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Europe » Greece » Central Macedonia » Thessaloniki July 2nd 2018

Spectacular concert. What a memorable evening of music led by Emily Ellsworth with Anima,, Sarasota, and two Greek choirs. Sharing the stage, making music together is powerful. The house was packed. The audience included a group of kids from Village Philyros. What a wonderful reunion afterwards. We started our day at the pool with swimming and a a Greek pizza party. Oh what a day we have had. Packing and progress. ... read more

Europe » Greece » Central Macedonia » Thessaloniki July 1st 2018

It was quite a day visiting the Children's Village of Philyros. We learned about the orphanage and sang a fun song for them. Then we found a common song- everyone knows "if you're happy and you know it , clap your hands". We all then put a fresh coat of paint on the playground equipment. Lots of red, blue, and yellow paint applied and also on on our appendages It was a spectacular experience. Some sightseeing. Plenty of good Greek food and water. And a rehearsal with all the festival choirs Sleep will feel very good tonight ... read more

Europe » Greece » Central Macedonia » Thessaloniki June 30th 2018

Two rehearsals were bookends to a wonderful day here in Thessaloniki. Breakfast was quite fantastic. Everything anyone could ask for from eggs to crepes to 10% Greek yoghurt. Breads and sweets and fruit and yes Dolmades and many other Greek traditional foods Morning rehearsal brought our Greek choir friends to join us and Sarasota Young Voices We walked to a charming square for lunch. Many great looking plates of food consumed at outdoor cafes. A trip to the Byzantine Museum (the history of early Greece) was very interesting with enthusiastic guides. And then- dinner. Greek porkchops with ice cream for dessert before returning for another rehearsal to end the day All in all a good day in Greece. Now for some sleep! ... read more

Europe » Greece » Central Macedonia » Sithonia October 5th 2017

Friday 22 September We were met at the Sofia airport (Bulgaria) by daddy's friend, Vasco, but not before discovering my pram was not on the conveyor belt! After searching everywhere in the tiny arrivals area, we discovered through the lost and found desk that it had never left Paris! So we arranged for it to be sent to Vasco's parents place. Daddy looked so happy to see his friend and gave him a ginormous hug! They had first met when daddy was living in New Zealand where Vasco had sailed all the way from here in Bulgaria... wow!! Vasco drove us and all our luggage (except my pram) back to his little apartment where we met his delightful wife Alina. She fed us lots of yummy fruit and brought me some trucks and cars to play ... read more
Lunch with Vasco and Alina at Kallithea
Playing with Alina

Europe » Greece » Central Macedonia June 3rd 2017

30th May to 2ndJune Paralia Pandeleimona (Olympos) Camping Poseidon is described as a traditional Greek family campsite which means it is full of long stay caravans that have been added to over the years with various shed type extensions and covered in huge tarpaulins to shade them from the ferocious summer sun. We have stayed at similar Clampett style campsites in Portugal and Spain. There are a small number of touring pitches down by the beach and we were lucky enough to get the last one. Rather than Greek families, it would appear the majority of the holiday makers are Macedonians. The whole coast is clearly tourist heaven (or hell depending on your outlook!). We cycled to the nearest main resort called Leptokarya where the beach was full of bodies frying in the sun. You can ... read more
River Enipea
Our canine companion

Europe » Greece » Central Macedonia May 17th 2017

As the last few days of frantic windup, packing for departure ended, beautiful Seda dropped by to take a few plants. Seda offered the best hope for the survival of Therese’s (Evan’s mother) autumn crocus which had been smuggled in from Australia after Therese died in 2014. The final panic of departure caused us to forget a couple of things, principally, Therese's croci which I had planned to distribute to friends and rellies across Europe so that her spirit might live on – later! Leaving mid-morning we took the recently completed Eurasia Tunnel, a great new exit point from Asia to the European side of the city. The traffic was not bad so we ignored the GPS and we found our own way easily through the mid-morning turmoil of Istanbul. Finally, we were on ... read more
A room with a view
Nastou View view

Europe » Greece » Central Macedonia May 1st 2017

You know us by now don’t you? We like peace and quiet. We like to be on our own sometimes. Some might call us antisocial. We just like our own company but we also like to talk to other folks. The journey we took today had changed because we believed that the road was closed. We picked Camping Poseiden Beach II which sat right on the Aegean Sea. On the face of it it sounded quite nice. We struggled to find it hidden away along the beachfront. Reception was as always helpful and we were told to go to the right, follow the road and park anywhere. Our first thoughts were that the road was narrow and dark with overhanging trees which caused a lot of shade. All along the roadside were the usual tent cum ... read more
Our pretty Greek heaven
What we imagined Greece to be like
Flowers everywhere

Europe » Greece » Central Macedonia » Vergina April 29th 2017

Can things continue to go wrong? Oh yes they can. Upon returning from paying for our night stop I heard a buzzing. A loud one much louder than the bees humming in the trees picking up nectar for this years honey crop.It was coming from Suzy. To be precise it was coming from Snoopy the sat nav. It gave up. It died a death and refused to work. We were lucky. Only a few weeks ago we managed to buy a new Sally Sat Nag so she had to come into play. Typically the one we need with Camperstops in has packed in. I also needed to be vigilant as Sally does not take Suzy's vital statistics so my job involved looking for narrow roads before we got to them and avoiding low bridges. We feel ... read more
Entance to the tomb
Roses everywhere

Europe » Greece » Central Macedonia » Agios Nikolaos April 28th 2017

17 hours on a boat!!!! It must be first apart from 1966. The SS Nevasa. A school ship that took me from Liverpool to Spain, Portugal and Africa. 2 weeks on board now that is long time. We did find things to do that passed the time. Food for tea, quizzes in the cabin. Looking out of the porthole until it got too dark to see anything. We even walked on to the upper deck where the wind blew the cobwebs away. Where a woman let her dog pee in the pool. Luckily the pool was empty but still she deserved a kick up the backside for doing it . I felt a sense of deja vue - we had only just seen the first grandpa, his son and their grandchildren peeing the bushes at an ... read more
we have to climb up there
Icons on the wall

Europe » Greece » Central Macedonia » Vergina October 11th 2016

Day 18 - Sun. Oct. 9 - Port of call: Thessaloniki, Greece. Weather: Sunny with scattered clouds, temperatures of 75°F/24°C This city was founded in 315 B.C. and is named after Alexander the Great’s stepsister. This area has played an important role throughout Greek history. It has been subjected to the outside rule of Romans, Byzantines, and the Ottoman Empire for centuries. The area is steeped in Greek mythology with Mount Olympus overlooking the Thermaic Gulf where the city lays. Our early morning excursion took us 90 km northwest of the city to the archaeological site at Vergina, which is home to Aigai, the sacred city of the Macedonian Kings. It was here in 1977 that the tomb of Philip II, Alexander the Great’s father, was discovered and excavated by Manolis Andronikos. Under the cover of ... read more
Site sign
Tomb mound
Museum entrance

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