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June 6th 2010
Published: June 6th 2010
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Getting out of Milan was as hard as getting in. We seemed to travel in circles for hours following signs for 'Como'. And that was after we spent an hour at least, looking for a couple of 'lavandarias' that Buff had Googled. They turned out to be dry-cleaners, not self-service laundromats, but not to worry. He found one on the web in Bellagio where our next B & B is. Finally on the Autostrada, not long before we are in Como - not much to this smallish lakeside town. But the last 15 or so kilometers to Bellagio are along the lake and they are white knuckle time for Buff (his hands are on the wheel) and me (mine are somewhere in my lap, on the dash or up on the passenger door when a particularly BIG bus comes by!) This stretch of the road is what I would call one-lane, curvy, like Marilyn Monroe. I don't know how two vehicles pass sometimes.

Finally Bellagio, or should I say BRRRRagio? Needless to say, there are no pictures of the trip along that road. There is a photo Buff took of the Italian Alps and the lake. I was experiencing a
Our room with me bundled up. Our room with me bundled up. Our room with me bundled up.

Where is my electric blanket when I need it?
'self-cleaning' toilette with a very nice German couple. Have you ever considered what happens to the tissue in a such a place? Well, it isn't a pretty site and there is nothing dry after the 'self-cleaning'...

We find our nice B & B, check in to a great room with a view of the other side of the lake and head for the self-service lavandaria we found on the web. At last, clean clothes and we had take away panini from a trattoria and gelato between washing, drying and folding. Life is good, but cold here.

The next day we visit San Giovanni, a small fishing village where there is a Museum of Navigational Instruments that Buff would be interested to see. Never could find it, but the village and the views were great. Then we went to the Giardini Villa Melzi. Talk about gorgeous gardens; trees and flora from all over the world. Even redwoods from California, but they didn't seem to be flourishing along the lake. The family chapel was especially lovely. But I swear the wind was right off the snow covered Alps! Brrrrrrrr! May 16th but Spring is not here yet...

After the
View from balconyView from balconyView from balcony

It's green like spring...
harrowing drive to Bellagio, we really wanted a different way back to the Autostrada. Thanks to our big splurge dinner at Hotel Belvedere - sorry Jeanne, no one knew anything about mushroom gnocchi and the bread is only used in summer for panini, : ( but the views and service were superb. We were treated like royalty, okay gentry, would you believe well-to-do folks? We could see across the lake that cars were traveling down that side on a two-lane road. We decided to take the car ferry to Varenna and make it over to Venice that way. One of the best decisions we made the entire trip! Venezia here we come!

Additional photos below
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Lago di Como from the balcony Lago di Como from the balcony
Lago di Como from the balcony

The other side of the peninsula, if you lean way out...and look between all the trees...
San Giovanni San Giovanni
San Giovanni

It's a small fishing village. We were looking for a Maritime Navigational Equipment Museum, guess we needed some navigational equioment to find it!
View without the talking headsView without the talking heads
View without the talking heads

The ferry going between the cities on the Lake.
Beautiful hydrangeasBeautiful hydrangeas
Beautiful hydrangeas

We saw these as we strolled through San Giovanni.
Villa Melzi - family chapelVilla Melzi - family chapel
Villa Melzi - family chapel

Impressive relief ceiling
Villa Melzi - family chapelVilla Melzi - family chapel
Villa Melzi - family chapel

Isn't this floor splendid?
Giardini Villa MelziGiardini Villa Melzi
Giardini Villa Melzi

Plano tree-lined walkways. Em says Berkeley has trees like this.
Giardini Villa MelziGiardini Villa Melzi
Giardini Villa Melzi

A gondola sits along the lake.
Giardini Villa MelziGiardini Villa Melzi
Giardini Villa Melzi

A stunning photo Buff took.
Goodbye BellagioGoodbye Bellagio
Goodbye Bellagio

Sorry but we won't miss you, except for the nicest self-service lavandaria and good gelato! Maybe in the summer, like in the movies...
First onto the ferryFirst onto the ferry
First onto the ferry

We stay in the car, and take pictures. The view of the Alps as we cross to Varenna.
Varenna approachesVarenna approaches
Varenna approaches

Yippee! No more white knuckle driving.

6th June 2010

so fun!
gaile and buff - i am loving reading about your travels overseas. beautiful photos! it looks and sounds like such a great trip! love to both of you. v.

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