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Europe » France » Upper Normandy » Bernay August 5th 2020

Yesterday was the kind of day to make you forget about covid, the state of the world and all the horrid crazy stuff of real life. A gentle (i.e we got up late) start to the morning after a middle of the night bed collapse. (4 am I moved and the slats in the bed chose to withdraw themselves from their slots and woke me and Ash with the sounds of gunshots as I found myself closer to the floor than I really wanted to be! Ash heroically stepped in to mend it and we went back to sleep, a little more afraid of moving than we had been!) So later then planned we made our way across the huuuuge bridge to Ile de Re again to a near empty gorgeous sandy beach. We made carcassonne ... read more

Europe » France » Upper Normandy » Etretat July 2nd 2020

Verbindingsrit naar Honfleur met uitgebreide tussenstop en Etretat. Over de smalle 'départementals' , door kleine dorpjes en uitgestrekte landbouwzones. Men kweekt hier nog veel vlas. Bij ons staat dat al in het vlasmuseum. Of doen ze het hier voor de papavers, want het staat vol kollebloemen. We staan nu geparkeerd op de grote MH-parking van Honfleur. Verleden jaar in september waren we hier ook al. We komen dus ook al eens graag terug waar we het al kennen. Misschien is het nu wat minder druk. Zien we morgen wel.... read more

Gisteren, na 360km van thuis, overnacht in Veules-les-Roses aan het begin van de Normandische kust. Grijs weer onderweg, en eens geïnstalleerd op de camping van waar we met wat moeite de zee konden zien, kregen we regen. Eindelijk regen, heel de nacht door. Onze weervrouwen zullen nu wel blij zijn. Dus geen verdere verkenning van dit dorp. De camping is wel volgens de corona regels ingericht. Met instructies hoe sanitair te gebruiken. Alcool dispensers aan elke ingang. Wij bleven dan maar in onze bubbel. We hebben alles bij. Deze morgen, geen regen meer en korte verplaatsing naar de camperplaats aan de haven van Saint-Valery-en-Caux, onder de hoge krijtkliffen. We staan hier wel als sardientjes naast mekaar. Maar we kijken uit op de zee, en hebben een buur uit Haacht. Dat scheelt. Als het nog wat meer ... read more

Europe » France » Upper Normandy » Fécamp January 5th 2020

A last Bonjour to you all. We are on our way home. We have booked the train to come home. We were offered 1.40 am , 4.40 am or 7.50. We chose the 7.50. We were warned that it would be busy and to expect delays . We just need now to work our way up the coast to Fecamp and then Calais. Our first stop was to try to see Etretat. We failed miserably as the parking was some way out of the town and not enough to the coast . The recent rain meant that the road ran like a river. We gave up and headed on this grey old day for the fishing town and port of Fecamp on the Valmont River. We had sourced out a parking spot which was free for ... read more
Gothic turrets
Metalwork on the gates
Some part of the distilling process

Europe » France » Upper Normandy » Lyons-la-Foret December 30th 2019

Gabby the motorhome is alone. Quite alone on a free aire above the tiny village of Lions le Foret. She is in corner overshadowed by the gendarmerie and the pompiers. So we should be safe tonight . There are a couple of cars parked , two buses and the village dump. So folks do come back and forth with their rubbish. The buses wont move until Monday . It feels odd . At first I am not sure about staying but sense prevails . What can go wrong on an aire sandwiched between the police and fire service? If we cannot stop here safely where on earth can we be safe. We have moved from nearby Picardy and are now in Upper Normandy . It's a flat car park and very dark. After a while we ... read more
The village Christmas tree
Inside the Halle

Europe » France » Upper Normandy » Le Bec Hellouin December 30th 2019

We broke camp after breakfast and headed for the Calvados region of Normandy. On the way we called into the Super U to buy a few bits and pieces and purchased a bottle of Calvados 42% proof apple brandy to use to celebrate Christmas Day. Our first Christmas Day in Gabby and our first slurp or two of Calvados . Who would have thought it? Certainly not us. Had you asked me a month ago where I would be spending Christmas I would have replied at home. We love the supermarkets in France . Super U , LeClerc , it does not matter as the choice of food is amazing . We hit our first peage motorway. We had been trying to avoid them this holiday but we found ourselves on the motorhome and had to ... read more
The entrance to the abbey
The only standing tower
The connections between Le Bec Helloin and the abbeys of England and Wales

Europe » France » Upper Normandy » Dieppe September 25th 2019

Today, I ran...on the London/Paris bike path...well, you know, my shuffle was just the right temperature and the 70% chance of rain held off until it POURED at exactly 10 am... Saw some really really gorgeous gardens along the bike path, still with some great looking veggies... We needed to update our cell phone coverage, so drove into the town...Bill executed a PERFECT park job, figured out how to pay for the parking space with his credit card (which we use ALL the time!) Found the telephone place and there was a “wonderfully proficient in English” person who explained everything perfectly...Then, it POURED...and we got soaked, because we really don’t want to buy yet another umbrella when we have so many back home! Want to mention the app Vivino... which we use back home to ... read more

Europe » France » Upper Normandy » Dieppe September 24th 2019

We have been so busy finding interesting SERVAS families, and that we have done, that, in the process, we managed to miss both the Bayeaux tapestry and the Giverny Gardens, both on my list, but I wasn’t paying attention, and we are NOT back-tracking now. Just have to plan for another visit. Bill is the designated driver, and he has reached far back into driving memory to drive stick shift (six gears)...after all these years of automatic...There are very few stop lights here, mostly traffic roundabouts, and depending on the traffic, some shifting of gears. As I think I mentioned earlier, GPS is very polite, saying, “please take the second (or fourth) exit from the roundabout...” But with several lanes and heavy traffic, it can be harrowing...Initially, I counted the exits, but now I sit as ... read more

Europe » France » Upper Normandy September 23rd 2019

Nous voilà encore en Normandie pour quelques heures... le chemin du retour se préparant grandement... Notre prochain camping se trouvera à proximité de Pont de Brotonne dont je profite de vous donner une photo ou deux... Découvrant une abbaye que l'on peut visiter sur la carte, on fera un petit arrêt de plus... Elle vaut la peine car habitée par encore une treintaine de moines, l'accueil est chaleureux... Saint Wandrille est la seule abbaye en France à produire le la bière... On en achète bien entendu... mais JJ ne la trouve pas formidable... à chacun ses mauvais goûts comme me disait de temps en temps un voisin de jardin à Kahler... Par contre les ruines de cette abbaye sont magnifiques... L’abbaye Saint-Wandrille, anciennement abbaye de Fontenelle, est une abbaye bénédictine de la congrégation de Solesmes située ... read more

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