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Europe » Germany » Bremen » Bremen July 23rd 2015

ALLEMAGNE : Brême Photo du jour... : nous sommes aux Pays-Bas, tout à la frontière de la Belgique... Même si nous logerons ce soir, 23 juillet encore du côté hollandais, cet après-midi nous avons eu la joie de retrouver des amis côté frontière belge... avec lesquels nous avions fait il y a plusieurs années une croisière Moscou-St-Petersbourg.... Même si les années ont passées, nous nous sommes retrouvés comme si nous nous étions quittés hier... et n'avons pas manqué de faire des éloges sur la bonne forme de chacun... et c'était réciproque !!! Merci Jeanne et Antoine de nous avoir fait partager votre petit goûter bien sympa !!!!! Le 29 juillet, la pluie nous accueille a Brême... mais comme la connexion camping-ville est très facile nous ne nous en privons pas... A ne pas confondre Brême ville ... read more
j'aime cette grenouille...
le tram qui nous mène en ville
Hôtel de Ville Brême

Europe » Germany » Bremen » Bremen December 2nd 2014

As is almost a tradition, I once again returned to Bremen this winter for a good old catch up with my besties in Germany. Having only got back from Israel around 2½ weeks earlier, and almost exactly repeating the trip from 2012, I flew out on a Thursday afternoon from Stansted and returned on the Monday night - However this time as I was working, I did a half day in the morning, before driving and parking at the airport, catching my flight and arriving in Bremen in time to join Elena's preparty before the international day party took place in the city. Having arrived less than half an hour before, at the pre party I was already fondly reminded of how fun the Erasmus experience was, being able to catch up with my good friends, ... read more
Ghettofluff & Businessman
La Viva

Europe » Germany » Bremen October 1st 2014

Today we went into Bremen and had a wander round the old quarter - Schnoor. There are lots of statues depicting old fairytales - Grimm Bros. Was lovely to see the city.... read more

Europe » Germany » Bremen October 1st 2014

Leaving tomorrow to go to Frankfurt airport, onto Hong Kong. Six weeks gone by so quickly. Have put a few more pics taken in Monaco, Lake Como etc... read more

Europe » Germany » Bremen September 29th 2014

Europe » Germany » Bremen » Bremen September 29th 2014

A couple of huge days. We started out at 6.30am on Saturday morning in Antibes, France, jumped on the local train through to Monaco Monte-Carlo, then we started a road trip from there up to Lake Como in Italy. Stayed in a beautiful place on the lake, then early start Sunday morning, 7am we were on the road heading back to Vegesack, Germany. We travelled up through the top of Italy, into Switzerland, then climbed right up into the pass between Switzerland and Austria. Over 2000 meters above sea level. The views were absolutely incredible. I was terrified coming down all the hairpin bends, but was well worth the trip. Then we crossed into Austria for a short time, had lunch, then back into Germany. Imagine doing that in NZ - passing through 4 countries in ... read more

Europe » Germany » Bremen September 18th 2014

Just a few more lines that I missed and remaining photos. Today I went to German class with Phillip, boy what a difference living in a country can do to your comprehension! This was only their second year and they are all fluent speakers, but subtle placement of words or some grammar is eluding them. I was surprised to find I am much better this year in speaking and understanding some German.... read more
The 2nd photo of the water mill
The WaterMill
The Heide in the Wald

Europe » Germany » Bremen September 17th 2014

Had a home day, spent time around Gary and Philip’s new house, then down to the local Pub for a quiz night, didn’t do so good. Met up with Philip’s old housemates from Digby Crescent, Dinner with Steve and coffee with Jonathan – great to catch up with both, lots of things have happened in the intervening years. Went for a walk to the local Finsbury Park, There were about 4 HUGE circus tents – but walled up, some very expensive private function!! Boy would my Phillip loved to see what was there! After our Dinner with Steve, and lots of wine etc, Philip decided to stay home and Gary and I went out for the day to Peterborough. Peteborough has a very nice Cathedral and has a market town feel. We had a good day ... read more
Market Square Peterborough
Reservoir near Finsbury Park
Inside the old pumping station

Europe » Germany » Bremen » Bremerhaven September 13th 2014

David and Brendon - having a few wines on our first night in Germany... read more

Europe » Germany » Bremen » Bremen September 4th 2014

This is Lily (Lille) a beautiful Siamese kitten at Brendon's and Irmgards.... read more

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