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Europe » Hungary » Northern Hungary » Eger June 11th 2018

HE SAID... Today we were travelling northeast from Budapest to Eger. We were wide awake at 5am, and because we were leaving Budapest in the late morning, we were feeling a little flat. However, nothing that a glass of champagne for breakfast couldn’t solve. Along with the champagne, I gathered a selection of muesli, yoghurt, toast, cheese, salami, pink grapefruit juice and tea. It was a great start to the day, despite the grumpy breakfast staff. We organised our packs for our train trip to Eger, then headed to the Basilica of St Stephen to see if we could finally, after numerous attempts, get to see St Stephen’s mummified hand. We walked around the Basilica for about 10 minutes, looking for the mummified hand, but to no avail. It was time to ask, as we had ... read more
keleti train station
keleti train station
eger basilica

Europe » Hungary » Northern Hungary » Eger May 30th 2014

Am heutigen Tag also Besichtigung von Eger. Eine eher kleine Stadt. Zuerst an der ehemaligen orthodoxen Synagoge vorbei. Dann zur Basilika. Dort wimmelte es von Schulklassen. Vielleicht war heute Wandertag. Genau wie gestern an der Burg. Dann zum Lyzeum gegenüber und Besichtigung der berühmten Bibliothek. Danach zum Erzbischofspalast. Dort wird aber gerade umgebaut. Dann eben Rast in einem Kaffee und über den Dobo Platz mit der Minoritenkirche zur Abfahrtsstelle einer Mini-Eisenbahn, welche der Hotelwirt empfohlen hat, um zum Schönfrauental zu gelangen. Dieses ist berühmt für seine schönen Weinkeller. In einem solchen habe ich auch gleich Eger Stierblut (ein besonderer Rotwein) getrunken. Mit einer kleinen Käseplatte. Dann mit der Minibahn zurück und ins Hotel. Dort war ich in der Sauna und habe schon mal die Bahnverbindung für die morgige Fahrt nach Pecs recherchiert. Es haett... read more
In der Bassilika
Die ehemalige orthodoxe Synagoge. Heute eine Galerie.
Die beruehmte Bibliothek in Eger im Lyzeum. Fotografieren ist leider nur aussen erlaubt.

Europe » Hungary » Northern Hungary » Eger May 29th 2014

Heute Fahrt mit dem IC in die ungarische Provinz: Eger. Dort Bezug des Hotels (es war vom Reisefuehrer sehr empfohlen), Kaffeetrinken und Besichtigung der Burg. Heute Abend draussen Abendessen auf einem schoenen Platz im Zentrum und Genuss von Rotwein aus Eger. Morgen weitere Besichtigung der Stadt.... read more
Der IC nach Eger. Man bemerke das www-Zeichen ueber der Tuer aber es war sehr langsam
Der Bahnhof von Eger - zunaechst kein Taxi und Bus mehr, aber ein Anruf beim Hotel brachte Abhilfe
Mein Hotel in Eger

Europe » Hungary » Northern Hungary » Eger July 6th 2012

This week has been an eventful one with a birthday, a three wheeled van and some Hungarian pictionary… Sunday started with Michaels 25th Birthday and we left Munich and headed for the small town of Cesky Krumlov in southern Czech Republic. Cesky Krumlov is a beautiful little place with the old town situated within the bend of the river. We stayed upstream on the water at a campsite that can only be described as ‘tent city’- as it was definitely the most tents we have seen so far. The river was teaming with activity with rafts and kayaks, and people would kayak in to the campsite from somewhere up stream and pitch a tent for the night. We spent the afternoon exploring the town and walking around the castle, which had great views and even bears ... read more
Stranded van
Tihany, Lake Balaton, Hungary
Eger, Hungary

Europe » Hungary » Northern Hungary » Eger June 27th 2011

Days 38 27th June Bekoice – Eger We were late off the starting blocks today as Il P had to do some minor adjustments to the oil levels in the lorry – thanks to invaluable assistance from ‘back home’ (thanks Simon) it wasn’t too onerous a job but it needed a very large Allen Key so we would have to do some shopping … Trebbie The Trabant stood quietly waiting for us. Was it my imagination or was she winking at the lorry as if to say “see, it’s my turn today, I’m just as extraordinary as you are”? And, yes, I would agree Trebbie is, indeed, extraordinary. It was like stepping back 30 odd years and after the lorry it was a case of not only stepping back but stepping down…….we are used to climbing ... read more
Il P sorting out oil
low low down in Trebbie
Just hacking through the village

Europe » Hungary » Northern Hungary » Eger June 25th 2011

Days 35 24th June Budapest – Eger There is a motorway that runs from Budapest to a few miles short of Eger. It runs along the edge of the great Hungarian Plain, the Plain that covers nearly half of Hungary and is remarkable only in its flatness. The sun literally shimmers over it and it is here that they grow the cereals and where foreign investment (didn’t Brian Aldridge from The Archers buy a farm here?!) is causing concern amongst the Hungarian farmers. We reach Eger easily and in good time. We had read up about Eger which had been described as a ‘gorgeous Baroque town’; as we reached the sprawling grey, graffitied (there is A LOT of it in Hungary) suburbs we wondered how anyone could be so generous with their description. However, we have ... read more
No 43 The choice of the discerning wine taster...
Inside no 43. Note the labelling of plastic bottles!
We arrive...

Europe » Hungary » Northern Hungary » Eger April 24th 2011

Demjén 10 km-re található Egertől. 2011. április 23-án tartották a III. Országos Vőfélytalálkozót. Mi is ott voltunk. Hivatalos oldal a Heves Online-on: ... read more
Érkezés a helyszínre
Jön a lakodalmas menet
A menyasszony staférungja

Europe » Hungary » Northern Hungary » Eger April 16th 2011

Well we caught the little train up into the Nemzeti Park in Hungary from the outskirts of Eger. It was a little odd as I managed to get off the train before the final stop and had to pedal after it to catch up with Mrs Bilbo who had wisely stayed on the train. After catching up and a quick beer to calm down soon we set off into the Beech tree forest towards an area called the Hungarian Gate before heading down to Miskolc. Our Hybrids were a bit over loaded with two panniers each and we had bought a local map from a guide who spoke excellent English back in Felsőtárkány. We had a small bar of fig cake and a bottle of water. It was a very pretty push up or ride ... read more

Europe » Hungary » Northern Hungary » Eger September 7th 2009

Ismet itt vagyok, es ez a beszamolo sem igerkezik rovidnek, pedig mindig igyekszem :) Olyan sokat beszeltem mar az olasz baratomnak, Alessanak Magyarorszagrol, hogy iden nyaron megszerveztem egy 4 napos utat, amire Jerome, francia baratom is eljott (mindketten a szomszed szobaban laktak az elso londoni helyemen, Jerome mikor bekoltoztem, Alessa mikor kikoltoztem). Szokasos modon utanajartam a dolgoknak, es az utazasra julius masodik hetvegejet valasztottuk, mert mint tavaly osszel megtudtam, es ahogy vissza is igazoltak, a Szent Gyorgy Lovagrend minden evben ezen a hetvegen szervez lovagi tornat es reneszansz konyhat Visegradra. Pentek este repultunk Alessaval Londonbol, es mivel aznap volt a szulinapja, megkerdezte az egyik stewardesstol, hogy van-e valami tortajuk, mert most van a szuletesnapja :) Torta nem volt, de kaptunk csokis brownie izu sutiket meg pezsgot :) Igaz, nem... read more
Visegrad, lovagok
Szalajka-volgy, Fatyol-vizeses
Szalajka-volgy, Osember-barlang

Europe » Hungary » Northern Hungary » Eger August 14th 2009

I was passed out as soon as I had lain in bed, and was confident that I would finally get a full night’s rest. Hell no. It is hours before sunrise and Kristen has awoken me, panicked out of sleep by the large bug she sees crawling on the ceiling. I stumble to the light switch across the room wait for my eyes to adjust to the incandescent barrage. I soon can see that it is just a very large grasshopper and I stand on the bed, trying to grab it. Being what it is, it leaps across the room each time I get near, and it is about five minutes before we finally catch it and open the door, letting it free into the night. Energized and awake, it is even longer before I can ... read more
Eger graffiti
Eger street
Eating Turkish food

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