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Europe » Germany » Berlin » Berlin June 12th 2019

Today is HOT and HUMID and we slept in to avoid the heat. But not for long as we went out so Peggy could have a last look at Nefertiti and the Neue National Gallery Museum’s Egyptian collection. While she was communing with the Egyptians, John rented a bike and went off to find a hat he could wear in the sun that was cool as in breezy. Both accomplished their respective objectives and met up to go to the Reichstag for lunch atop the dome. When we finally got in and up we were amazed at the combination of historic with modern. The dome over the parliamentary chambers is arranged with mirrors looking down so you can see the representatives in action. And there is a fine restaurant, Kafer Berlin, on the roof with views ... read more

Europe » Germany » Berlin » Berlin June 11th 2019

It was a rough night: hot, thunder and lightning, NO air conditioning. The room (the same room we had when we were here 10 days ago) has a system on the wall that has all the dials for a heating/air conditioning system … but all you can do is turn the fan on as the temperature dial does not work. This was discovered when John asked the front desk to fix the system. “We don’t have air conditioning; most hotels in Berlin do not have air conditioning.” John told them we would be leaving and went off on a rented bicycle to find another hotel! Turns out most don’t have air conditioning and there is a huge convention coming into town today. Like Oliver hew would get off his little bike and go into the lobby ... read more

Europe » Germany » Berlin » Berlin May 31st 2019

John rented a bike from Donkey Republic early in the morning and bicycled to the Reichstag, past the Brandenburg Gate, into the Tiergarten park, around Potsdamer Platz and along the Unter den Linden back to the hotel. Before going the last mile, John bicycled through an area around Nikoaikirche church (with its two spires and clocks) just south of Alexander Platz which is filled with little eateries and fun shops. Perhaps we’ll visit this area when we return to Berlin. Hotels, Restaurants and Services we visited in Berlin: · Hotel Alexander Plaza, Rosenstraße 1, Berlin, Germany Tel: + 49 30 24001 0. Nice location and clean rooms with a good breakfast but hallways are a little shoddy. · Hauptstadrestaurant Gendarmerie, Behrenstrasse 42, 10117 Berlin, Germany Tel: +49 30 76775270. Good prices for a nice lunch and ... read more

Europe » Germany » Berlin » Berlin May 30th 2019

John was again up early and decided to take a crack at changing some tickets at the main station, Berlin Hauptbahnhof. He took the local S train two stops and found he was way too early for any service other than a ticket machine. But it was fun to look at all the people up at 6AM going hither and yon on what turns out to be a national holiday, Ascension Day. In Germany it is also “Men’s Day” which was described in the local literature as: “Ascension Day in Germany is also Father’s Day, or Men’s Day as it’s called in some places, and the traditional way that Germans like to honour dear old Dad is with good old beer, and lots of it.” But we did not discover the rationale for celebrating until late ... read more

Europe » Germany » Berlin » Berlin May 29th 2019

As per usual, John was up early to catch the light and walk the mostly empty city streets. He covered the walk to the Brandenburg Gate, the Reichstag, the government center, and everything in between. What fun to see these sites without the crowds or traffic. Then breakfast and planning for a day of museums. First it was a visit to the Berlin Dom, which we walked by last evening. What a beautiful dome, and what a spectacular and huge organ! Wish we could hear it being played. John attempted to go up to the catwalk around the dome but quit after many steps and a narrow stairway … and dripping with sweat. Got some good views out of dirty windows but perhaps another day. Walking across the street to the Altes Museum of antiquities we ... read more

Europe » Germany » Berlin » Berlin May 28th 2019

We checked into our hotel, a 3-star named Alexander Plaza, centrally located for our current foray. After a shower and a light light lunch near the hotel it was off to the Pergamon Museum, only two blocks away. Museum Island is surrounded by the Spree River and has four museums and the city’s main church, Berlin Dom. Today it was a two hour visit to the Pergamon with its exquisite collection of ancient Persian, Greek and Islamic pieces. The first thing you see is the immense gates of fabled Babylon. They are over 40 plus feet high with beautiful blue bricks and carvings of animals. Then we walked into the three-tiered ancient Greek Market Gate from Miletus near Ephesus in Turkey. We were in awe, especially when we had visited Miletus and it 25,000 person theatre. ... read more

Europe » Germany » Berlin » Berlin May 26th 2019

Our bags are packed. Our itinerary is set. We have pored over travel books and online to find the museums and activities that would be the most enjoyable and educational. We have detailed plans for MANY museums, the Rotary International Convention, walks in new cities and trying new foods and restaurants. We have friends and family visiting our home in Mill Valley to take care of the plants and enjoy the Bay Area. We are ready to go!... read more

Europe » Germany » Berlin May 24th 2019

Noc nahovno, vobec som sa nevyspal. V berline pristavame o nieco skorej. Po vystupeni mi tegel letisko pripada ako druhotriedne dedinske letisko. Singapur letisko je fakt uplna parada. Bus nas odvaza k imigracke. Na pasovke ubermenschen idu k automatickym branam. Vlozit pas, sken tvare a uz som na europskej pode. Ziadna securit kontrola, tak clovek mohol preniest kopu chlastu a cigariet. Podla znacenia idem smer bus. V automate kupeny listko ab (dalo sa platit i kartou ale chcel som sa zbavit minci) Naskakujem na txl bus co ide okolo hauptbahnof. Dnu som si ako jediny cvakam listok. ( No este jeden si cvakal) Niektory ludia si kupovali listok u vodica. Ani nie po polhodine vyskakujem na zel.stanici. Tu mix narodnosti. Pesi idem nazad do supermarketu aldi. Kupa pizza kuskov a konecne vody. Kurvy nemecke maju zalohovane ... read more

Europe » Germany » Berlin » Berlin May 15th 2019

So the old man's quest to become a parkrun alphabeteer (running a parkrun beginning with each letter of the alphabet) has brought us to Poland, via Germany, with a brief foray into Slovakia. I studied north of Berlin in 1988 and was a regular visitor to the then East Berlin. I've only been back once since reunification, and it's rather a weird feeling. Not only how much a place, particularly one with such a turbulent history has changed. But also, how you can walk along a road which is so familiar, then reach a part you have never visited before, because there used to be a wall in between. We fly into Berlin ahead of schedule (an EasyJet first). Then pass through immigration. I get stopped by immigration a second time. So much for freedom of ... read more
Alexanderplatz 2019
Alexanderplatz 1988
Alexanderplatz 2019

Europe » Germany » Berlin » Berlin April 15th 2019

This group is very different from those I have joined in the past. There are 16 of us , and seven are older than I! My room mate is a woman from Victoria born on December 25 , 1950, and a retired teacher ...practically a twin !! I tnink we will work out okay . Not to sure about the retired orthosurgeon and KENNY suporter from Calgary . The other Canadians are from Winnipeg , Saskatoon and Ottawa. 4 of the group are from Australia and 3 from New Zealand. Our guide seems to be a very nice young man . 30years old and originally from Turkey . He has been working with G for 6 years and is now one of their trainers . He takes pride in his work . He studied history and ... read more

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