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Europe » Italy » Liguria » Levanto April 18th 2017

A rest day after travelling all day yesterday to get here. From the Courtyard Hotel near Gatwick we walked to the airport, checked in, went to the lounge for breakfast and got on the plane. Sorry folks said the captain over the intercom French air traffic control have advised we have to wait here for an hour before we can fly over their space. We are talking to them and hopefully the wait won't be that long. Thankfully, we arrived in Pisa 15 minutes late thanks to a shortened delay and a tail wind. Our train to Levanto would arrive in 2 hours. We spent this time people watching in the square outside the train station and sipping a beer at a cafe. The train was on time and we set off through the countryside including ... read more
Poppy growing wild. Must be nearly Anzac Day
Clock tower
House above the tunnel

Europe » Italy » Liguria » Levanto August 3rd 2016

In my own country I did not travel much because I have always been attracted about what is different from me and my culture. But the very few times I came back home I had a trip to some nice lands nearby Italy. One of them is called the "Cinque Terre" meaning Five Lands situated in the northwest part of the country in the Liguria region. The five lands are under the province of La Spezia and are: Monterosso al Mare, Vernazza, Corniglia, Manarola e Riomaggiore. These tiny villages are really characteristic perched on a cliff overlooking the seaside. I got nearby the five lands, by train, and I stayed in Levanto which is just a few kilometers away from the villages. The first land I reached, by walk, was Monterosso al mare. The first stretch ... read more
Monterosso village
Monterosso beach
Stunning view of Vernazza

Europe » Italy » Liguria » Levanto May 22nd 2015

The past 2 days have basically been beach-hike-beach, a few train rides, and some good food thrown in there to keep us going. I've been happy to do something that so many other people have on their bucket list - it wasn't on mine, but I can see why other people do it. The scenery is great, and the culinary opportunities are worth the time. The one thing that just kept getting to me is the huge number of tourists. And primarily the organized tours. I've talked about this before, I think, but if you're going to take the time to come to Cinque Terre, and all you do is get herded around, then you're wasting your time. That's the kind of check-it-off-the-list place that I never want to go. Also, if you come all the ... read more
The Hills above Monterosso
The beach at Monterosso
Beachfront in Monterosso

Europe » Italy » Liguria » Levanto November 18th 2014

Today we woke to heavy rainfall so we had a sleep in and knew this was going to be a lost day. We definitely were not going to Cinque Terre and there was no guarantee that we could get there anyway. Chiara had recommended a local cafe for breakfast, so we covered up, popped the umbrella, and ventured into this bleak weather towards the Salty Dog Cafe. It was a busy little place set one street back from the beach. There were newspapers to read and it had a library of books for its customers to read. After breakfast we went back to our room and Sue read and slept and I tried to read and bring the blog a bit more up to date. All in all, it probably wasn't a wasted day, but rather ... read more
Chiesa Di San Andrea
Levanto, from the Church
Inside this ancient church.

Europe » Italy » Liguria » Levanto November 16th 2014

I woke early, 5am, and read until 6 before getting up for the day. We ate a quick breakfast, paid 16 euros 'city tax', and walked to Milan Central Station.the rain had stopped and blue sky was threatening to break out, so things were looking good. The train was late due to the huge storms in the south where we were heading. Our cabin in the train had six seats and as the only male, I kept a low profile and loaded all the cases onto the high racks; very chivalrous. The ride was smooth and as you passed through towns and villages you could see the flood damage. Cars were in drains, roads were washed away, and debris hung high on buildings, in trees, and on fences. We arrived about 40 minutes late at Levanto ... read more
Baker's Van

Europe » Italy » Liguria » Levanto October 1st 2013

We farewelled our lovely host Arianna from Casa Fenoglio to drive to our next point of call Levanto, gateway to the Cinque Terre. On the way we had a coffee and a stroll through the town of San Remo where there was some luxury shopping to be had. As our finances didn’t really permit such an activity, we checked out the sumptuous Casino building and as a change from Catholic churches, the Russian Orthodox Cathedral. Ced has become an extremely good “Italian” driver, learning to dodge the motor cycles & scooters that use the centre of the road as an extra “lane”, drivers who pull out from the kerb without signalling and keeping up with the traffic on the motorways. We arrived in Montale in the hills behind Levanto right on time and were greeted by ... read more
Ventimiglia to Levanto

Europe » Italy » Liguria » Levanto June 9th 2012

I'm over in the west coast of Italy now, in levanto, a town that is part if the Cinque Terre. It's a cluster of five islands along the coast, all within walking distance of each other (when the flooding isn't an issue of course). Staying here is fairly cheap, with a four night stay in a hostel that's only two minutes from the beach, costing me under a hundred bucks, so I'm happy. This place is fairly new to the tourist track and as such there haven't been even a tenth of the street vendors that Venice had. This is a real town where travellers are guests, not the main consumers, at least that's my perception. The beach is beautiful. I always gravitate towards gravel and rocky beaches just so I can see what sort of ... read more

Europe » Italy » Liguria » Levanto May 28th 2011

I just wanted to let all parents of gappers know that it is actually harder than one thinks keeping in touch with home. I had no idea. When you are travelling the days pass quickly, the new countries and the new experiences come thick and fast and they don't allow alot of spare time. You are negotiating the language, finding a room/campsite to stay in, sorting out food and on top of this trying to 'see the sights'. All this is, of course, wonderful - it is what you wanted - the smells, sights and customs of somewhere new and exciting but... Whilst family 'back home' wait patiently (and perhaps in some cases not so patiently) for news, the 'gapper' is probably (hopefully) occasionally trying to find an internet connection or a cafe that doesn't charge ... read more

Europe » Italy » Liguria » Levanto February 18th 2011

Monday 7th February to Sunday 13th February 2011. Monday 7th February 2011. Levanto. Lazy day – borrowed a bicycle from Paul and Louise – too big for us girls so Tom rode it, Nearly got a nose bleed !! We rode to the next village and went into a local tourist restaurant. Tuesday 8th February 2011 Levanto Tom stayed in bed all day to try and break his sore throat and nose cold he has. Us girls went shopping. Megan bought a shawl/throw over – looking more European each day. Wednesday 9th February 2011. Levanto Up early and off to station to get 8.27am train to Viareggio and then onto another train to Lucca. Well the train was 20 minutes late, so we missed the connection. Had to wait another 2 hours for next one. Aarghhh. ... read more
9.2.2011 - Lucca
10.2.2011 - Levanto
11.2.2011 - Milan

Europe » Italy » Liguria » Levanto May 3rd 2010

DAY NINE Peter got up early and took some photo‘s, still searching for the award winning sunrise photo. Don’t know how he did it after the walking effort the day before. He then went back to bed awhile, then got up and waited for Robyn to surface, and waited!! Meanwhile Jenny and I woke up and headed into San Gimi to try and find the fruit and veg market, couldn’t find it. Oh well, we might as well shop anyway, a hand bag each and some small things that we really needed and then we were ready for lunch. Rang Robyn (11.45am) woke her up Jenny said, and organised to meet her and Pete for lunch in San Gimi. Sounds like another typical day of eating, drinking, laughing and people watching. We had a great lunch ... read more
View from the bedroom in San Gimi
Our deck
Our wine bottle collection

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