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Europe » Germany » Berlin » Berlin July 12th 2017

Hello one and all. So, I had previously written text for this entry, but somehow, as only I can do in all my glorious technical inability, managed to delete it all. I am now left with a blank slate - or Tabula Rasa, as Jean Jacques-Rosseau so eloquently put it, ready to spew some verbal vomit for you all to read. My memory is pretty unreliable at best, so let's see if I can remember all the frolicking gallivanting I did in this wondrous city! My first impressions of Berlin were initially: What a cool fucking TV Tower (excuse the crudeness, but I'm just being honest), as I was coming in on the train to Berlin. My second impressions were: Woohoo, the hotel is so close to the U-Bahn (Train). My friend and I arrived at ... read more

Europe » Germany » Berlin » Berlin July 3rd 2017

We woke, packed up and checked out of Wombats by 10 with little more than a stir from our roomies, nice knowing you I guess! We dropped our bags in left luggage and headed up to the 7th floor to enjoy a €4.50 all you can eat buffet brekkie on the Terrace outside, it was a nice view to take in whilst munching through salami and cheese on rye. I say we, Dan only had a card and refused to accept a lender €5 from me, so I ate and he watched. We cobbled together some sarnies for the day then headed out. First stop today was the East Side Gallery, a 1.3km section of the Berlin Wall which still stands in its original place and has been re-decorated in its original likeness by either the ... read more
The Untouched State of the Wall
Jewish Memorial 1
Jewish Memorial Selfie

Europe » Germany » Berlin » Schoneberg (Berlin) July 2nd 2017

Germany: Toi da den Germany toi da den Norway nhieu lan. Lan nay toi co y dinh di den cac Fjords cua Norway de biet ve dep thien nhien ma troi da ban cho Norway tro thanh mot nuoc co canh thien nhien dep nhat the gioi. Toi di den Germany lan nay de toi tim hieu ve Dong Duc mot nuoc cong san ra lam sao khi tu bo cong san de tro ve voi the gioi tu do sau gan 40 duoi che do cong san va nuoc nay bay gio da thay doi the nao sau 17 nam song trong che do tu do. 6-15-2017 Germany Germany co 82 trieu dan gan bang Viet Nam va rong 356km2 cung gan bang Vietnam. Nhu vay Duc la mot quoc gia duy nhat tren the ... read more
6-2017 At Brandenburg gate in Berlin, Germany
6-2005 At Brandenburg gate in Berlin, Germany

Europe » Germany » Berlin » Berlin July 2nd 2017

Despite being about 45 mins late, our train did at least get us in to Hamburg in time to catch an, only slighter later than planned, onward train to Berlin. After discussing our plans for the day we both nodded off for the remaining hour of the final leg, making the total night sleep for both of us that night about 2 hours! We picked up some 48 hour 'Welcome Berlin' cards from Hauptbahnhof (the main station) and headed across to our hostel 'Wombats' which was just outside of Alexanderplatz. Check-in wasn't till 14:00 (and it was only 10:00) so we left our bags and used the bathroom to freshen up a bit and change. We caught the tram back across town to the Reichstag and Brandonberg Tor, we did attempt to go into the Reichstag ... read more
Reichstag Selfie
TV Tower and Curch
Berliner Dom

Europe » Germany » Berlin » Berlin June 16th 2017

So as everyone was aware by my posts on Facebook back in March, I visited Berlin, Germany and it was nothing short of amazing. I’d never been before so it was a brand new city for me to explore (on my Contiki, I was lucky enough to visit Munich as well as a few smaller towns in Germany) and I was looking forward to learning more of the history of not only a city that was the centre of the war but also a city that was once divided. I flew out of Stansted airport on the 11th March on an early flight so was at the airport by 7:30am. By the time I went through security and had some breakfast I had less than an hour until my boarding gate was shown so wandered aimlessly ... read more
Brandenburg Gate
Memorial to the Murdered Jews of Europe

Europe » Germany » Berlin June 3rd 2017

Geo: 52.5257, 13.3687Today we had to say goodbye to Berlin, but first we had to pack (well one of us did). We checked out and headed into the centre. First we stopped at the Mall of Berlin for a quick look and then we thought about walking to look again at some sites. But, the weather had other ideas and the the rain was pouring down.We decided instead to stay in the refuge of the mall and grab some food. We looked in a few more shops and then it was time to head back to collect our luggage. After a few navigational hiccups, and a few tubes in the wrong direction, we arrived at the central station. We went to the hotel and collected the luggage. Then we went to the station and had a ... read more

Europe » Germany » Berlin June 2nd 2017

Geo: 52.5237, 13.3671Today started as per usual with breakfast and a coffee but this time we had it to go as we had a long tube ride ahead of us. We headed out of the city and disembarked at the Olympic Stadium. This was a huge site and we were very excited to see inside. So we headed to the ticket office and disappointment struck - it was closed due to some event, so we couldn't go inside. We got to admire it from behind the gates and we tried to walk around but the gates remained closed. We walked round the front again and got a good view of the Olympic Rings in front of the stadium. The stadium is still used for events and football, and was even the place the final game of ... read more
The Reichstag Dome

Europe » Germany » Berlin June 1st 2017

Geo: 52.5236, 13.367We awoke and the sun was once again glorious and warm. So we got dressed and headed to the train station. We had a quick pit stop for some breakfast and coffee. We then hopped on the tube to our first stop (with our hotel we got free transport pass which has come in very handy). For the first sights we had to hop across to Museum Island, which - as the name suggest is an island with a lot of museums on it. First we saw the Old National Gallery which was housed in a beautiful building, and the columns outside housed bullet holes which act as a permenent reminder of the cities recent past. We then wondered up to look at the Pergamon Museum, this looked pretty but was under going a ... read more

Europe » Germany » Berlin May 31st 2017

Geo: 52.5236, 13.367This morning started with a quick coffee to go in the train station, we had too much to see to stop and enjoy it. We then walked to a park which had a beautiful water sculpture in it. Continuing on we got to the Berlin Wall Memorial. This was a fantastic place to visit as there were large segments of the wall, as well as lots of information and pictures of what it used to look than. This Memorial would have been situated in between the wall, and would of been no man's land. We then hopped onto the tube and went to visit the Brandenburg Gate. This was an impressive archway and is one of the most famous landmarks in Germany. We walked through the gate to attempt to visit a Soviet War ... read more

Europe » Germany » Berlin May 30th 2017

Geo: 52.5235, 13.4115Today started with an early start to get to the airport. We did get stuck a little in traffic, but made it in plenty of time. Even had time spare for coffee (we always have time for a coffee!). We arrived at the gate nice and early to get on the plane and then it was announced it was overbooked and they were offering people 200 euros not to fly today & get the next flight. Nicky had to restrain Simon - the offer of 400 euros for us both and the chance to do more work was a big temptation.After the restraints had been lifted we boarded the plane (already delayed at this point) and we were informed that there could be an hour delay! Luckily the pilot managed to get this down ... read more
The park

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