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Europe » Germany » Berlin » Berlin October 6th 2015

Second day in Berlin. The day of Lyn's education fair. She left before 9 for a school about 30kms out of Berlin. I got on a train and a bus as yesterday and aimed for the Brandenburg Gate to join a New Europe Free Walking Tour. Lyn had done this last year with cousin Gill and raved about it. It's free in the sense that one pays what one thinks the tour was worth at the end. I was lucky to get on as it was very popular and I hadn't booked. Booking online is the way to go I was told, but luckily I was first in line of those internet challenged hopefuls and joined the other 34 on one of the English-speaking tours hosted by a wee Scottish lass, Georgia, who was knowledgeable, funny ... read more

Europe » Germany » Berlin » Berlin October 1st 2015

While the primary reason for our stop in Berlin was business, it ended up to be a very enjoyable, albeit brief, visit! We had planned to meet up with one of Ralf's friends. Sven, that he attended university with in Kiev. I always enjoy our visits with him because he speaks English a little which helps and he is a very interesting man. Anyways, we had phoned him the day before to confirm out dinner plans, he told us to meet him at his office at 4:45 and dress warm because we were going on a dinner cruise on the Spree River through Berlin. Admittedly, I was a little concerned because it seemed pretty cool for that, not to mention all the awesome choice of restaurants in Berlin, compared to the standard fare available on tourist ... read more
Spree River boat tour
Spree River boat tour
Spree River boat tour

Europe » Germany » Berlin » Berlin September 21st 2015

Bella's day 10 Haiku Bella in Berlin Went to Berlin it was fun Haagen Daaz ice cream On Monday the 21 first of September( day 11), we went to the Berlin wall to look at all the paintings there were some big ones, small ones, weird ones and lots of different ones. And it was interesting because there were so many pictures there. Then we went on a train to a park to play in. At the park we met two boys that came from Sydney but there mum was from Germany so they were coming on a holiday to see some of there mums family. The oldest boy was 7 years old and his name was Tommy his younger brother was 5 years old and his name was Chris. We played with them for a ... read more
At the wooden park

Europe » Germany » Berlin » Berlin September 19th 2015

Day 8 Bella When I woke in the cabin on the mountains the clouds were below us. I had Nutella on bread for breakfast (Shira told me Nutella is the best - it is). We got ready to walk down the big mountain. We walked down the mountain and it took us an hour and then we caught the cable car for the last part. We drove to hotel zwink, back in Germany. We were staying there for one night. Then we went out again in the car. We walked up another hill . It was really hard. Then we had lunch and an ice cream. Then we came down the mountain on a really big fast slide called the alpine coaster. It was like a roller coaster. It was a little bit scary. The slide ... read more
Waking above the clouds

Europe » Germany » Berlin September 18th 2015

Please forgive my lack of blogging. I hope the plethora of pictures over the past week or so will make up for my absence! So, what have I been up to? Well, I just finished my second week of german class and I am finally able to go out and not feel like a complete goof with my german! And, on top of that, I am able to listen to a german conversation and sort of understand what the hell is going on! Es ist sehr wunderbar! And I've made great friends in my class as well. Everyone is foreign...South Korea, Italy, Australia, Canada, and me, America! Hehe if only you could see my apartment...there are german posts everywhere and my walls are covered with adjectives and pictures. It's been quite a fun experience so far! ... read more
Berlin from a rooftop bar! A storm is rolling through!
Brandenburg Tor!
Der Dom! Beautiful!!

Europe » Germany » Berlin September 6th 2015

Typical...I get sick my 2nd day in Berlin! Haha but we must laugh because it is just that...TYPICAL! In hindsight, I should've been taking multivitamins and loading my immune system up with vitamin C, but it seems it's too late for that. Thankfully I have this beautiful city, that rains even when the sun shines, to take my mind off my runny rose & headache. Last night I attended my first opera at the Neukölln Oper. It was a leisurely 20 minute walk from my apartment, which is always welcome in my book, but the thing that took my breath away was as I turned the corner onto Karl-Marx-Straße the buildings suddenly and drastically changed from tall, colored apartments with beautiful plants hanging from the balconies to massive, (and I mean MASSIVE) beige historical buildings. You ... read more
Café on the Spree river
My walk to Alexanderplatz
Selfie in the Neukölln Oper

Europe » Germany » Berlin September 3rd 2015

Have you ever noticed when you're flying into a city at night how the lights flicker just right like a Christmas tree? I hadn't until yesterday, and perhaps it was my own imagination enamored by the city of Berlin, but I'm going to think otherwise :D and it was magnificent!! I finally made it to my 3RD FLOOR APARTMENT (I use caps because I was not aware of this beforehand or else I would NOT have brought a second checked bag :P) around midnight after taking a bus to the U-8 and walking a few blocks to Fontanestraße. I underestimated the beauty and peacefulness of the park across the street! There will be many-a-run there in the future & perhaps some pics if I can manage to multi-task. woohoo! My german was put to the test ... read more

Europe » Germany » Berlin September 3rd 2015

Too pooped from the day to write much, but here are pictures as promised! I am hoping to get a bike tomorrow and venture further out...perhaps see the wall and a few other places recommended by others. I also met my awesome neighbor. Her name is Jennifer and is British! On another note I am hoping to meet up with a few people and join in aiding the refugees that have no place to live here in Berlin. Disheartening stories, but that's why we help and make change. If we won't do it, who will? If you're reading this do something kind for someone today! :D gute Nacht.... read more
Volkspark hasenheide. A minute walk from my apartment. Full of bikers, beer stops, rose gardens, a zoo, and nudists who I have yet to stumble upon! hehe
Overwhelmed by the beauty.
Beer stop in the park. Mein erstes Bier! Yum!

Europe » Germany » Berlin » Berlin August 21st 2015

Berlin - 20th-21st August 2015 I arrived in Berlin from Warsaw around 6pm after battling through their equivalent of the M25 ring road totaling a 10 hour journey.  I had recieved rather a large sum of money from my GE colleagues when I left (aswell as a load of other fab gifts) so I decided to treat myself at least once.  I booked to stay in the Radisson Blu Berlin hotel.  This was not because I have a ponchant for Raddison hotels but because of the fabulous Aquarium that runs through the middle of the foyer and what the balcony of my room looks onto.  I have always been fascinated with fish and marine life since I was little, when my Dad used to take me to look in rock pools, so this was right up ... read more
Yellow Chicken Curry! - Yum!
View at Breakfast
The Wall

Europe » Germany » Berlin » Berlin August 1st 2015

What an extraordinary time it is to visit the beautiful city of Berlin. Weather has been perfect and the days have been beautiful. Berlin offer many forms of entertainment for its visitors and locals alike one of the more interesting and enjoyable aspect of this has been an event called Summer in the City. I was not looking for the event, however, the event found me as I was walking around and enjoying the scenery. From a distance the event appeared to be dozens of tents in the plaza, which I frequent for lunch, or sometimes dinner so this captured my attention to take a further look. The festival was cultural in the manner that I had predominately Germany cuisine, but the festival also featured many foods from different places such as stands for “fish and ... read more

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