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Europe » Italy » Liguria » Portovenere May 12th 2017

Day Two of hiking brought us our first variation from the Trip Notes suggested itinerary. We were to take a train to La Spezia where we were supposed to take a city bus to the medieval town of Portovenere. We followed the directions to the bus stop but there happened to be a huge outdoor flea market that day in the area of La Spezia where we were to find the bus stop. Traffic on the roads in that whole area was limited to one direction and as a result the bus route must have been modified. We did figure out that we needed to buy tickets for the bus at the Tobacco Store which we did but it was still unclear where the bus stop was relocated to. After a couple hours of chasing buses ... read more

Europe » Italy » Liguria » Portovenere April 27th 2017

Vicki's health has only marginally improved so we are not walking but catching the ferry to Portovenere. Our first stumbling block is that the ferry today has been cancelled so off to the tourist information centre for advice. Plan B - the train to La Spezia and then catch the ferry from there. A quick train ride and then more advice from a tourist information centre as to how to get to the ferry. Made it in time, bought our tickets and then we set sail for Portovenere. We have been very impressed with the competent and helpful staff at the Tourist information centres in Italy. After a relaxing ferry ride we arrived at Portovenere. Before checking in we walked around to the castle on the point and a small bay known as Grotta Di Arpaga. ... read more
Grotta Byron

Europe » Italy » Liguria » Portovenere September 17th 2016

I finished working the Med Season and I looked at my location (Imperia Porto Maurizio) in the map of Italy to find an interesting place to go while I wait for my training classes to start. Cinque Terre was just 3 hours away by train. I headed straight there. On my way I was texting a friend of mine that was in France and she decided to meet me there and spend a few days exploring and doing gastronomy excursion accompanied by sightseeing and wine tasting. We rented a cute little apartment in La Spezia up in a hill by a church with amazing views of the city and the marina. The buses were limited but quickly we got used to go up and down the hundreds of steps that would take us straight down to ... read more
Porto Venere -  Italy-14
Porto Venere -  Italy-15
Porto Venere -  Italy-9

Europe » Italy » Liguria » Portovenere June 17th 2016

Today we are heading back to the west coast and the Gulf of Genoa but on the way we had to make a stop at Pisa just to make sure that the tower is still leaning. Yes, it is. I must say that I found the Cathedral (Duomo) and the Baptistery (Battistero) just as amazing with its striking cladding of green and cream marble. After this we headed off to La Spezia and our drive into Porto Venere which is a lovely small village and one of the main sea ports that provide tourist boat access to the Cinque Terre (five terraces) towns which are 5 crazily constructed fishing villages set in some of the most dramatic coastal line. Due to the Cinque Terre area been hit by high winds all boats from Porto Venere were ... read more

Europe » Italy » Liguria » Portovenere November 4th 2013

Up and off to the Stationale to look at our options for getting to Sorrento tomorrow. Unfortunately, the Trenitalia only gets us as far as Naples. What an adventure! It was pouring with rain as we then headed off to find a boat to Porto Venere - oh, it's no longer in season, the seas are high, there are no boats running. So off to the Information Centre and the decision was to bus. There is a huge naval presence in La Spezia town, all behind high block walls - heaps of battle ships. Canons sounded as we were waiting for our bus. A chap advised that it was a show of military force to the people. Then later, another friendly Italian chap on our bus told us it was just testing equipment. ??? The bus ... read more

Europe » Italy » Liguria » Portovenere October 19th 2013

In spite of being on autostradas for most of the way, we had a lovely drive today along the Apuan Alps through the marble-producing areas of Massa & Carrara to the coastal city of La Spezia. From there, we progressed down a windy road to the Gulf of Poets and the beautiful town of Portovenere, at the eastern end of the Cinque Terre. Our intention was to have lunch in Portovenere, then catch the boat to one or more of the Cinque Terre towns which we had previously visited but which the Scots had not seen. Unfortunately, the fare of 20 Euros (about $AUD30) each for the boat trip made us change this decision and as it turned out, it was the right one! Portovenere offered a lot more in terms of sight-seeing, history and shopping ... read more

Europe » Italy » Liguria » Portovenere May 13th 2011

We took the passenger ferry from Riomaggiore to Portovenere which is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The boat trip is along a steep and rocky coast of folded sedimentary rocks from the Appenine Mountains in the background. There are many slips and houses perched on the sides. One wonders how people access the houses – from the road above, or the sea below? Portovenere is a beautiful town of very ancient and modern. It is situated in the Gulf of La Spezia also known as the Gulf of Poets after Byron, Shelley and DH Lawrence who lived in the area. We walked along the modern harbour (away from the tourists) then returned to the main attraction – the old walled town. The ancient walls encompass tall walled fortified houses facing the harbour, running along to the ... read more
Portovenere Town

Europe » Italy » Liguria » Portovenere May 1st 2010

After seeing the Cinque Terre on Getaway and hearing from some friends say how wonderful it is we were so excited to get here. We weren’t disappointed! The Cinque Terre (5 lands in Italian) is a series of 5 little villages along the rugged north-west coast of Italy. There is a famous walk which links the 5 towns. We didn’t have time to do any walking with the contiki trip but did go back on our own (Cinque Terre part 2 to come later!). We arrived by bus to Portovenere and had a little while to walk up to an amazing church (it almost looks like a ruin) and lookout before boarding a ferry which took us along the Cinque Terre. The ocean was crystal clear and luckily not too rough, although some passengers got a ... read more
Church at Portovenere

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