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Europe » Hungary » Northern Hungary » Lillafüred July 17th 2017

(I just got into Presov Slovakia today, but I'll group today with tomorrow since I'm backlogged here. Praise, I finally have working wifi.) Day 10 - Miskolc and Lillafured Well today was a fun language day. English is hit or miss in Budapest so I knew the smaller towns would be worse in that regard. Sure enough Miskolc continues that trend. For the life of me I could not figure out where to buy a tram ticket lol - I tried asking like 5 people and it went nowhere so I'm like ok... this is dumb. I pulled out a tram ticket from Budapest and went to the train ticket hall thinking that the international trains office would have someone who could speak English. Or not. 5min of charades later she went onto the concourse and ... read more
The Palota
Waterfalls behind Palota

Europe » Hungary » Central Hungary » Budapest July 16th 2017

After another good breakfast we checked out of the hotel (leaving our luggage in their locked room) to head up Gellért Hill. We crossed the Danube by the Szabadság híd (Liberty bridge), got some we admired Sziklatemplom (church cave) but being Sunday didn't go in as there were services on. We continued up the hill to the Szabadság szobor (Statue of Liberty) enjoying great views all the way up. After a rest in the shade we wandered around the outside of the Citadella where I gave in & bought a rainbow pashmina & a new hat! We wandered down the north side of the hill via the Saint Gellért Sagredo monument (an eleventh-century bishop who tried to convert the Magyars to Christianity). We then left Buda for Pest via the Erzsébet híd (Elizabeth Bridge) and after ... read more
Statue of St. Stephen outside the church
Szabadság szobor
Statue next to Liberty statue

Europe » Hungary » Northern Hungary July 15th 2017

Alright, back in wifi business! Sort of. Not. It works in the lobby but I'm not interested in sitting downstairs, so... I'm lumping things together again for the blog. Not sure what's up with Hungary and wifi but hey. First we need to talk trains. I went from Revfulop to Deli (in Budapest), then transferred to a different station (Keleti) to continue on to Eger. It went surprisingly smooth considering there are no announcements in English - I basically just kept finding old ladies and pointing at my ticket while I nod like "yes? yes!" Works like a charm because old ladies tend to actually say no if they don't know. So back to that first train. I figured I should use the bathroom while I didn't have my bag with me (the one downside of ... read more
Main square
Inside the Church
Inside the Church

Europe » Hungary » Central Hungary » Szentendre July 15th 2017

Our plan for Saturday was to get the 10am hydrofoil to spend the day in Esztergom, a small town on the Danube Bend on the boarder with Slovakia. The Danube Bend is meant to be possibly the most beautiful bit of the whole Danube & Esztergom a lovely town to visit there. We were also planning to stroll accross the bridge in to Štúrovoin Slovakia & up our country count for the holiday. Because of the swimming championships in town I double checked the website on friday night & found no reference to any disruption, however on turning up at the ticket office at 9:30am we were told "no boat", looking around there was an A4 sign up next to the counters (inside the building which was shut when i last walked past or I'd have ... read more
View of Buda from the Danube
Heading up river!
Szentendre square

Europe » Hungary » Central Transdanubia » Lake Balaton July 14th 2017

Alright so I did nothing these past 3 days - when I say there's nothing to do in Revfulop, there is truly nothing but a beach and a path along the lake, so, that was my 3 days plan. Tough life, I'm aware ;) I put the 3 days together for the blog - it's just easier. I gave up on the hostel wifi the first night. Since I'm in the 'do nothing' frame of mind here is a bunch of random thoughts rather than paragraphs. I'm writing this on the last night while a concert is going on... so I might throw random liveblogging in too. I'll add pictures when I have proper wifi - I'm finally loading this while on a train. train ride was lovely; non-smoking train which is all I can ask ... read more
The pier
My other reading spot

Europe » Hungary » Central Hungary » Budapest July 14th 2017

After taking full advantage of the breakfast at the hotel we set off to explore as much of the city as possible. We crossed over Liberty Bridge to start in Buda & wandered up the west bank of the Danube until we reached the castle gardens when we headed up the hill. We climbed up to the Castle Musuem and planned to walk along the top of Castle Hill past the Royal Palace but the rote was closed (possibly for some ceremony or concert?) so we had to come all the way back down then up again partly along the Király lépcső (Royal Steps) & partly taking less steep side paths (there was a long queue for the funicular). We walked to the north side of the Royal Palace (via some souvenir stalls) then back towards ... read more
St. Gellért monument
Buda castle walls
Gellért Hill from the castle walls

Europe » Hungary » Central Hungary » Budapest July 13th 2017

Up early but not too early for my lovly husband to drive me to the airport at 6am before heading back the other way to work. Managed to get away with hand luggage only and as I've checked in online the night before I headed straight through to find a quiet seat in the far corner of the departures area to await my gate call. I'm rather amused that I could also check in for my flight home & print my boarding pass before I'd even left home! Flight was ok, only a few hours & I'd baggsied a window seat so got good views until we went above the cloud layer. Touched down in Budapest bang on time and again enjoyed the swift exit allowed by only having hand luggage. I found the Transport booth ... read more
Szent istván Bazilika
Photos of victims
Personal belongings

Europe » Hungary » Central Hungary » Budapest July 10th 2017

It was stinkin' hot today - like felt like 41 degrees hot - like bum sticking to the metro seats hot. As such, I made my way to the Szechenyi Baths for some good relaxation. I don't really have pictures today because I just had my phone with me and there wasn't much to take... but it's a gorgeous location. Outside you have 3 giant pools (one normal one, one for swimming laps, one giiiiiiiiiiant hot tub) and then inside there are another 11 pools ranging from 21 degrees-ish up to 45 degrees. I spent the better part of the day outside - my pool chair in the shade thank you very much, got my book with me, and I'd run into the giant hot tub for 15 minute intervals (too much sun!) and then back ... read more
Lap pool
Elderberry lemonade
Cottage cheese dumplings

Europe » Hungary » Central Hungary » Budapest » Pest July 10th 2017

It was a short day for us today as we had an overnight train departing at around 7pm and once we'd had a little lie in, showered and packed it was getting close to 11am. We also had to sort out dropping our bags and booking some tickets to get to the station for our night train, which in our noobish attempt to save ourselves a EU rail travel day (something we didn't need to do we later realised), we had booked our reservations for the overnight train from a station 45mins away from Budapest instead of a central station. We lugged our bags, which seem to be getting fuller and heavier each time I repack, to Keleti station in Budapest and, despite the totally inaccuracy signage, found the left luggage lockers. We had an even ... read more

Europe » Hungary » Central Hungary » Budapest July 9th 2017

I made it to Gatwick on time - rail replacement busses are such a drag, but at least there was still service. The flight was uneventful - Budapest customs was a hoot. I am forever grateful to have a Canadian passport and am forever baffled by how people from other countries are automatically scrutinized. Not a single question for me - stamp and go. Anyway, Budapest is as I remember it - busy and bustling, humid, and full of gorgeous architecture. Also full of older people who don't speak English but insist on having conversations with you lol. It's cute. I dragged myself to the hostel (so hot, so tired) and only as I got off the metro did I realize I stayed here last time lol. Skill. Also, pleasant surprise, totally forgot I had booked ... read more
Look at that 'tude
Shoes along the Danube
Shoes along the Danube

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