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August 5th 2020
Published: August 5th 2020
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Yesterday was the kind of day to make you forget about covid, the state of the world and all the horrid crazy stuff of real life. A gentle (i.e we got up late) start to the morning after a middle of the night bed collapse. (4 am I moved and the slats in the bed chose to withdraw themselves from their slots and woke me and Ash with the sounds of gunshots as I found myself closer to the floor than I really wanted to be! Ash heroically stepped in to mend it and we went back to sleep, a little more afraid of moving than we had been!) So later then planned we made our way across the huuuuge bridge to Ile de Re again to a near empty gorgeous sandy beach. We made carcassonne from sand, dug a hole and buried Seth, paddled, collected stones and did all the things you should do on a beach, it was just lovely 😊 All too soon it was time to leave and eat at the cafe by the car Park. We changed Seth behind the car and Ash too wanted to swap swimming trunks for more suitable clothes. Whilst not empty there weren't many folk around so Ash climbed into the front seat and whipped off his shorts, I suggested that Seth and I went to get a seat but (fortunately it turns out) Ash asked us to stay ("if you go I look like a naked man in a car park being weird, if you stay I look like a good family man getting changed". I laughed but stayed and instantly as Ash was fully naked and past any point of return, a family of 6 appeared, wanting to get into the van next to us. Ash hurriedly shut the door, I laughed but stood in the way of the window as he looked aghast They didn't hurry, in fact they seemed to have many things to attend to as Ash sat getting hotter and hotter in the airless car. Eventually they left leaving him free to finish getting dressed.Hot, botheted and still mentally scarred, (Ash, I was still laughing) we headed for a lovely lunch in the sunshine. Seth practiced his french on the waitress and Ash slowly got over the ordeal. We headed back to the campsite and got changed to make the most of the freeezing pool for an hour or so. An al fresco tea ended a lovely day. Until........ Ash and I had decided to watch tv in our room. The caravan we were staying in was lovely but the nosiest thing it is possible to be in. Even walking probably woke up all the neighbours. So we figured watching tv in our room on the tablet was quiter for Seth. It was for a while. Just lying there, all of a sudden the slats, fed up of their place in the bed doing their bedly job, took themselves out again, gunshot noise and all. Yet again I found myself almost on the floor, helpless like an upturned ladybird. Ash laughed. A lot. So did I but the laughing merely prompted more of the slats to join their mates and, crack crack crack, more of me was floor bound. By this point we were both in hysterics. I rolled to the side, ash mended the bed and i tried to figure out how to get up, having to move like some worm to shimmy off my side without further incident. I spent the night in a state of heightened alert, afraid to roll over, just in case!

Today was a drive to the last of our French hotels. Long but easy, we stopped at possibly the nicest cleanest maccy d's for lunch and made it in good time for a nice swim at the hotel in Bernay. Seth had a whale of a time and we all made the most of this last pool of the holiday. Getting out, I added one further 'fay is clearly old and incapable' incident, slipping as i got out and then failing to get up and slipping again. Once more feeling like that upturned ladybird. Once upright and cleaned we headed to the restaurant next door, shut, went to find another, got fed up with the crazy roads in Bernay, came back to wait for the restaurant to open and had a drink in the hotel. Seth ordered his own drink in French, a real proud mum moment (and a proud Seth moment!) before we headed off to 1982 to eat at the restaurant time forgot both in decor and menu!

Tomorrow the ferry and brighton for the night


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