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Europe » Greece » South Aegean » Santorini May 15th 2007

I woke up at 6:15am, looked out the window to see the cliffs of Santorini. The sun had not yet come over the cliff and I was so thrilled and overwhelmed by the beauty of this place, it gave me a tear or two. Fortunately we had no tour today which meant that we would not be ruled be schedules and could leisurely enjoy our day… or so we thought. As we were in a port that did not have docks, we would be tendered to shore. The first tender came at 7:30am, a little earlier than was planned. We also noticed that we would not be alone on this day trip. Both the Holland American Veendam and Westerdam were sharing the port with us, which turned out to be a bit of a problem. ... read more
A stunning view at Oia
Lunch in Oia
Another stunning Santorini View

Europe » Greece » South Aegean » Santorini May 13th 2007

Happy Mothers day to all the mothers out there, and especially ours! Miss you both. Hello to everyone else! Santorini... ah.... we don't want to leave here. So, since we last updated we have had nearly 3 days here. We did many things. The first full day we were here we decided to go to the Hot Springs and Volcano tour on a big boat. It was super windy and the boat was a rocky ride. Kim was not doing so good. I felt super sick and rested on Dennis for most of the trip until it smoothed out a bit. The volcano was... unremarkable? For an active volcano, it sure didn't looked active. We saw some steam.... yep... woo woo... that was about it! Haha, we were just expecting maybe a crater or SOMETHING ... read more
After jumping in...
Dennis on a donkey
Town of Oia

Europe » Greece » South Aegean » Santorini May 13th 2007

Hello All, Thanks for all the messages that everyone has been sending. Internet has been few and far between so we are not writing as often. Neetz just typed out this blog and the computer died on her so I'm typing it now. Things here have been a blast. We left Athens for Mykonos and then Ios and we are now trying to make our way to Italy from Santorini. The beaches here are ok (just). We are simply spoilt in Aus with our beaches. We have been kicked off banana lounges so many times as we refuse to pay to sit on them. We have come to know that the dodgy banana lounge people let everyone get comfortable before asking them to pay. Otherwise we have been hiring scooters to get around the islands ... read more
our second scooter at Ios
the sunset at Ios
beach at Mykonos

Europe » Greece » South Aegean » Santorini May 10th 2007

We packed ourselves off to Manchester on the eve of Mick’s birthday for our flight to Santorini on the 3rd and commiserated with the locals at their loss to AC Milan. We’d booked a last minute deal to the Greek island of Santorini on a very British package tour and piled on with all the retirees and young couples looking to burn themselves into an early summer tan. The view from the plane as we flew in was picture perfect and our villa at the seaside resort of Kamari was a white cubist cliché complete with blue trims. We were only a short stroll from the black pebble beach lined with restaurants where we grabbed some dinner. After making the inevitable mistake of turning up to the package company get-together with "Damien" and waiting for ... read more
View over the Volcano
Town of Oia

Europe » Greece » South Aegean » Santorini May 8th 2007

Hello again. Just for something different, I'm adding even more to the travel blog! Despite enjoying being able to show you all the pictures of the places we have seen etc, a lot of time & hard work goes into creating the travel blog, & I sometimes feel a bit tired when we come home from somewhere amazing & I pretty much sit straight back down at the computer to recount the tale. It's really rewarding though, & now that we have a new digital camera, hopefully some of the photos will be much nicer for you to look at. Don't forget to give us an email sometime - we still miss you! Our recent visit to Santorini (in the Greek Islands), was certainly beautiful & unforgettable (especially for Vaughan). It was fantastic to finally ... read more
Outside our Room (looking up to the restaurant/other rooms), Finikia's Place, Oia
Finkia Pussy Cat (one of three), Oia
Night Swim, Anyone?, Finikia's Place, Oia

Europe » Greece » South Aegean » Santorini May 6th 2007

Our last stop in the Greek Islands After leaving upper class Mykonos and the party island Ios, it was time to go to Santorini - a place that is somewhere in between the two lifestyles we had already experienced. Unlike our trip between Mykonos and Ios, on a slow and painfully boring ferry, we were able to go to Santorini by hydrofoil. The journey took less than an hour. In fact it took longer to get from the port to our villa than it did travelling along the water. Santorini is nearby to a volcano. One side of the island has steep, black cliffs and the other side is completely flat, which is probably the most interesting aspect about it. We stayed in a little villa about a 25 minute walk from the town. There ... read more
Old port
Our tour boat

Europe » Greece » South Aegean » Santorini April 5th 2007

Three flights later, after a long and exhausting day of travelling beginning at 4:00 a.m., and four airports later, we arrived on the gorgeous island of Santorini. (Yes, Jeanette, this is where Sisterhood of the Travelling Pants, as well as many movies that take place in Greece, was filmed.) Every little village is built down the side of a cliff; our hotel room in Fira was classified as a "cave" room. We enjoyed tons of amazing, traditional Greek cuisine all weekend. The church by our hotel had lots of festivities for the Greek Orthodox Easter weekend, which was the same weekend as our Easter this year. We were also in Santorini the day after the cruiseliner crashed and sunk just off the island's coast, the first time something like that has happened in Santorini's history, ... read more
Red Beach
Wild horses outside the winery

Europe » Greece » South Aegean » Santorini January 24th 2007

When traveling with boys, be forewarned that the dynamics are different. Profound and sentimental statements are often interrupted by inane comments like, "there is still chicken on your plate". NBA and NFL players are discussed as if they were lifelong companions. Games are played with more frequency and competition. We have become addicted to Gin Rummy, Scrabble and Risk. The "who is the better athlete" debate is a daily occurrance. Bodily functions and emissions have just become background noise. Throwing rocks always seems like a good idea. They make fun of me when I mention the need for a manicure. "Yeah! I need one too!" they tease. I practice defensive eating maneuvers, solidly guarding my plate, but eventually succomb to their hungry eyes and the knowledge that their bodies need more food than I do. Boys ... read more
Games get intense
Hungrily waiting for their turn
Discovering Self-Timer

Europe » Greece » South Aegean » Santorini January 24th 2007

We pass botiques with fanciful names like "Extreme Wear" and "Water City", which seem ridiculous, as there is nothing extreme or wet about them. Dive Shops and Internet Cafes have papered over their windows. Freddy's Bar and Apollo Rent A Car have been deserted for months. They only activity inside of these former businesses is the annual winter overhaul and repair work crawling along. Only those businesses necessary to the locals survival are still open: Cava Mini Market and the all-inclusive Assos International Kiosk that sells everything from milk and beer to stamps and candy. Travel in the winter means moving without tourists. It brings you closer to the local culture and the real people who keep these towns alive. You sacrifice sun, festivals, and the party atmosphere, but in return you receive grossly slashed ... read more
Our friends
Red Volcanic Beach
Red Volcanic Beach

Europe » Greece » South Aegean » Santorini November 4th 2006

Well Val and i felt fresh and alive after two weeks in Greece!! We deffinately indulged in the Gyros and Baklava...mmmmm!!So after an intense 2 days (overnight train, then overnight ferrie) of travelling from Rome to Athens, we were relieved that it was just another 8 hour ferrie to the island of Sanotrini!!! Trust me when i say it was worth the journey to the destination!! Just as i imagined it would be...narrow streets, beautiful white, blinding white even, were the houses, all propped up on the hills giving a spectacular view of the ocean all around!! Yes one might be close to paradise!! We even got to negotiate a luxiouious room seeing as it was low season...still sunny enough for me! We set off exploring the island with the quad that we rented! What a ... read more

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