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Europe » Hungary » Central Hungary » Budapest March 1st 2015

Seasons come and go fast but one thing remains the same, many tourists choose Budapest to spend their freetime in this wonderful city. They usually get on the hop on - hop off buses and visit the most attractive sights while they trying to cram everything in three - four days. In this blog I would like to show you my favourite spots in Budapest, and not just ones that are shown in the tourist books, I would rather like to introduce you the hidden treasures that many tourists are not aware of. I am very keen on slow philosophy and as its part, the slow tourism. It means for me that I focus on the environment, I rather choose walking, I try local foods and I get to know more about the local people's life ... read more
A small boat on the Danube
This way leading to the Óbuda Island
Summer picnic in the Óbuda island

Europe » Hungary » Central Hungary » Budapest February 19th 2015

Today I would like to recommend you a fabulous place in the heart of Buda, so If you visit Budapest, don't forget to visit the Csészényi cafe. You won't regret it! Why is it so special? Csészényi serves more than 30 types of coffees brewed from high quality Arabica beans. I have to tell you the truth, I don't like coffees but you can also have a tea, hot choccolate, mulled wine, sandwiches and various cakes here. If you enter to the cafe, you will be amazad by the magical atmosphere, you might feel here as if you were at the beginning of 20th century, small tables on two floors, wooden narrow stairs and there is a wall dedicated to the memory of the Rill clockmaker dynasty that operated in the same building for over 100 ... read more

Europe » Hungary » Central Hungary » Budapest February 15th 2015

This is a bit of a weird tale about my time in Budapest. Whilst most blog posts about this city will probably focus on the beautiful buildings, the river, the culture, mine is going to solely focus on my trip from England to my youth hostel in Budapest. You might think this means that Budapest is a boring city with nothing to offer; which is untrue. I just think that my voyage there is a bit more entertaining. On Friday 13th February, I left Stuttgart to fly back to England for my friends' wedding. I spent a great day on Saturday at the wedding, but I had booked flights to meet my friends in Budapest on Sunday. So on Sunday afternoon, my parents took me to the airport where I would fly to Hungary. Upon boarding ... read more

Europe » Hungary » Central Hungary » Budapest February 14th 2015

Budapest Over two million people – one-fifth of Hungary’s population – live in Budapest, and it is the political, cultural and commercial heart of the country. The sheer scale of its vast iconic buildings, from the castle to the Parliament to the Baths, testifies to Hungary’s central role in European history. Since the unification of Buda and Pest in the nineteenth century, the Danube is less a dividing line, more the heart of the city itself – providing its most splendid vistas, from both banks. Rough Guide to Hungary Budapest is a city full of unexpected surprises. It is also a city of two sides: Buda and Pest, each lying on opposite banks of the Danube River. Buda is the hilly part where the Castle and Fisherman’s Bastion sit. The Citadel on nearby Gellert Hill is ... read more
Red army soldier statue (1947), Memento Park
Roof tiles, Matthias Church
Hungarian Parliament

Europe » Hungary » Central Hungary » Budapest January 28th 2015

Of all the former Communist bloc nations in Eastern Europe, Hungary was the first country I went to. I was expecting it to be a run down place with grim shades of the Communist era, and dour looking people. On the contrary, it turned out to be a delightful experience, and I went back there another two times! My first trip to Hungary was in April 2005 when I joined a package tour leaving from Geneva, Switzerland to Budapest by EasyJet the well known European budget airline. I traveled to Geneva by train from Bourg en Bresse where I was living at that time. At Geneva airport I met up with the tour group which was mainly made up of elderly Swiss people. As usual, I was the only Asian in the group. After a two ... read more
Budapest, Hungary
Budapest, Hungary
Budapest, Hungary

Europe » Hungary January 26th 2015

Hey everyone, Had an absolutely amazing few days in Budapest. A great city I highly recommend. Amazkng history, amazing nightlife, nice people and somewhat easy to navigate. Got in late my first night there. Met some cool Australians, woke up early took a walking tour and ran into my first Americans. One of them, kelly, decided to come to Vienna with me today so I'll be meeting up with her later. Highlights; worlds third best bar. This place had a map just to navigate. I couldn't tell you what it was called but I was there with my hostel until 6am then got up at 9 to run the island. It's halfway between Buda and pest - really easy to find just look at the river. On it they have amazing athletic facilities and a gorgeous ... read more

Europe » Hungary January 19th 2015

Last time I travelled back home, I thought it would be nice to do a bit of Couchsurfing, but this time being on the side of the host and invite some people I got to know in Brighton. Going back home is always intense, and when it's actually coincides with Christmas, even more powerful. When I have visitors in a place which I call home (and there are few places like that), than I do grow quckly the ability to see the world with the "eye of a toddler". Those moments are fantastic. It's like you reunite with your older self. First time in Budapest. that is how I must think. What would really make me think want to come back here. Because that feeling is the goal. Isn't it? To feel so good somewhere to ... read more
Ság-Hill in the West
Lake Balaton
Balaton Sunset

Europe » Hungary » Central Hungary » Budapest January 13th 2015

We had a good deal to Budapest, that included flights, 3 nights at Hotel Gold, 48hr hop on hop off bus (Big Bus Tours 7000 HUF per adult) that also included a 2hr boat trip on the Danube and an hours night bus tour. We weren’t expecting too much but were pleasantly surprised! We had arranged transfers through the Hotel Gold (8500 HUF or 30 euros) who were duly at the airport with a board and a 30 minute taxi drive, took us over the Elizabeth bridge onto the Buda side of the river and to our hotel at the top of the hill! It was quite a luxurious (for us!!) lovely room, double sized shower, flat screen tv sunk into the wall – all very pleasant – even the Italian restaurant underneath did superb food! ... read more
Vajdahunyad Castle
The outside Hot Baths
Inside the Cave Church

Europe » Hungary » Central Hungary » Budapest » Buda December 4th 2014

Budapest – final day So here we are still in Budapest. The sun is shining, is it because we are leaving soon? Who knows, but I am grateful, because we are seeing the additional sights today, and climbing up on the Buda side of town. So last night, the cruise slowing went on down the Danube so we could see the illuminations of the city. What an awesome sight that was. The best pics are in todays blog. The Parliament building, this stunning illuminated building is the 2nd largest parliament building in the world, just behind Rio . You will also see the beautiful Budapest Castle illuminated on the opposite side of the Danube. It truly was an awesome sight to see. So, tripping around the city with a group of travelers from the cruise. We ... read more
Buda Castle
such beauty looking back to Pest (1)
us at Buda castle

Europe » Hungary » Central Hungary » Budapest » Pest December 2nd 2014

Budapest! 01/12 There’s no other Hungarian city like Budpest!! At the very heart of Europe, this kidney shaped country claims a unique place in the continent’s soul. Doubters need only listen to the music of Franz Liszt and Bela Bartok, view the romantic Danube River as it splits Budapest in two, or taste the nations unique (paprika infused) cuisine to be convinced! There’s no other Hungarian city like Budapest in terms of size (2.55 million), and importance. But, it’s the beauty of Budapest, both natural and constructed that makes it stand apart. Straddling a gentle curve in the Danube, the city is flanked by the Buda Hills on the west bank and the beginnings of the Great Plain to the east. Architecturally it has enough baroque, neoclassical, eclectic and art nouveau elements to satisfy anyone. Budapest ... read more

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