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Europe » Hungary » Central Hungary » Budapest April 17th 2015

This morning I woke up with optimistic hope; I had to believe that my passport would come in, and I was to call the Embassy between 08:30-09:00 (so, is 08:31 OK??). The previous evening we had gone for a nice long walk along the river; expel some stress energy and continue to explore the beautiful city of Budapest. We walked down to the parliament building (which is an incredible feat of architecture, no matter how many times I see it) and I wanted to get some more photos of the shoes along the riverbed. These shoes are representative of the Jewish individuals who were forced to take off any belongings of any value (including shoes) before they were shot and their bodies fell into the Danube. Yes it's horrible to write that, but we also need ... read more
Mr. Pickles enjoying his dead sea salt scrub
Getting our Hungarian Fissage
Alexandra Bookstore, Budapest

Europe » Hungary » Central Hungary » Budapest » Buda April 16th 2015

I left America 5 weeks ago, and in 6 weeks from right now, I'll be on a flight over the Atlantic heading home. Since I wrote my paper today, I didn't do much in the way of sightseeing or cultural experiences. But a couple of things happened, and I thought I would share them here on my last night in Hungary. First off, my paper is ... done! Well, almost. This was the rough draft of an 8-10 page paper, and I have 8 full pages, so I'm satisfied. The more I do at this stage, the less I have to do later, right? I'm going to go back in and put in the citations and such tonight, but what a load off. Smooth sightseeing from here! So, remember when I wrote yesterday that my night ... read more
Exterior of Keleti Rail Station, built in 1884
One of the richest glasses of hot chocolate I've ever had
The "Opera" Cake

Europe » Hungary » Central Hungary » Budapest April 16th 2015

Slept through the night (which was a blessing in disguise) got up, showered and off to breakfast. I remember mentioning to Hippie I need to do my OCD organize thing - and he was questioning why? We are heading on a coach for a city tour in the morning, nothing to organize really. Good point, I thought, let's eat! So we had a delicious breakfast, then joined the group to head off on our city tour. Being as this was my third trip to Budapest, I knew I would be familiar with the sites, but always interesting to see it from a different set of eyes, and looking forward to seeing it with Hippie as well. The usual suspects were on the list, Hero Square, Buda Castle, Chain Bridge, St. Stephen's Basically, Vaci street and more. ... read more
Hero's Square
Hero's Square

Europe » Hungary » Central Hungary » Budapest » Pest April 15th 2015

That title could be taken so many ways, especially with no context. But if you understand that I'm in Budapest, and that on one side of the Danube River is the old town of Pest, while across it sits the old town of Buda, then maybe that'll help. Today was definitely not as jam-packed as yesterday, as I woke up this morning to realize that I'm still on vacation, and Iget to set my own hours. So I did what I felt like doing, and it was good for me. I slept until after 8AM, which is kind of a miracle. I normally don't sleep that late in hotels, even after being on this trip for over a month. I've got probably the best blackout curtains of the trip, too, so maybe that has something to ... read more
The writing on the wall of the synagogue
The Szent Jobb reliquarium - the mummified hand of St. Stephen all lit up
Interior of the Basilica of St. Stephen

Europe » Hungary » Central Hungary » Budapest » Pest April 14th 2015

As this trip progresses, I'm more and more thankful that I changed things up and decided to stay on the ground. That being said, I still plan on visiting Portugal and making my way back to Ireland, which are the two places that I'd planned on going, but my plans changed. Since I deviated from that planned itinerary, though, I have found myself surprised by how much I like the places I've been. Imagine if I hadn't done that... First off, leaving Zagreb was kinda weird. This was my first true rail experience in Eastern Europe, and though I knew what to expect, it never fully prepared me for what happened. I was lucky to find some people to share it with. First off, my "train" turned into train-bus-train-bus-train-metro. The guy at the Zagreb train station ... read more
The only communist memorial left in Budapest - right outside the American embassy
Reagan is on the other side of the communist monument
One of the saddest Holocaust memorials I've ever seen

Europe » Hungary » Central Hungary » Budapest April 12th 2015

Hello dear family and friends Well your niece/friend is off again onto her next vacation, exploring strange new words, to see out new life and new civilizations and boldly go where....oh wait. wrong line ;-) I'm off on my very first River Cruise! I am going with Avalon Waterways, and I'm going for 2 reasons (other than I am obsessed with traveling). 1. I really want to experience a River Cruise for the sole purpose of being able to sell it more effectively as they are a hot item these days; and 2. I can go on a river cruise to destinations I've not been before which got me super excited! This will be country number51, 52 and 53, I will keep adding to that eternal passport stamping. I'm doing an Eastern European itinerary - starting ... read more
Mr. Pickles is of course,  joining us for the vacation.
First coffee shop Budapest. Purple :-)

Europe » Hungary » Central Hungary » Budapest April 9th 2015

...hängen hier rum, während ich diesen Eintrag in der Lobby meines Hostels in Budapest verfasse. Ich bin nun den fünften Tag unterwegs und bisher nur mit Car und Zug gereist, habe also noch keine grossen Sprünge gemacht. Gestartet bin ich am Sonntag, den 5.4.15 um zirka sieben Uhr morgens, in Wil SG. Eine sehr komfortable, neun stündige Carfahrt später hatten wir unseren Zielort erreicht. In Györ war ich um meinen, gemäss Schweizer Zahnärzten, starken Kariesbefall zu beheben. Der Zahnarzt hier sah in mir aber wohl keine gute Einnahmequelle (die meisten Schweizer machen hier grössere Eingriffe, welche natürlich mehr Geld bringen) denn insgesamt verbrachte ich kaum eine Stunde beim Zahnarzt. In der Schweiz hatte man mir 4-5 Sitzungen prophezeit und die Kosten währen die zehnfachen gewesen. Nun hoffe ich einfach auf ein Wunder oder darauf, dass die ... read more

Europe » Hungary » Central Hungary » Budapest » Buda April 7th 2015

We travelled to Budapest from Valtice on Good Friday which, surprisingly, is not a holiday in either the Czech Republic or Hungary. We drove 10 km from Valtice to the larger town of Breclav, handed our hire car over to the man from Hertz and eventually caught the Euro-City train to Budapest. The first hour or so of the trip was standing room only as it appeared that all of the university students from Brno were heading home to Bratislava for the Easter holidays. They eventually departed the train and we were able to find a seat and travel in comfort. For the first half of the trip the countryside was relatively flat and in places so flat that it reminded me of the Darling Downs, except there weren’t any eucalypts to be seen. Eventually we ... read more
Parliament House from Castle Hill, Buda
Matthius Church, Budapest
Fishermen's Bastion, Budapest

Europe » Hungary » Central Hungary » Budapest April 6th 2015

We are approaching our time to move on and again leave our newly adopted home behind. It is always an exciting time getting ready to get on the road again, but also a bit of a sad time as it seems we have just gotten used to being here. For most of the last 4 years, this has been how our life has been. We have spent a month or two in many great places around the globe. After our first couple of weeks of busily getting used to our new surroundings, learning our way around and visiting most of the main tourist sights, we normally have a bit of a down time trying to figure out how we will fill the last two weeks of our month-long visit. It is in these last two weeks ... read more
Keleti Train Station
M4 Metro Station
Imre Nagy and Parliament

Europe » Hungary » Central Hungary » Budapest » Buda April 1st 2015

Hi Everyone, This past weekend was Budapest. Unfortunately, I don't have many pictures this round - it turned into a social trip instead of a sightseeing one :-/ Cheers, Joel... read more
Mini Food Truck

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