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Europe » Ireland » County Galway » Clifden October 18th 2017

In Omnia Paratus ! (translated: ready for anything!) Driving in Ireland is exciting for us Yanks! Thank goodness our car/s (we had two) were not big ole USA-types. The adventure drive through the beautiful Connomarra region was one that will stay in all our memories. Beautiful rolling hills, pastures that went STRAIGHT up the hillsides, climbing up into the clouds. The rock walls seemingly defying gravity and sheep doing the same. We all marvelled, stopping at any open spaces along the route. AND as we came out of one of the winding u-curve turns there they were, the sheep herd. Making their way towards us taking up both sides of the roadway and growing by hundreds as they went from one pasture to the next which was more than a mile away. The front of our ... read more
it's 10am!  do you know where your baaaah is?  lol
croagh patrick = St. Patrick's mountain
The views that go beyond .. croagh patrick

Europe » Ireland » County Galway » Clifden October 18th 2017

Serendipity: (n) finding something good without looking for it ! The rains, the fog and the low clouds during our Clifdon- time brought about bright clouds and joy. Regina & hubby Jim at the Kingstown B&B in downtown Clifdon was definitely finding something good. They pampered us with friendship and amazing breakfast glory. Breakfast is the highlight of all Irish days in Regina's dining room. Her attention to table / serving details were outstanding and her B&B was warmth in a rain cloud. Clifdon= AMAZING food, fun shopping, great music, and the lesson of patience brings breathtaking vision. Serendipity! yea!... read more
heading out to find sunshine at Skydrive
hard to see beyond the haze, some days...
sights, unseen

Europe » Ireland » County Galway » Clifden March 13th 2014

Gliding on the GoBus, through the streets leading out of Dublin, I relaxed and began to imagine what the weekend ahead would be like. I’ve been to Connemara a few times and spent a week on an Irish language course in Carraroe, but I have never stayed on an island for a weekend. I was delighted to be joining another couple at our friend’s cottage on Turbot Island. This took place in August 2013 but I’m only writing about it now. The GoBus was great and got me from Dublin to Galway for only €10, with free WiFi onboard and sockets beside some seats. I had booked the Eyre Square Town House online and found it easily, only 5 minutes walk from the bus station. It was lovely and super-quiet with every comfort provided from a ... read more
traditional cottage
walking the shore
fisherman's cottage

Europe » Ireland » County Galway » Clifden July 15th 2012

13 juillet 2012 "There is not a tree to hang a man from, water to drown one in nor dirt to bury one in." Cromwell Hier soir, je suis entre au dortoir a Galway en titubant, grise par la biere et la guitare celtique du pub de devant l'auberge. Il etait 23h et des poussieres. Quelques dormeurs etaient deja enfouis sous leurs couvertures mais la majorite des vingts lits superposes semblaient vides. Mon lit simple, colle au plafond s est mit a grincer comme une balancoire alors que j'essayais de me trouver une place au chaud, colle a mes bagages humides. A chaque fois que le sommeil m'empoignait, un voyageur entrait dans le dortoir, tous plus souls et plus bruyants les uns apres les autres. Je ne sais plus trop a quelle heure tardive, mais Paul ... read more
The highest rock on Diamond Hill
Reflet dans le Connemara

Europe » Ireland » County Galway » Clifden April 7th 2011

Today started out a little rockier than I would have liked, I went to shower and there was no hot water. I waited…still no hot water…I asked the host and she said it will take a few minutes. So we decided to eat (great breakfast – I should mention we’ve not yet had a “true Irish breakfast” we are lightweights and just have eggs and toast every morning which suits us just find). So we had breakfast while I sneered at all of the freshly showered guests. We then returned to hot water and all was well in the world. Today we are going to Galway and then up to Clifden a little bit longer of a day. We got our previously soiled pants and coats back all sparkling clean and were off. It is such ... read more
The Lynch Memorial

Europe » Ireland » County Galway » Clifden September 16th 2010

So we have arrived and are having a great time! We have seen 4 rainbows, had lots of rain, and even got to see some amazing ruin's that are not usually shown in tours (There was a ruined Church and castle in Devlin). Chris has tried all the famous beers of Ireland and has decided he likes Smithwicks the best. As for me, I'm a Bulmer's & Guiness girl! Last night we stayed in the most beautiful Castle, Ballynahinch. Our room over looks the River! The heir to the O'Flahrtey Clan even came up to introduce himself to us. Today is Connemara! Unfortunately, wifi doesn't seem to be my friend here in ireland so I am currently using the computer in the castle's library. I will update as best as possible! Otherwise I have been emailing ... read more

Europe » Ireland » County Galway » Clifden July 13th 2010

Shortly before we left the States we were downtown out dining with friends. I had just barely sat when I felt a tap on my shoulder. A friend from my hometown whom I hadn't seen in a few years was seated next to us. I hadn't noticed her because her back was to us when we came in. Seeing her was totally unexpected. We chatted and caught up with each others' lives. I told her that we were leaving on holiday for Ireland the following week. She then told me that mutual friends (Dave & Linda) had retired to Clifden, Ireland. “We'll go and surprise him,” I told her. I should have thought of getting a contact number or email address. When we were in Cooraclare it occurred to me that I wasn't sure if she ... read more
The Quiet Man Bridge
The Not So Quiet Man
The Duke

Europe » Ireland » County Galway » Clifden August 13th 2007

Connemara I had originally planned to join Dirty Boots Treks for a three day hike in Connemara National Park but it was sadly cancelled due to lack of numbers. I didn’t want to miss out on the whole area though, so I headed to Clifden from Galway to spend a few days in the Connemara countryside. I didn’t do any wild hiking but it was still beautiful. On the bus from Galway I met a French girl called Benedicte who was planning to stay at the same hostel. When we got to Clifden we left our packs at the hostel and set off on foot along the Sky Road, a 15km loop track that takes in the coastline north-west of Clifden and includes Connemara Castle. It was a lovely walk and we were accompanied the whole ... read more
The Dog
Connemara Castle from the Sky Road
Connemara Coast

Europe » Ireland » County Galway » Clifden April 29th 2007

We're here! We arrived in Shannon on Saturday and drove from the airport to Clifden, in Connemara. Kevin got used to driving on the left really quickly, but Erin never really got used to the brushes with death every time another car passed on these tiny, tiny roads. The scenery in Co. Clare, where the airport is, is sort of typically Irish-- long, green meadows, rock walls, cows in pastures. Then we arrived in Connemara (Co. Galway) and were blown away by the beauty of this area. There are lakes and hills everywhere, peat bogs, Connemara ponies, wildflowers... it's just spectacular. We're staying in Clifden, the largest town in the area. Like every Irish town, there's one bar to every four or five inhabitants. We went to one of the more popular spots last night and ... read more
The Lake at Kylemore
The Church at Kylemore
Kevin in Connemara

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