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Europe » Hungary » Central Hungary » Budapest July 26th 2014

We came down to breakfast in the restaurant to be faced with a long table full of supposedly edible items, none of which did we associate with the word breakfast. The best of them was a bowl of tinned cherries and some sort of pre-aged semi-industrial bread. We sat down at a table to make an attempt on the food, when we spotted REAL breakfast (bacon, sausage, egg, toast etc) on a different table far away on the other side of the room. We looked around surreptitiously to see if anyone was watching, slid our unfortunate earlier mistake across to an empty table beside us, then strolled innocently across to the hot food. Breakfast done we checked out at reception and discovered why all the staff had such perfect smiles - the place is also a ... read more

Europe » Hungary » Central Hungary » Budapest July 25th 2014

Well they always say you should set off on the right foot, but unfortunately my right foot decided yesterday to have a particularly painful attack of gout! This was not good news the day before we needed to trudge miles through Dublin airport, carrying our cabin bags! Feeling a fraud I dusted off the crutches from my 1996 hang gliding accident (still had them in the wardrobe!), and phoned Air Lingus to arrange a wheelchair for the long trek to the boarding gate, just in case. Then off to the doctor, who offered me an injection of Difene. " I'll take my shoe and sock off then" I said cooperatively. "by all means" she said, "but the injection is going in your bum". My next line would have been "but my bum isn't hurting", but I ... read more

Europe » Hungary » Central Hungary » Budapest July 21st 2014

Budapest Andrassy Street July 22 It is awhile since I slept with so many young people. First it was two Japanese girls, then some Swiss guys and finally some svelte Frenchmen en route to the Sun 'Trance' festival. One of the Frenchmen apologies the next morning because he had peered at me up close in bed when they had returned at 4am. He had thought I was one of them. I told him that I took it as a compliment! Jane and I had got to the Home Made Hostel ( at 10.30am last Thursday. At 4am Jane was in the taxi heading back to the UK for Laura's wedding. I went back to bed. I had three days to aclimatise in Budapest before Jane returned with Angela. The hostel was very good, for me anyway. ... read more

Europe » Hungary » Central Hungary » Vác July 18th 2014

Our last work day came far too soon. How quickly a week can fly by! Everyone had tasks to do and felt good about all the work we’ve accomplished during the week, yet had a bit of sadness that we wouldn’t be able to finish. Sandor and Tamas assured us that our work helped them move the finish date from the end of August to the end of July. The team following us next week should come very close to finishing up all of the remaining volunteer work. For our farewell dinner with the Bulik family and our Habitat for Humanity hosts, Gyuri and his wife, Bobbi, (our hosts at Liget Panzió B&B) prepared a traditional Hungarian gulyas (goulash) dinner, kettle-cooked over an open fire, along with fresh baked bread and apple and cherry desserts. Our ... read more
Terri, Lajos and Chuck
Renata and Andrea

Europe » Hungary » Central Hungary » Vác July 17th 2014

Our 4th work day started with a ½ day at the worksite with Tamas, followed by an afternoon trip by ferry across the Danube River to visit Visegrád Castle. It is famous as the remains of the Early Renaissance summer palace of King Matthias Corvinus of Hungary and the medieval citadel in the 15th century. One of our team even experienced what it felt like to be queen. During our excursion, Nora shared with us interesting aspects of Hungarian history and answered questions from the team as they observed the artifacts in the castle. Our evening free-time was spent in nearby, quaint Szentendre. We dined in several different restaurants yet most ended up at the ice cream shops.... read more
Inspector Tamas
Andrea and Abby
Masked Crusaders

Europe » Hungary » Central Hungary » Vác July 16th 2014

Jó reggelt! Good morning! Jó means "good" in Hungarian, and we love hearing that we are doing good work on Erika's home in Veresegyház. On Tuesday and Wednesday, Sandor assigned tasks to willing team members and production quickly started. Hands-on training by Sandor and Tamas, with patient instructions, encouraged our team. We attached Styrofoam insulation to the exterior of the house with adhesive and nylon anchor pins. We then installed nylon corner protectors, drip rails and mesh to the attached insulation. Other team members removed 60-year-old exterior and interior windows to remove paint, sand and putty the glass panes. Our mortar-mixing team ensured the flow of mortar/plaster was constant throughout both days. During the 88-90 degree heat, we all reminded each other to hydrate frequently, and we enjoyed cool cherry soup during lunch, along with Hungarian ... read more
Paint Removal Demo by Sandor
Randy and Julia
Kaarl at the Peak!

Europe » Hungary July 16th 2014

So I successfully made it to Budapest from Miami, on a 9 hour flight. I had an entire row of three seats to myself so I was happy about the leg room. Out of all the wedding guests Chris and Agi thought I was the least likely to get lost! I wanted to go to Nyekladhaza which is one side of Hungary and someone I asked for help thought I wanted to go to Nyreghaza which is on the other side of hungary! There was some mix up with getting to the right train station. I was meant to arrive at 5pm and I got there at 945 pm. On the positive side I managed to do an extensive tour of Hungary on the way. I feel like I prevented many other guests making the same ... read more

Europe » Hungary » Central Hungary » Vác July 14th 2014

We're excited! It's our first work day at Erika's home in Veresegyház, a small town in Pest County. But first, we take a short drive north along the Danube River to check into the Liget Panzió (a family owned-and-operated B&B) in Sződliget, approximately 25 miles north of Budapest. The landscape is similar to Michigan, Wisconsin, Iowa and Minnesota, and we passed healthy corn and other crop fields. Gyuri, the owner of the Liget Panzió, welcomed us to our home-away-from-home for the week, and we quickly checked in to drop our bags and head southeast to Veresegyház. We were warmly welcomed at the job site by Tamas (assistant construction supervisor), Erika's family and Johnnie the family dog. After a discussion of our project, Tamas gave us excellent safety training for using ladders, tools and scaffolding around the ... read more
Tamas Demonstrates for Lissa and Ruth
Dennis and Keith
Brian and Ruth

Europe » Hungary » Southern Great Plain July 14th 2014

Morahalom is a very small town in southern Hungary, population of about 5,000 and less than 10 kilometres from the Serbian border. It's a long way to come for some R n R! We are in Morahalom to meet up with our friend Csaba from home. Morahalom is Csaba's home town and we were very fortunate to stay at his brother's BnB - Petya Vendeghaz. Csaba is visiting his parents for a few weeks and also escaping the Canberra winter. For my readers the name Csaba is loosely pronounced 'Chubba' or 'Chobba'. As a young university graduate Csaba moved from Hungary to Canberra a little over 10 years ago and met George soon after. I first met Csaba when I started working at Centrelink when he was a young cute Hungarian boy with a funny accent....he ... read more
Mrs Kispeter and her rooster
Bike ride in Morahalom
Morning Palinka

Europe » Hungary » Central Hungary » Budapest July 13th 2014

Our team had a delightful day touring Budapest. We started our day with a delicious breakfast at the Star Inn Hotel, followed by devotions and a team meeting. We boarded a private bus at 9:00 a.m. with Ference Joo, our personal tour guide of Buda and Pest for the next 3 hours. Budapest is the capital and largest city in Hungary, and one of the largest cities in the European Union, with just shy of 2 million residents. Budapest began as a Celtic settlement before 1 AD and has a rich history. Their first settlement was pillaged by the Mongols in 1241–42, and the re-established town became one of the Renaissance culture centers in the 15th century. After nearly 150 years of Ottoman rule, the region entered a new age of prosperity in the 18th and ... read more
Famous Thermal Bath
Beetle Mania
Fishermen's Bastion

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