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Europe » Ireland » County Waterford » Waterford April 18th 2018

Ireland - only for the Brave 18th April 2018 Continuing the Grey Haired Nomads’ 2,200 mile journey by motorhome, clockwise around Ireland Waterford to Westport and beyond From our overnight stop to the west of Waterford, we drove the 40 km of N25 in dense fog to Dungarvan, County Waterford, and followed the minor road out to Gaelic speaking, Helvick Head. (You’ll have noticed, we like these ends of the road!) There’s a picturesque harbour with a few leaning boats stranded at low tide where the road runs out, and black guillemots and sandwich terns on the water. But the thing of real note is the road signs - they’re all in Gaelic only. Quite dangerous for visitors. There are many Gaelic-speaking communities across the south here. By mid-morning thin sunshine had filtered through the mist ... read more
Cobh Harbour

Europe » Ireland » County Waterford » Waterford August 5th 2017

Tag 318 – Wikinger in Waterford Ich hatte eigentlich überlegt gehabt, das Wochenende in Waterford zu verbringen, doch aufgrund eines Festivals waren alle Hostels ausgebucht. Rebecca und Jasmin wollten zum Festival und so konnte ich immerhin einen Tagestrip dorthin machen. Rebecca und ich fuhren zu Jasmin, die momentan das Haus einer Freundin bei Enniscorthy hütete, und fuhren dann mit ihr mit nach Waterford. Auf der Fahrt nutze ich die Gelegenheit, Rebecca zu fragen, was ihr an Irland gefiel. Ich hatte ja bisher nur Negatives gehört. Nun, alles war sehr ländlich und grün, dadurch gab es schöne Natur und alle Kühe waren draußen – solche „Freilandmilch“ fand man in Deutschland ja eigentlich gar nicht mehr. Die Iren waren wohl ziemlich entspannt, mehr spontan, planten nicht viel - im Gegensatz zu den durchorganisierten Deutschen. Zudem waren die Menschen ... read more

Europe » Ireland » County Waterford » Waterford November 27th 2015

Today we set out to experience the southwest coast of Ireland in Waterford. We toured the Waterford crystal factory and watched veteran glassblowers work their magic creating gorgeous works of art. In this factory they only make the specialty items such as golf trophies and custom pieces. Other Waterford crystal is made elsewhere for export and sale. While in Waterford we stumbled on a special Christmas festival called Winterfest throughout the city. Vendors were selling specialty goods and food in little wooden huts in the city center. Just adorable! We also had a great lunch and toured two historic sights Reginald's Tower and Bishops Palace. Both beautiful and unique in their own way. The tower is the oldest standing structure in Ireland. At one time, over a 1000 years ago the tower was used to protect ... read more
Matt holding the Football Trophy
Hand cutting glass

Europe » Ireland » County Waterford » Waterford May 3rd 2015

Arrived in Waterfront and checked into our guest house. Went to the pub around the corner for dinner where we ate the most delicious bangers and mash ever! The gravy was amazing! We then went for a walk around town to see what was there. More than expected. Considering the only reason we were in Waterford was to take a photo outside the Tom Maher pub for Stevie we didn't know much about the place. At night what we could gather was an established and high quality shopping district and a port. In the morning we were on a hunt for breakfast. It was a Sunday and a bank holiday so not many places were open before 12. We found a hotel called the granview that was serving breakfast. Now I don't know if you can ... read more
Old Dining Hall Medieval Museum
Gold Vestments

Europe » Ireland » County Waterford » Waterford April 25th 2015

Today we went and toured the Waterford Crystal factory in downtown Waterford. The new headquarters was built in 2010 after an investment firm bought the company when it declared bankruptcy and moved from the outskirts of the city right into the heart. They have built a beautiful facility and it is home to the largest Waterford Crystal showroom anywhere in the world. The tour was very good and we were able to see each stage of the process and master craftsmen doing some amazing work. The skill that craftsmen possess is remarkable. Everything, for the most part, is still done by hand and with no use of automated machinery. From the blowing to the cutting and etching, all the work is amazing. Every cut in Waterford Crystal is done from memory and on average every craftsman ... read more

Europe » Ireland » County Waterford » Waterford February 28th 2015

My latest slew of blog post have been sharing with everyone my recent travels and all the magnificent places I got to see. As I wrote all those posts and thought about everything I did, I started to question the reason behind traveling. If all we do is travel to "see" things and places are we really gaining anything or are we just able to check another thing off out list. I would agree that there are some places that we simply to travel to, to see and marvel at the beauty. Many of these places exist in Ireland's beautiful countryside, but even places of nature and places like the Eiffel Tower can teach us something. As I think back about last week, I realize just how much I learned, especially from Normandy and Auschwitz. In ... read more

Europe » Ireland » County Waterford » Waterford February 6th 2015

Here are some picture from the Waterford Medieval Museum that Eva, Sarah Ro, Anna, and myself went to today. The guided tour really gave a great perspective into how life was in Waterford and the various conflicts that happened during that time to do with the city. We also stopped by the Waterford Crystal retail store and looked on in envy at all of the beautiful crystal. Of course after our tour we made a trip to Blackfriars because no trip is complete to the city centre without a stop at Blackfriars. Today I had the Earl Grey Tea and like everything else, it was delicious. Tomorrow we will be heading to Dunmore East, a small town on the southern coast so I will probably be posting again rather shortly. Cheers!... read more
Waterford Coat of Arms

Europe » Ireland » County Waterford » Waterford February 4th 2015

Today marks one month since I began my study abroad adventure in Ireland. One month ago, I was saying my final goodbyes and going through airport security on my own, leaving everything I know behind. It was a day that my life would change, so I believed, and one month later I can confirm that I was right, like always! The experiences that I have already had have made this trip well worth it and I have so many more experiences ahead of me. The people I have met and the conversations we have had has changed my perspective and has made me more culturally aware. I honestly believe that in this short amount of time, I have already made lifelong friends from around the world. I cannot wait for the times ahead, when I travel ... read more

Europe » Ireland » County Waterford » Waterford February 2nd 2015

This past weekend a small group of us, 3 Americans and 3 Germans, Anna, Sarah, Eva, Sarah Ro, Chrissi and myself went to Cork and Kinsale. Our travels started in Friday when we caught the bus to Cork in the morning. Once we got to Cork, about a 2 hour bus ride, we walked to the hostel we were staying in so we could get rid of our bags. This was my first hostel experience and I have to say, it was not that bad, granted us 6 had our own room with a bathroom. After checking in, we went and grabbed a coffee before catching another bus out to Blarney Castle. By the time we got to the castle we were running out of sunlight so it was a quick visit, but we got to ... read more

Europe » Ireland » County Waterford » Waterford January 25th 2015

Today marks week 3 for my study abroad adventure and it has been an amazing and exhausting three weeks! This week calmed down a bit, except for me trying to book a weeklong trip in February for our midterm break. Other than that, it has been calm. Today we went to Reginald's Tower in Waterford. It is an old stone tower that has been here since the city was founded by the Vikings some 1100 years ago. It gave us an early history of Waterford and of the importance that the tower has played in the city's history. It is one of three of the Waterford Treasures, so now we have to go to the Medieval Museum and the Bishop's Palace to cover the rest of Waterford's history. I have to say, cooking has proved to ... read more

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