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Oceania » Australia » New South Wales » Coffs Harbour January 31st 2016

We had mixed weather over the last few days of our stay, one moment blue sky and incredibly hot, and then an amazing thunderstorm and lightening shows and still hot, then sunny skies again. But it really is great weather for me as I love the heat and the smell of the rain on the baked earth. On Wednesday as we thought the weather was not going to be too good we decided on a trip to the Dorrigo Rainforest centre and went out on the walk above the trees, well some of us did. I managed to go out and have a quick look around and turned back to the safety of the centre. The boys all went out and it really was an amazing view and really up above all the trees, quite amazing ... read more
Finally the sunshine is back
Beautiful beaches
Morning walk

Oceania » Australia » New South Wales » Coffs Harbour January 26th 2016

Wonder where my habit of getting up early on holidays has gone?? Used to always be the first one up and off for a walk in the peaceful time of the day. Not anymore, Ben beats ,me up every day and has had a swim and breakfast before I even wake up! Anyway on Saturday (23rd Jan) this was no different, Ben up and organised and we only just wake up after his 3rd bowl of cereal! We dragged ourselves out of bed, that includes Hayden who has never been an early bird. We hopped on the bikes and headed off to the One Mile Beach, having coffees at the beach café which I would love to have! The beach was absolutely packed with people trying to swim between the flags, which was good because the ... read more
Alpaca babies finally!!
View from our room

Oceania » Australia » New South Wales » Port Stephens January 22nd 2016

We originally planned to only stay one night at Ulladulla but the caravan park and the beach were too good to move so we decided to stay another night. The weather was amazing and even though the park was pretty busy it was quiet and really would recommend the hosts there as they were very friendly and helpful. In the morning Pete and Ben went down to the beach and went snorkeling and Hayden and I went for a bike ride, checking out the Op shops and we had to have a Mocha Frappe to get through the hot bike ride. Met up with Pete and Ben had some lunch and then went back to the beach for a snorkel and a relax on the beach. Such a wonderful place, it was hard to leave. So ... read more
Peter taking it easy in the sea
My sea chair!!
New campsite at Treescape in One Mile Beach

Oceania » Australia » New South Wales » Ulladulla January 18th 2016

Awoke to the sounds of the waves and the birds on the lake, very relaxing. As we were not driving anywhere, we took the morning easy, starting with scrambled eggs and bacon, the only way to start the day! Ben was off on the Kayak and then off to the surf beach, I think he is in training for a Triathlon! He is also studing a lot, but I think that is just so he doesn't have to listen to our boring talk about the weather and where to next!! Hayden, Pete and I head off on our bikes, and yes I get to use my bike that I have had for over 12 months for the first time! And I still remember how to ride. We rode around the lake on the boardwalk and ended ... read more
Eden surf beach by day
Bike Ride to beach

Oceania » Australia » New South Wales » Eden January 16th 2016

Seems like it didn't take us long to get into holiday mode, all plans to get up and leave early seemed to disappear. But the position by the river was beautiful and even though it was actually a free camping site on the edge of the river didn't matter. We faced the river would not have know we were be the road apart from the occasional car. Great spot and one we would recommend if you are looking for a stopover that doesn't cost. One thing with Shazza we don't fit into all caravan parks easily, but we actually prefer staying in places like this. So we set off, planning on getting to Durass, about a four hour trip we estimated. Firstly we went along the road and Pete saw a turn off to where we ... read more
Shazza stopped here
Pete & Shazza up close and personal
Set up at Eden

Oceania » Australia » Victoria » Bairnsdale January 15th 2016

The day dawned bright, the first day of our adventure, excitement was high and everyone slept in!! Even me, supposed to be up at 5.30am to get all the garden and animals organised, but that's the way holidays are. The day before was spent trying to work, organise animals and pack Shazza and there was just not enough hours in the day to get it all done. So the morning was spent doing last minute checks on the animals and training Marg on how to use the fire pump to water the garden. That should be interesting to see if Marg can get it going. If anyone sees her out doing rain dancing you will know she was unsuccessful with the pump. We can only pray for some rain to make Marg and Jude's life easier ... read more
Setting off from home
Ben and Hayden on board
The Trailer

Oceania » Australia » Victoria » Ferntree Gully January 12th 2016

We are about to head off on a trip in our wonderful motorhome Shazza! Only two sleeps to go and we will set off on Friday morning, early I hope, but knowing us I would say about 10.30am will be the on the road time. Trying to remember everything we need, and Pete is trying to put the house in the trailer on the back! Just so looking forward to being on the road and stopping where we feel like. Really amazing motor home with everything that opens and shuts and Pete is a great driver which makes my job of sitting up the front and watching the scenery very easy. One day I might even learn to drive her, but at the moment I am happy watching the world go by and resting. Feels like ... read more

Asia » Vietnam » Red River Delta » Hanoi » Thuy An August 11th 2013

Well, this is the story of the last week of my amazing holiday! Really for me this travel blog is the record for when I am old and want to remember all the fabulous travel stories and adventures that I have had. The ferry ride across to Surathani was uneventful and I was full of excitement about getting in the car and heading off. We jumped on a bus, not at all sure where it was taking us, the driver took all the tickets and we just hoped we would get to the airport to pick up the car. After about 45 minutes we pulled up in the middle of a street, everyone got off the bus so we thought we probably should too! Lucky as our luggage was on the sidewalk, and then the driver ... read more
Cup of Joy
Bee and Me
View from Bee's Restaurant

Asia » Thailand » South-West Thailand » Khao Lak August 6th 2013

Well they say life is a journey! I am truly on a journey and really interested to see what life has planned for me.... This time in Koh Samui has been relaxing, and a great time to settle and just enjoy going with the flow, which some of you will know I am not always that good at!! So I am sitting on a ferry on my way to Surathani, where we will be picking up a car and then driving around exploring for the next few days, ending up in Bangkok on Friday to catch my plane, early, early on Saturday morning back to Australia, via Vietnam. A bit of a round about trip, but I get another day in Hanoi and so it will be good for last minute shopping and eating of some ... read more
View in front of Villa
Stormy weather

Asia » Thailand » South-West Thailand » Ko Samui July 31st 2013

This is the part of the holiday that I was looking forward too! Pure relaxation. We left Pattaya and headed by plane to Koh Samui. On the way we went past a gold leaf Buddha outline on the side of a cliff. Pretty impressive, wonder how they got it there?? We arrived on Koh Samui, after a flight in a little plane (not my favourite part of the trip) at 6.15pm and then went looking for somewhere to stay. Eventually ended up in Lamai where the bus driver dropped us off at the Golden Sand Resort where we very happily dumped our bags and then went to sit on the beach for a much needed relaxing welcome drink. The rooms are little bungalows that line a garden path and at the end of the path is ... read more
Buddha on Cliff
Golden Sand
Bungalow Golden Sand

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