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August 12th 2008
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Words alone cannot express how MUCH I love this little village! Population, just a few thousand-under 3 I think. Slightly over 1000 homes & SO many of them GORGEOUS! I'm not much of a shopper, but here I SHOP ;D!
Bellagio is one of the most distinguished & famous holiday destinations in all of Europe. It deserves to be so. Quiet, peaceful, serene & yes, it should probably be said, a celebrity haunt, if you're interested in that sort of thing. Personally, I'm not. Well, I did manage a look @ George Clooney's house, heh, took a tad of effort, but I was "right there". George didn't look to be home as there was EXTREME renovation going on & full grown trees being brought in to enclose his "humble abode"-yea right ;D There was talk the town was going to put in a parking lot on a hill that overlooks his home (for gawking I presume=YIK) He threatened to move, they canned the idea, so I was told. Sting lives here, Donatella just sold one of her villas here, etc etc. Anyway, if you want to catch a celeb I strongly advise you dine @ Locanda dell'Isola Comacina. I never take photos of celebrities, ever. It's in my memories, that's enough. I think it's rude to stare, take photos of them, post 'em on the net... I wouldn't want anyone to do it to me. *Strikes her best paparazzi pose ;D*

It'll cost you a good 20 Euros to transport your car to Bellagio, it'll take approximately 10 minutes but the only other alternative is a 7 hour drive around the entire region to reach the village :/

2 recommendations; Stay @ the Serbelloni (see photo) it's owned by Rockefeller & try to get in a meal @ Trattoria San Giacomo! GREAT food, incredible selection of wine, family friendly.... real. It was here they introduced me to Limoncello 😊
Limoncello is made by soaking the yellow, not the white, outer layer of the lemon in neutral grain alcohol for more than a month >.> WOOOOO, LoL ! It's VERY sweet & @ it's very best from the freezer.... it won't freeze, ever 😉 Wonderful really. 1 measure, not something you'd ever want a hang-over from. Tops off a fantastic meal.
The afore-named restaurant gave me this measure to take home, not without some effort on my behalf :D I asked if I could have it ( I eventually get what ever I want 😊 they said "no" very politely. I said "I could have just taken it, but that's not my style". The owner was called over, smiling he listened to the waiter looking @ me, I smiled too as they flew through the Italian language so fast it would make your head spin. The restaurant was packed, piles of people waiting to get in. Calm, cool & collected the boss too said "no". Hmm, another tactic is needful. I have a travelogue! "I will extol the virtues of your fine establishment"! (heh, which I would have done anyway 😉 Photos taken, hand shake- agreement made. I have the cup.
Always feel free to take photos of crap restaurants as well! Take names, notes, watch how FAST people whip themselves back into civilized behavior when they realize! Ha, crap service, now THERE'S a topic I could really go off on a tangent about :D!!! I digress.

One last word on the subject of Trattoria San Giacomo (plug the name one more time 😉 arrive by 19:30 or expect to WAIT!!!! They are popular!

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28th August 2008

lovely Lake Como
I traveled there after planning for 4 years, to see the Villa Balbianello, site of the wedding from Star Wars. What an amazing, beautiful surreal place....every day gorgeous, wonderful clouds shroud the huge mountains that plunge into the lake. The natural lighting is unlike anywhere else. Would love to visit every year and if I had a home-based business I would live there.

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