Betty and Richard

Richard and Bettys amazing adventure

Betty and Richard

Off for another adventure for 6 whole weeks. Counting down till take off.

Asia » Hong Kong » Hong Kong Island » Wan Chai October 4th 2014

I am trying to find the right words to describe this place - A seething mass of humanity(the armpit of the world) There is no room left here - Put up the FULL HOUSE signs Hong Kong. If you are looking for a shopping extravaganza then this is the place to be. If its a relaxing holiday you are wanting - go to the MALDIVES! We are a bit travel bruised, so maybe the Jetlag has got inside our heads.... read more

Europe » Germany » Bremen October 1st 2014

Today we went into Bremen and had a wander round the old quarter - Schnoor. There are lots of statues depicting old fairytales - Grimm Bros. Was lovely to see the city.... read more

Europe » Germany » Bremen October 1st 2014

Leaving tomorrow to go to Frankfurt airport, onto Hong Kong. Six weeks gone by so quickly. Have put a few more pics taken in Monaco, Lake Como etc... read more

Europe » Germany » Bremen September 29th 2014

Europe » Germany » Bremen » Bremen September 29th 2014

A couple of huge days. We started out at 6.30am on Saturday morning in Antibes, France, jumped on the local train through to Monaco Monte-Carlo, then we started a road trip from there up to Lake Como in Italy. Stayed in a beautiful place on the lake, then early start Sunday morning, 7am we were on the road heading back to Vegesack, Germany. We travelled up through the top of Italy, into Switzerland, then climbed right up into the pass between Switzerland and Austria. Over 2000 meters above sea level. The views were absolutely incredible. I was terrified coming down all the hairpin bends, but was well worth the trip. Then we crossed into Austria for a short time, had lunch, then back into Germany. Imagine doing that in NZ - passing through 4 countries in ... read more

Europe » Italy » Liguria » Cinque Terre September 20th 2014

Today we went on the ferry around the villages. Too hot to walk, we preferred to go by boat. Really beautiful seeing them for the first time coming in from the sea. Walked and walked and walked some more. David even got in a couple of swims. Yesterday we could do very little as there were thunderstorms and rain for most of the day. Tomorrow we have found out, the Italian railways are ON STRIKE!! Hopefully we will get back to Genoa, and work it out from there. Photo's are various ones taken throughout the day. My day started with skyping and seeing everyone, and my wee grandies all together at Gareth and Olivia's. Great day allround.... read more

Europe » Italy September 19th 2014

Arrived in Monterosso yesterday. Very quaint little village. Our apartment is 3 mins walk to the waterfront, and 10 minutes to the old town area where we will be catching the ferry to some of the other villages, also Portovenere. We saw the wreck of the Concordia cruise ship sitting in the dock yards at Genoa when we came through on train yesterday. What a mess. Here until Sunday, but weather is meant to turn stormy, so will hopefully get to see everything. Back to Antibes on Sunday.... read more

Europe » France » Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur » Antibes September 17th 2014

Having a bit more exploring round the area. Its really nice to go out in the evening when it is cooler and quieter. Off down the coast of Italy tomorrow for three nights to the Cinque Terre area, staying in Monterosso, which is the first of the five villages coming from the north.... read more

Europe » Germany » Bremen » Bremerhaven September 13th 2014

David and Brendon - having a few wines on our first night in Germany... read more

Today we went for a tiki tour into the hills behind Nice and Cannes to see a beautiful old walled city - Saint-Paul-de-Vence. It is way up the cliffs, full of amazing art galleries and sculptures etc. Foot traffic only. Amazing sites at every turn, narrow cobbled streets with buildings of rock and stone. Another day of incredible sites.... read more

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