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Europe » Germany » Schleswig-Holstein » Kiel August 1st 2018

Kiel has been one of the traditional homes of the German Navy's Baltic fleet, and continues to be a major high-tech shipbuilding centre. Kiel is an important sea transport hub, thanks to its location on the Kiel Fjord (Kieler Förde) and the busiest artificial waterway in the world, Kiel Canal (Nord-Ostsee-Kanal). A number of passenger ferries to Sweden, Norway, Lithuania and other countries operate from here. Moreover, today Kiel Harbour is an important port of call for url=https://e... read more
Swanning around Kiel harbour
Kiel Harbour
Kiel Naval Yards

Europe » Germany » Schleswig-Holstein » Kiel September 14th 2017

My foot seems to be doing fine, and the weather looks nice for Sharon getting off the ship in Kiel, Germany. We dined up in the Lido, and Sharon is much more optimistic about her journey to Lubeck to try their world renowned marzipan. I had been looking forward to this, and I had almost decided to keep this ticket and not turn it in when my big toe went south on me; but, you never know. Sharon was beaming, “There isn’t a single palace stop planned on this tour, and I won’t be asked to walk through a single palatial garden!” I decided to try the French Toast that Sharon has made one of her mainstays, and I must admit, it tasted good. This is Sharon’s third solo trip ashore; while, I must be content ... read more

Europe » Germany » Schleswig-Holstein » Kiel September 6th 2015

Today's final comedy word: Erklärungsnot (n.): This is nothing to do with a running nose but the state of having to quickly explain yourself.Erklärungsnot (lit. Emergency explanation) refers to the exact moment you are caught with your hand in the till and forced to think on your feet. Unless you're a good liar, the results of Erklärungsnot are usually unbelievable and silly, like the old favourite: "My dog ate my homework" Only use this excuse if: a) you have a dog and b) he's a bit partial to Maths or History GCSE coursework!! From St Petersburg we headed straight down the Baltic. The day after St. Petersburg was a day at sea or as they refer on board, a navigation day. We did see land briefly around tea time. This would have been the Swedish Island ... read more
Red sky at night...bollocks!!!
The antics of the animation team
The stage set for Fantasticats!

Europe » Germany » Schleswig-Holstein » Kiel May 31st 2014

We dropped our lines at the Helgoland Marina on May 26that 6AM with beautiful clear skies and great 12-15 knot winds and headed to mainland Germany. We had a lovely sail and entered the Elbe River about 9AM heading in with a few others. We timed it so we had the current with us and were able to pick up a good 2 knots. Due to the large amount of ship traffic here you must call in on the VHF to let them know your intentions. It was agreed that we should travel up the North side of the river and cross to the South side where Cuxhaven is when the traffic is clear. They have a clearly marked channel for pleasure craft which we travel in separate from the “big boys”. With lots of traffic ... read more
Timing Our Crossing of the River Elbe
This One Gave Us Quite a Wake
The Resort Portion of Cuxhaven

Europe » Germany » Schleswig-Holstein » Kiel May 20th 2014

Hamburg, Germany--Saturday, May 17th We had the large buffet breakfast again at the hotel and then took a taxi to the dock/port to embark on the ISE Explorer for the enrichment voyage. We needed to be on board by 10:00 and settled a bit before Valerie had an orientation meeting to learn her duties that day. We then had lunch with the staff and other lecturers before Valerie had to assist with the boarding of the passengers. Before dinner, when everyone was aboard, we had the usual long safety drill. I don’t know how this could be more efficiently done, but we spend a long time standing on the deck by the lifeboats waiting for everyone to muster and then respond to the roll call. Kiel Canal, Germany--Sunday, May 18th We were awakened by ... read more
1405-48 Hamburg port scene from ship
1405-49 Hamburg port scene--small freighters
1405-50 One of Hamburg's dry docks--QE2 in background

Europe » Germany » Schleswig-Holstein » Kiel April 24th 2014

On my way back I decided to make a stop in Kiel. Why? Because this is were Elfi lives. We were welcomed by a typical German weather....rain! Oh well.... Elfi was really excited to meet back with her friends but I was just exhausted. I could feel both the jetlag and the culture lag (if I can say that). Six month on the go exhausted me. The other days I got lucky, the sun was out. So we could visit Kiel and the suroundings. We even went to the beach! It was really nice. We also visited a farmers market in an old restaured village. On my last evening, we had a saeurkrout, of course! Then it was time to fly back to Albi. Home! Sur le chemin du retour, j'ai fait un petit détour par ... read more
north sea
cake break by the sea
view from the tower

Europe » Germany » Schleswig-Holstein » Kiel May 10th 2012

Jetzt ist meine Tour schon fast ein Jahr vorbei und ich wurde schon von ein paar Leuten gefragt, warum in meinem Blog eigentlich das letzte Stück fehlt. Tja, weiß ich auch nicht. Vorgenommen hatte ich es mir die ganze Zeit, auch das Ende aufzuschreiben. Und nun ist es endlich soweit, mit einem gewissen Abstand. Mein Rückflug nach Frankfurt am 30.3. war noch ein passender Abschluss von Indien. Meine Nachbarin war Deutsche und für ein paar Monate in einem Ashram. Sie war sehr spirituell und ist auch sehr häufig in Ashrams. Ich konnte ihr aber schwer folgen, von dem, was sie erzählt hat. Sie hat von ihren voherigen Leben erzählt, dass sie auch schon mal ein Ashram in Indien geleitet hat, oder so. Dass sie immer Rollen zugewiesen bekommt, die sie nicht will. Sie kannte die Leiter ... read more
Photo 3
Photo 4
Photo 5

Europe » Germany » Schleswig-Holstein » Kiel January 10th 2012

When I was first offered the teaching position in Kiel I naturally did a bit of research before accepting or declining it. The first thing I read about the city after Googling it was about Kieler Woche, or Kiel Week. Each year, the city plays host to a week long sailing festival at the end of June. Sailing fanatics from all over the world descend upon this small city for races, concerts and the international market at the Rathausplatz. To be honest, the boat races are a bit out of the city. The center of the city is where the concerts, food and drunk people from all over the world congregate. For food, music, dancing and cheap drinks from every corner. Needless to say this is the most exciting week of the year in Kiel. It ... read more
Photo 3
Photo 4
Photo 5

Europe » Germany » Schleswig-Holstein » Kiel January 9th 2012

If someone had told me a year ago that I would be living in Germany in a few short months I would have looked at this person and said "Really? Awesome." I had been looking for work abroad for some months and it was about time something came up! Anywho, my move to Northern Germany was swift. I was interviewed, offered a position and relocated in about a month and a half. It was my first "real job," I had very little experience and I had not spoken a work of German in my life. I had never even heard of Kiel until I got an e-mail asking for an interview. I hadn't even remembered I had applied for a position there! But here I am, doing what I've always wanted. I have wonderful students, I've ... read more
Photo 3
Photo 4
Photo 5

Europe » Germany » Schleswig-Holstein » Kiel July 9th 2011

Right after breakfast, I went up to the top deck to view and take pictures of the approach to the Kiel Canal. There were already people (with chairs) along the rail so I found a space and took pictures between people. The whether was good - clear and sunny. The Kiel Canal, the world's busiest artificial waterway, links the North Sea with the Baltic Sea. An average of 250 nautical miles are saved by using the Kiel Canal instead of the way around the Jutland Peninsula. During its building stages, naval strategies were important (the German navy wanted to link its bases in the North Sea with the Baltic Sea instead of having to sail around Denmark) - Today the canal is used for trade between the countries of the Baltic with the rest of the ... read more
The town of Kiel
taking pictures through the rail
surrounding countryside

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