had arrived about 20 mins drive from the town, the trip in was fine and the cabbie dropped us of at the front gates so we headed ... read more

Europe » Greece » Ionian Islands » Corfu June 6th 2014

Arriving at Corfu again we had only about 4 hours including getting off and back on the boat so our main aim here was to see the old fort and lighthouse. What an amazing place! This island has a great feel about it and we wandered the old town streets awhile and eventually found the old fort and palace. Walking across the moat you felt you were stepping back in time, we climbed the acropolis to the top and what a great view over the town. This fortress dates back to about 600ad when the local people needed walls and a fort to stop the marauding packs from attacking them all the time. Eventually the Turks took them over for quite a while and then the Venetians came in 1300 and kicked the Turks out and ... read more

Europe » Greece » Attica » Piraeus June 5th 2014

The boat arrived at Pireaus and you know how we feel about this part of town so I stayed aboard and sat in the sun and swam in the pool, while Pam left the ship for a few hours to find a cafe with Wifi and work.... read more

Europe » Greece » South Aegean » Santorini June 4th 2014

Arriving at Santorini this morning there was great excitement as this was a place we both had looked forward to, the ship was anchored off and were shuttled to the shore via boats. Arriving ashore we went looking for the donkey guys and they were not hard to find, just listen out for the braying and the loudest voices and there were the drovers. Seated firmly on the donkey Pam tells me a little later that she was a little nervous as we started the climb up the hill along this old cobbled path with very steep drops on one side. It was great fun and at 5e each per person, better than the queue for the cable car and walking. Reaching the top it was mayhem as there were several cruise ships in so we ... read more
Santorini Donkeys
Santorini Steps & Donkeys

Europe » Greece » West Greece » Katakolo June 3rd 2014

Katakolo is the next stop and we are not planning to go to Olympia as we are a little 'ruinsed' out so we decided to just go ashore and explore the little port town. As Pam has some work to do we found a great little café with wifi and settled in. Great coffee and we spent maybe 3 hours ashore before heading back to the boat and the pool.... read more
Katakolo House
Katakolo Main Street
Katakolo Waterfront Cafe

Europe » Italy » Apulia » Bari June 2nd 2014

Off ashore to Alberobello Bari, Italy today on a ship excursion to see the little cone shaped stone houses that are specific to this area and is also a UNESCO World Heritage site. The houses are called 'Trulli'. A Trullo (plural, Trulli) is a traditional Apulian dry stone hut with a conical roof. It was an hour bus trip to a tiny little village and while very cute and worth seeing nothing to write home about. The story with these houses is that back in the day circa 1700 the lord of the particular area did not want to pay extra taxes to the king of Naples so he made the peasants build the stone houses with no cement so they could be pulled down and the peasants scatter should a royal inspection be held, who ... read more
Trulli Houses
Trulli Houses
Trulli Village

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