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Europe » Italy » Liguria » Genoa September 21st 2017

I found my Genoa lodgings quite easily thanks to some signage on the nearby intersection. Small European hotels are often only a part of building and can have rather discrete signage, sometimes it may just be a label on the ‘buzzer’ name board. Hotel Albergo Novecento only takes up about half of the third floor of quite a substantial building, located only a few minutes walk from the Genoa Brignole train station. Again, it is a modest hotel in an ideal location, and as it happens a very lovely breakfast area. (There seems to be a pattern here, but wait, I have splurged on a very special accommodation later in the trip.... stay tuned). The building the Albergo Novecento is or was once quite grand. The entry features three sets of marble stairs, while quite impressive, ... read more

Europe » Italy » Liguria » Genoa September 17th 2017

We had a whole morning to spend in Genoa which was a great trading port and has a long and interesting history. After breakfast we left our luggage at the hotel and set off for the old port which was quite nearby. The first thing we found was a replica galleon built in the nineteen eighties for a film. It was very impressive and photogenic despite being fake. We strolled around the harbour area and came across a huge row of luxury yachts – a few even had sails. One had a helicopter and all were polished to within an inch of their lives. Genoa is surrounded by hills, a bit like Wellington but on a larger scale, and we found one of the funiculars that Dave wanted to take. There was a fine view from ... read more
Genoa Old Port 1
Genoa Old Port 2
Genoa Old Crane

Europe » Italy » Liguria » Genoa June 22nd 2017

Englewood, Florida, United States Monday, November 3, 2014 ITALY Venice drew us to Italy last year and we came home longing to see more. So, we sold our boat to finance the trip; by September 1, 2014, we were back! Our friend, Laura, who was born in Livorno, had given us advice about using the airbnb site to book accommodations and we will be forever in her debt for that information. One is able to book an apartment or even a whole house for less than most hotel rooms! Bob booked one with a great host, Rafaella, in Busto Arsizio for seven nights. After landing in Munich, we arrived at our new home in record time (I slept most of the way). No speed limit so Bob just had to see if the Volvo would do ... read more

Europe » Italy » Liguria » Genoa September 24th 2016

Moving onto Italy . . . I flew from Barcelona to Genoa because it was a cheap flight and near where I’d need to go to orientation for my English summer camp program. I gave myself a few days there to get acclimated to Italy. I’d never been there before, and like most of the places I move to, not a place I ever imagined living. I guess that’s strange, but looking back, I never had any huge interest in West Africa, the Czech Republic, South Korea, or Spain, but it all worked out in the end. I guess it’s because I’m interested in everywhere that any place is just fine to experience for a while. I was in Genoa (‘Genova’ in Italian) about three days, which I think was just the right amount of time, ... read more
Wall Art, Old Center, Genoa
Wall Art, Old Center, Genoa
Giardini Luzzati, Genoa

Europe » Italy » Liguria » Genoa June 18th 2016

We have taken a short detour today, as the wind has drop we were on the first ferry from Porto Venere up the Coast, so we could view the 5 hamlets of the Cinque Terre. As the ferry comes to the first hamlet of Riomaggiore all you can see is rock and cliffs around a small village. Man that is one very skilled Captain, as the ferry is nosed into the jetty and hold in place while people unload and load. Our other port of call was Monterosso where we had a walk around the village brought some local art and listened to what we believe is auditions for “Italy’s got Talent”, some opera competitions been undertaken in a lovely small chapel. The ferry back was meant to stop at Verazza and Manarola but as the ... read more

Europe » Italy » Liguria » Genoa February 7th 2016

Driving from La Spezia to Genova was incredible! Firstly another trip into the mountains to places like Fuglia then down into the coastal towns frequented by the movie stars! Oh my. The trip to Portofino passed villas and amazing places we could only imagine. There were not many opportunities to stop and take photos: very sadly. However any trip to Italy should include Santa Margherita, Pedale, Portofino and this whole coastline. We reached Genova and good old tommy led us successfully to the parking depot. We had managed to brave the traffic of Genova to park the car and forget about it for a couple of days: expensive but at least we don't have to worry about its security. Our host met us in the Basilica Anunziata: another stunning church. They all have masterpiece on the ... read more
basilica pulpit
basilica ceiling
Private apartment Artwork

Europe » Italy » Liguria » Genoa December 4th 2015

Hi everyone We arrived in Genoa a couple of hours ago and it's so amazing that I couldn't wait to share some night shots with you. The vibe is great with Christmas starting to take shape. We came across the statues from a very big nativity scene outside a church! Even the little baby Jesus was a considerable size It's much warmer here than in Venice. Bit like a Brisbane night in mid winter. I'm hoping this is a good sign for our cruise. We haven't seen any of the mist that shrouded the countryside on the journey from Venice. Off on our cruise tomorrow. First stop Barcelona! Love pj and sandy... read more
Staircase Bristol Palace hotel.
Pasta and wine for sale
Arcade where we had dinner

Europe » Italy » Liguria » Genoa August 17th 2015

"An ancient trading and port city...The birthplace of Christopher Columbus,,,One of the so-called "Industrial Triangle" of Northern Italy (formed by the manufacturer hubs of Milan and Turin and the seaport of Genoa itself). Those are not the only reputation about Genoa, there are much more to see and do in this beautiful city on the Mediterranean coast, Genoa has many Palazzo and Piazza with impressive facade, load of cathedral and church present with wonderful bas-relief, and a lot of world class museum for one to explore, a day trip really not enough to cover all the scene. The main landmark of central Genoa old town is the Piazza De Ferrari centered with a monumental fountain, surrounded by grandiose building from all sides. From there you could started explore the maze of squares and narrow alleys of ... read more
Genoa City
The Old Harbour - Porto Antico

Europe » Italy » Liguria » Genoa January 16th 2015

So on our way to Spain full speed ahead. Zooming through Italy , past places that people make a destination point we went flying by, Venice, Milan, Torino all just a blurr. We will make them a destination another time. Italy is expensive, the gas was over .50 more expensive than anywhere, the tolls on the highways is constant and it seemed never ending. But excellent driving. Spent our night in Genoa, right at the ferry termanial, almost ended up on one because some of the roads we wanted to go on were closed.But made it through, intesting to watch the boats load up from our hotel room. Thought while in Italy why not have a typical Italian meal, what could be more Italian than Pasta! It had to be the worst pasta I have ever ... read more
I liked the colours of the bridge.
The harbour in Genoa
Watching the ships come and go

Europe » Italy » Liguria » Genoa August 14th 2014

9. Travel Blog Saturday 2nd August 2014 to Wednesday 5thAugust 2014 - Genoa Saturday 2nd August 2014. Up at 6am having booked an 11am departure from Bastia to Genoa. It is a 6.5hr crossing. Leave at 8.15am and arrive in plenty of time but as usual we are put onto the ferry last, and have to reverse it on – that means we and the other camper cars are the first off the ferry. Tom had a bit of concern as he could not see as the sun was in his eyes and couldn’t see into the hull of the ship when reversing. Gaye up the back of the camper relaying the directions. All good. Find a table to set up on the ferry and settle in for the trip. Gaye onto computer, updating the diary ... read more
2.8.14 to 7.8.14 Genova-Chiavari village where we camped at Camping Al Mare (2)
3.8.14 Genova. Portofino where the rich and famous play (1)
3.8.14 Genova. Portofino where the rich and famous play (3)

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