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June 8th 2011
Published: June 8th 2011
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On the last leg of our tour of Europe. We are now in Italy, Lake Como and have been joined by My cousin, Stuart and wife Helen. Yesterday was spent in the airport at Paris, we had at 2pm flight and arrived early as we had nothing to do with our baggage. The only problem was our flight had been delayed for four hours due to a lightening strike. I was happy to wait for them to check out the aircraft. Nothing to do but have a few beers and wait. Arrived about 9.00pm and went out for dinner, pizza of course, accompanied by red and white wine. after a few more drinks at the apartment and plenty of celebrating we got to bed about 1am.

Sunday we awoke to here the local church bells every half hour from 7am along with sound of rain, trust the poms to bring the rain with them, make sense. We ventured out between the rain periods and I have to say this place is amazing, the scenery is spectacular, as you can see from the pictures. Nothing funny to report in this blog , as Ann has been sensible and not fallen down anywhere, YET. After a long mornings walk we did the Italian thing, had lunch and a siesta with the French open playing live in the background.

Monday, took a drive up the coast in an effort to find George Clooney's residence. Not much to see from the road as the weather was lousy and the streets here are skinner than in the UK, however that did not stop Ann screaming at the top of her lungs when we did find the mansion. If George was at home he would have heard her. The weather cleared in the afternoon and we hired a speed boat, they will let anyone drive here. Again we set off and tried to find Georges house, a better view from the water, however we had to tie Ann to the boat to stop her from jumping overboard, but that didn't stop her from screaming. Still trying to work out the translation of AVO (restraining order) in Italian.

Tuesday, Cath, Ann and I took a walk into the hills (i.e. mountains). We walked up hill for about 45min and only reached about a third of the way up. Too much pizza and pasta the night before, not to mention the wine. The weather also turned and again it started to rain. Most restaurants here are closed on Tuesday, so Helen, Ann and Cath put together a restaurant quality meal of Pasta and Gnocchi. Nice to have a home cooked meal. After dinner I suggested going to the a local pub, called the 'Old English Pub' which is only open after 8pm to 2am, we had one round which cost over 40euro. Needless to say I am not allowed to more any other further suggestion. I now understand why the place can afford to be open for only 6 hours a day. Stuart was not happy at all as it was his shout!

Today, Wednesday. The weather is again lousy. We have been down to the local open air market and bought more food, so it will be an afternoon of TV and siestas, before hitting the town tonight.

Only one week now before we head home, hard to believe 5 weeks have gone.

Depending on our internet connection we will try and put another blog on before we leave, if not see you all back in Australia. I know you all can't wait for the slide nights. I have taken approximately 1500 pics!

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9th June 2011
Celebrating Italian style

hate to tell you folks, but thats a french wine, not an italian wine....

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