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Europe » Iceland » East » Reyðarfjörður May 31st 2019

Hello again! Here is another chapter of my adventures in Iceland. I hope you are ready for more adventures. I must say that so far, Iceland has many incredible things that will definitely impress you. I will be sharing with you all the details of my fifth day of travel, which I have to admit, it was pretty laid back. After having a lot of adventures so far, I wanted to take things a bit slowly for the rest of the day. Firstly, I woke up around 9 am at my hotel in Nýpugarðar, which was very nice by the way. I was feeling so rested after that perfect good night sleep in the middle of nowhere. The staff was really nice, they offered a traditional Icelandic breakfast that included ham, cheese, celery, and milk. What ... read more
Horse riding

Europe » Iceland » East September 25th 2018

Puis, nous passons par de majestueuses montagnes et leurs cols vers la région historique de Skagarjördur, réputée pour ses élevages de chevaux dont la race très pure remonte aux premiers colons de l'Islande. Il sera ensuite temps de se diriger ver Blönduos, village construit des deux côtés de la rivière Blanda. Traversée du plateau de Holtavöruheidi vers les plaines de Borgarfjordur. Nous faisons aussi une petite randonnée pour visiter le crater et la lave de Grabrok dans la région. Il y aura pas mal de marches à monter (553 !), mais l'infrastructure est telle que cela se fait facilement finalement... Seul JJ ne montera pas là-haut, il préfère attendre notre retour au premier palier de façon à ce que chacun soit photographié à son retour... La nuit se passera aussi dans cette région et demain sera ... read more
nous irons à leur rencontre
pas d'arrêt... Faut les prendre au vol...

Europe » Iceland » East » Egilsstadir September 19th 2018

312 Km hier et 390 km aujourd'hui... Tout cela pour arriver au Parc National de Skaftafell qui est une merveille... Nous approcherons le glacier de tout près... Nous passons aussi par Höfn afin d'y trouver la dernière église construite selon le style tipique islandais. Elle date de 1884, vous pouvez en apprendre plus sur : url= Prenez vos anoraks si la glace vous fait peur... et si vous souhaitez vous protéger de la pluie... Vous en aurez plein les yeux... Oui... de temps en temps il faut qu'il fasse mauvais aussi pour mieux apprécier le soleil du lendemain... Les Islandais eux quand les gens se plaignent qu'il ne fait pas beau ou qu'il pleut ... read more
le glacier Vatnajökull
pour en savoir plus il vous faudra copier-coller le lien ci dessous...

Europe » Iceland » East August 13th 2018

Temperatures were projected to be falling as we head north to Iceland. And the weather could best be described as “iffy” for our arrival on the northeastern coast of Iceland. As we cruised into the fjord that formed the harbor at Djupivogur we reached our tender position. Don’t struggle too much with the name, pronounce the “J” as a “Y” and just let it roll off your tongue. We grabbed our typical quick-breakfast in the Lido, got our stuff together, and headed to the Showroom. We got our Pink-10 stickers for the Rural East Iceland Tour and waited for our time to board the tenders. It was a ten-minute tender ride to the shore. First the tender headed to the channel marker and then followed the channel straight to the pier. Upon entering the channel, our ... read more
Sharon by Glacier
Icelandic Horses

Europe » Iceland » East » Egilsstadir June 28th 2018

Description: Do you want to see whole beauty of Iceland in 7 days ➤ Check our guide and read about the most beautiful places in this island ➤ Find out more about preparation for travel! Around Iceland in 7 Days How To Witness the Beauty and History of Iceland in 7 Days Because of Iceland’s current status as one of the world’s top destinations with great deals on airfare, so many people are trekking over to visit this Nordic island country. But once you get there, where should you go? And how will you go around? Must See Locations When it’s your first time in Iceland, there are several places that you must visit. Most guided tours recommend seven (7) days to have enough time to soak in the place and the experience. There are many ... read more

Europe » Iceland » East » Seydisfjördur June 28th 2018

My drive through the East Fjords was fairly unexciting...and grey, given more rainy weather. There are some fishing villages, one of which is known for a lady's astounding rock collection and another of which features a fairly large and somewhat random piece of artwork based on the eggs of Iceland's different birds. I ended up in a town called Seydisfjordur which was a great surprise - you drive into it over the cross of a glacial mountain pass, and it sits in the bottom of a huge fjord with a 'waterfall alley' - it was little, still with an active fishing industry, but full of random art (that somehow appealed to me more than the bird eggs). I loved it, the sun came out (literally), and I did one of my favorite hikes of the trip ... read more
Seydisfjordur covered by fog
Hiking above the fog
The avalanche barrier trail (I think it has a real name...starts with a B and is based on the mountain...but I can't remember it)

Europe » Iceland » East October 25th 2017

We were up, breakfasted & out into a dull misty day by 8:30am. Skipping Grjótagjá (where Jon Snow was deflowered by Ygritte!) we went first to Hverir – a “magical, ochre-toned landscape of mud cauldrons, steaming vents & piping fumaroles”. We pottered around taking care not to leave the designated paths - for reasons of nature conservation & because we like the soles of feet unboiled! After this we headed up to Krafla, driving past a steaming stream and under the pipes of the geothermal power station to get up to Leirhnjúkur, described in the guide book as the “potentially most dangerous attraction”. We were uninspired by the car park & rough track disappearing into the mist but persevered & the bubbling pool, solfataras & encrusted lava field were impressive, but less so than the fiery ... read more
Aurora Borealis

Europe » Iceland » East October 14th 2017

So, we've got a lot of driving today, but first, a walk. We left the hotel and drove a few minutes to the Skaftafell National Park. Again, entry and hiking in the park is free, but not parking. So, I paid the parking fee and we found a trail that wasn't too long. We headed out towards the Skaftafellsjökull glacier. By the way, if you haven't figured it out by now, a little Icelandic: Jökull (pronounced 'Yokutl') means glacier. Foss means falls. Anyway, back to the story. We walked along the path towards Skaftafellsjökull, each at their own pace. So Gilat and I were quite a way ahead, then kids were not too far behind, and the grandparents were a little slower. After about a half hour walk we came to the tip of the glacier, ... read more
Skaftafellsjökull glacier lagoon
Jökulsárlón Diamond Beach
Jökulsárlón Diamond Beach

Europe » Iceland » East » Egilsstadir August 11th 2017

Blog 2 Glaciers and Icebergs After another great breakfast we left the Icelandic Hotel Klauster and did a short drive to the Fjaorarglgufur Canyon. Weather was cool and gently showering. We drove for about 6 km along a dirt road. Arriving at the parking spot we then had to walk for about 2kms across a field to the canyon. The walk was well worth the effort. Fjaðrárgljúfur is a magnificent and massive canyon, about 100 meters deep and about two kilometres long. The canyon has sheer walls that twist and turn and are really narrow in some places. The viewing spots are excellent and we found it easy to get some great photo. It would have been a great experience to walk along the canyon floor but given there had been a lot of rain it ... read more
Canyon views check out the depth of the cliffs
Canyon snakes around and the rapids were running fast
Twisted rock walls and waterfalls everywhere

Europe » Iceland » East » Egilsstadir July 5th 2017

Located on a peninsula in southeast Iceland, url=,+Iceland/@64.2538507,-15.2222918,14z/data=!3m1!4b1!4m5!3m4!1s0x48cfac585a9c079f:0xb0ee81c829dbe0ed!8m2!3d64.2497026!4d-15.2020076Hofn means “harbor,” and this small fishing port is surrounded on three sides by the sea. Rounding Iceland’s southeast side, we traveled along the Eastfjords today, a little-visited region of forests, farms, scenic coastline and picturesque fishing villages, backdropped by snowcapped mountains. In the town of url=,+Iceland/@64.6562726,-14.2974351,15z/data=!3m1!4b1!4m5!3m4!1s0x48cec38f02292149:0x3b5e271b6c5b9d8b!8m2!3d64.656888!4d-14.2900509Djupivogur (1 hr 22 min from Hofn), we stopped to admire the Eggs of Merry Bay, one of Iceland’s most unusual sculptures. Created in 2009 by Icela... read more

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