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Europe » France » Poitou-Charentes » Poitiers September 22nd 2018

You can't cross the sea merely by standing and staring at the water. What a night - our first on French soil. A quiet one but the weather was as inclement as we left back in Blighty. It was cold overnight and we snuggled under the duvets to keep warm. Our bodyclocks still working on Blighty time woke us up to darkness at 6.15. Back home it would be 5.15 and we would still be in the land of Nod. We put Gabbys heating on. It works well and we feel grateful it is much more efficient than Suzys. We eat breakfast at the table. Much more civilised than Suzy. We set off after breakfast with the plan to pay for our nights stop before heading south for some sun. We should be somewhere round Poitiers ... read more
The lake at St Cyr
The french know how to produce a recreation area

Europe » France » Poitou-Charentes May 1st 2018

When you visit places it is so easy to try to compare them with other places you have visited. I don't sometimes think it is the right thing to do . Each place has its own unique features. But comparing is what we do. It is as if we cannot help ourselves. We have to look at a place and ask ourselves how it compares with another place we have been to. We did this with La Coutiniere comparing it with a small fishing village on Olerons sister island Ile de Rey. We were staying at the local campsite of Sous Bois. Slightly out of town on a dusty white potholed road into town. It was an interesting site. Cheap as it was on ACSI so we only parted with just over 14 euros. The owner ... read more
The harbour
One of the many forts along the Charente/Atlantic

Europe » France » Poitou-Charentes » Saint-Denis-d'Oleron April 26th 2018

We are standing on the edge of the land between the Charente and the Atlantic in front of a black and white phare de Chassiron. What brought us here to the largest island off mainland France with the exception of Corsica ? A pin in a map. We woke early in St Jean D'Angeley and decided to head further south and cross the viaduct over to the Ile d'Oleron. We might not see a Cathar castle, nor a puy, nor the petite yellow train but what we would see was a massive viaduct crossing the Charente over to the island. What an impressive thing it is. It was Sunday morning and it felt as if all of France was heading over to the island and it would sink under their weight. We had been to the ... read more
Nothing between here and the USA
the headland

Europe » France » Poitou-Charentes » Niort April 23rd 2018

I was standing in the early morning sunshine at our camping site in deep conversation with the receptionist who was out listening to the birds whilst smoking her first cigarette of the day. She said how nice the morning was. How lovely the birdsong was? Did I know the Hirondelle? He was back. She described a black bird with a white chest. I had so many ideas but none were right. All of a sudden they appeared. Five or six of them perched on a beam in the shed. Swallows I told her were what we called them. They made such a noise swooping and diving catching insects. We stood for a while entranced in their every movement. Coulon is like that. It is enchanting in every way. I thought one swallow does not a summer ... read more
Wisteria in Coulin
In Britain this would be thrown away

Europe » France » Poitou-Charentes » Saint-Jean-d'Angély April 23rd 2018

There are some places you just don't want to move from. The relative heaven of the green venis verte was one of them. The bread and the croissants were always delivered on time and were delicious. If you wanted a bus to Coulin you just rang up and ordered it the day before. If you wanted to go to nearby Noirt you picked the fee bus up at Coulin. The only problem it ran a few times in the morning to take the workers to work . If you missed that the next bus was after 1 o'clock. Sadly we were sleeping in and having late breakfasts which meant that we had fifteen minutes to run to Coulin for the last bus in. Even Usain Bolt or Mo Farrow would have failed miserably and missed the ... read more
The Horlogue
The well in the middle of the old square

Europe » France » Poitou-Charentes April 22nd 2018

Hallo ihr Lieben Durch das wunderschöne Bordeauxgebiet sind wir in St. Georges de Didonne, für 2 Nächte gelandet. Nach einem kleinen Ausflug mit dem Roller, haben wir uns eine Auszeit genommen, sind zum Leuchtturm gewandert und haben uns im Nachhinein einige Austern mit einem kleinen Schluck Roséwein gegönnt. Heute Abend essen wir im Campingplatz angeschlossenem Restaurant "La Playa", Dorade mit Gemüse und einem feinen Schluck Wein von der Umgebung.... read more

Europe » France » Poitou-Charentes » Vaux-sur-Mer September 7th 2017

Day 4 and about time to get the shorts out. Then had to do a complete change when I tipped a cup of hot coffee all over myself. Fortunately missed the laptop this time. A couple of years ago when I poured a cupful into the keyboard it put it out of action for 3 weeks. Kisbee came out of the garage, raring to go as usual so we headed for the next place along the coast, north or turn right at the end of the campsite road. Stopped at St-Palais-Sur-Mer, a pretty little seaside spot with a few shops and cafes and a rather delightful sandy beach. Loved the way the sand near the water line reflected everything around it. Played spot the Turnstone as one flew onto the rocks and was immediately camouflaged. We ... read more
Penguin has a nap after building all those sand-castles
170907 Vaux-sur-mer (1)
170907 Vaux-sur-mer (26)

Europe » France » Poitou-Charentes » Vaux-sur-Mer September 6th 2017

We had rain in the night but when we got up it was totally clear and still. A gorgeous autumnal morning with a shimmer on the lake. Away before 9.30 as another long drive especially as we were not taking the easy and fast option of the motorway but using the smaller country roads instead. Found a few interesting small towns along the way. One was not expecting a 3.5 ton motorhome to pass through and had a street market all set up. Just squeezed through. Tandy didn’t particularly like a couple of towns which had used massive speed bumps to slow the traffic down. Good thing Tandy is well constructed is all we could say as we rattled and shook up and over the humps. We drove past fields and fields full of sunflowers. Some ... read more
170906 Vaux-sur-mer (20)
Spot the Penguin
170906 Vaux-sur-mer (16)

Europe » France » Poitou-Charentes » Cognac September 8th 2016

Reputation calls on all within earshot of an utterance of that word ‘Cognac’ to genuflect or at least bow. If I were to offer cognac as an after dinner slurp, then I might be bunging it on a bit, or maybe there is a heavy question coming. After all, I have never tasted the stuff. Well not before now. We might know the big names in cognac like Hennessy and Remy Martin from watching the likes of Roger Moore and Sean Connery. A few days back, we pulled up in the town of Cognac, expecting something like the ambience of Epernay in the Champagne country. Cognac did present a prominence, albeit muted. There was a feeling of ‘having arrived’ when we drove into the town. But it all fell a bit flat. Epernay has stately homes, ... read more
Cognac Old City Gatesb2 (20)
Cognac Camping Cars Amongst the trees 1 (22)
Cognac Hotel de Ville 3 8)

Europe » France » Poitou-Charentes » Niort August 24th 2016

Faymoreau 2016 Dates: 12 - 21st August 2016 Travel plans: Outward Newhaven to Dieppe - Friday 12th August 2016 Inward Caen - Portsmouth - Sunday 21st August 2016 Fellow travellers Boo Gaz, Keri, Mia, Millie and Lois Bethany, Alex and Eli... read more

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