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Europe » Hungary » Central Hungary » Budapest May 21st 2017

So much to see, pretty soon you experience visual overload. Once again we were fortunate to have great weather and spent the whole day walking - or on public transport. - Took the bus to the top of Buda Hill to the Castle district and saw St. Matthias Cathedral and the Royal Palace. View from the top oh the hill towards the Buda hills and over the city of Pest were vast. As we got off the bus we found ourselves surrounded by armed soldiers and quite a few people. It turns out we arrive at the beginning of a wreath laying ceremony to honor Hungary's Independence Day. Horses, marching soldiers, a band and speeches - who knew? - Walking along the Castle walls and up ahead see a young man wearing an ND tee shirt ... read more
Independence Day
Independence Day
Independence Day

Europe » Hungary » Central Hungary » Budapest May 20th 2017

Went to sleep last night in Vienna and it was warm and clear. Woke this morning and it was cloudy and chilly. Made our way to Vienna's main train station and took a 2+ hr train ride to Budapest. Neat views of snow capped mountains in the distance, large wind tubine installations and lots of green fields. Some sharp differences between Austria and Hungary but both interesting to see. When we arrived in Budapest it was warm and sunny but as evening approached so did clouds and much cooler temps. Our weather luck may have run out. After some research we sorted out the Budapest metro and made it to our flat in good time. Did a bit of grocery shopping, had a FaceTime chat with Oakland CA, skrod for dinner, a short walk and we're ... read more
On the move
Austrian green energy
Finally made it to Hungary

Europe » Hungary » Central Hungary » Budapest May 15th 2017

Day 1 Clt to Budapest I woke up in the hotel in Charlotte on Sat morning and took it easy until Susan and Patrick came. I left my car at the hotel and Patrick drove us to the airport. We hung out at the airport and then caught our flight to Detroit. After getting on the plane, Susan decided she needed nose spray and was working with the sprayer when it shot off. Most of it went on the seat in front of her but a bit got the person in the seat. We broke out in laughter… The rest of the flight was uneventful. In Detroit we went to our gate and then decided we should eat and just try to think of it as dinner. Our flight was to leave around 3 and so ... read more

Europe » Hungary » Central Hungary » Budapest May 9th 2017

We are in Europe again, no family to visit this time – it’s our 40thwedding anniversary and we each chose a place we wanted to see. We’re on a train from Budapest to Ljubljana to start a tour of Slovenia and Croatia, then we’re off to southern Italy and Iceland. Guess who chose a beautiful, romantic destination with gourmet food, wine and glamorous places to stay and who chose a land of ice, snow and volcanoes where the sun will never set for the nine days we are there. But first things first - business class – is it worth it? As an anniversary treat for himself (I’d rather spend money at the destination than getting there) Rhys bought business class tickets for the outbound leg. An airport snob, he wanted to use the business class ... read more
The Danube at Budapest
Matthias Church

Europe » Hungary » Central Hungary » Budapest April 20th 2017

Thursday, 20th April 2017 Early this morning, with the skies still drizzling, we were off to the Holocaust Memorial Center to pay our tribute to the Hungarian Jews who were exterminated during the Second World War. Like the concentration camp experience in Dachau, the visit was a sobering one as it presented chronological history of the Jews from the 1930s right up to the "Final Solution of the Jewish Question" in 1945. Anyone interested in this part of WWII history should not give the Center a miss during their stay in Budapest. After completing our visit at the exhibition gallery, we hung around at the synagogue for a while to calm our nerves before moving on to our lunch venue. Café Central was selected after reading some great reviews of the place. We ordered two mains ... read more
Cafe Central, Budapest
Classy mains
The Hungarian Parliament House

Europe » Hungary » Central Hungary » Budapest April 19th 2017

Wednesday, 19th April 2017 We arrived at Budapest Keleti Train Station on a cold, rainy afternoon after spending some 3 hours on the train from Vienna. Our original intention was to head to the House of Terror but we were soon put off by the snaking queues that extended beyond street level. Eventually, we settled for a nice lunch at Fridays. The ribs and salad portions were generous and the price was a fraction of what I was paying in Oslo. We had a great dining experience. After our meal, we took a ride on the iconic Metro Line #1 to Deak Ferenc Terminal Station. This was Budapest's downtown core where the glitzy malls and hotels are located. We spent sometime walking around but the rain and unforgiving weather proved too overwhelming for us. Days of ... read more
The House of Terror
Budapest! Budapest!
The Glitzy Deak Ferenc District

Europe » Hungary » Central Hungary » Budapest April 13th 2017

Unless you are Hungarian, you probably know little more about the land of the magyars than the name of their capital, Budapest, and their famous goulash. And why should you? Isn’t Hungary just another Slavic country sandwiched between the Czechs, Poles, Slovaks, Croats and Serbs? Perish the thought! This unique little nation (you can drive across it in a few hours) has a singularly fascinating history and a culture that is quite distinct from its neighbors. I came upon it accidentally when a friend at work mentioned he was an archery enthusiast. His passion was for horseback archery, a skill that dates back to the days of the Mongol hordes and is alive and well in Hungary today. A little research revealed that horse culture is a central part of the Hungarian identity. I didn’t realize, ... read more

Europe » Hungary » Central Hungary » Budapest April 12th 2017

Sunday- Wednesday: Budapest After seeing Parkway drive at Brixton O2 on the Saturday night (Who were INCREDIBLE!!) Me and Jamie woke up at 7am sharp to start our European Adventure! First, we had to navigate our way around the deep dark depths of the London Underground to get to Stansted. Upon our arrival, we went straight through security to the Spoons to collect our obligatory Eggs Benedict and Pint of Heineken before boarding the first flight out to the first stop on our tour... BUDASESH (Budapest to the non-alcoholics amongst us...). As we stepped on the tarmac, our first impressions of Hungary were not the best, as it was about 10 degrees colder than Stansted! However, we ventured through the airport to our bus, then to the metro to our accommodation for the next 3 nights, ... read more

Europe » Hungary March 11th 2017

Magnifique Ville d'Europe Centrale... read more
Le bus Bateau remontant le Danube
La joie devant le merveilleux Parlement Hongrois

Europe » Hungary » Central Hungary » Budapest February 18th 2017

Um it's cold in Europe. Yeah I know I shouldn't be surprised it's February but Budapest is crazy ass cold. I spent a 1.5 in Zagreb, Croatia where it was cold and cloudy. But now I'm in Budapest, where I had bright idea to walkaround first evening I was here. I proceeded to walk to first store and buy a better hat and thicker scraf (my fancy silk scarves from Cambodia were not cutting it)! Day 2 I decided to do a bus tour which was smartest thing I could have done. Seriously I get it may just have forgotten what the weather can be like but Budapest is cold people!!! First day was also extremely foggy and the people are bit move it along. So the opposite of Asia where everyone likes to chat for ... read more

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