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Europe » France » Midi-Pyrénées » Toulouse September 27th 2007

Hi everyone, Well as I said, time really does go fast when you are having fun, so I thought I would do an update of the France trip so far. I have attended all three England rugby games so far and hopefully they will make the quater finals in Marseille as I am heading down to the south of France. After completing a full circle in the North of France, popping into Stad de France in Paris and heading back to good old Blighty for a refresh of the roses (and sales team!), we then headed around the North coast to Mont Saint Micheal. A wonderful castle built on a rock out to sea. The west coast beckoned for the England Samoa game in Neimes. We fanally got tickets for 20 euros each (face value 65 ... read more

Europe » France » Midi-Pyrénées » Toulouse September 3rd 2007

Hello, bonsoir!!! finally stopped for long enough to find internet access! Just a quick run down of what we have been up to and a few pics. Having trouble finding internet connections, apologies for lack of blog entries! 21st-30th August stayed in Lacour de Visa in Midi Pyranees with Deb, Kevin, Tom and Sam. Lazy days (and a couple of very hot ones - 36 degrees) 30th Aug - 2nd Sept stayed in a lovely "Campsite Municipal" in Condom (yes I know) - again lazy days, bike riding and enjoying less intense sunny days. 2nd - 3rd Sept -Lourdes. Don't know what to say about this one! An experience! Extremes, very strange. 3rd Sept to present - Carcassonne, nearly on the coast! Beautiful, fortified medieval city, lovely campsite. Have not been reading newspapers from home and ... read more
Lacour de Visa

Europe » France » Midi-Pyrénées » Toulouse August 25th 2007

hi everyone we are actually in millau visiting the nez bridge made famous in top gear; if you are a fan of this programme; the bridge is really a viaduct and a very impressive one at that: we drove under it today and will drive over it tomorrow on our way towards paris to visit the musee de orsay which we missed when were there earlier; pete is really excited about another museum of static images to view but he will grin and bear it i am sure; had a great night last night catching up with dans mum and dad from england at a camp ground in a tiny village in france; it was lovely to speak continuous english to some people that we know and lots of hugs and stories all round the three ... read more

Europe » France » Midi-Pyrénées » Toulouse August 6th 2007

Most people have always dreamt of a holiday in the South of France - cruising on your yacht in the beautiful Mediterranean, stopping by at some of the most luxurious ports in the world, and enjoying the never-ending sunny weather on the beach. Well, apart from the yacht bit, I can now officially say that I have done it - are you jealous? Well it gets worse...if you ARE jealous ;-) At the end of my train ride from Genoa, was the sunny seaside town of Nice. Famous for the mega-rich superyachts moored in it's port, the city-side beach, it's azure waters and the town's laid-back charm, it is indeed a holiday haven. Except, that Nice was actually a lot bigger than I had thought. My hostel was up the top of the hill, and the ... read more
Fountain In Place Massena
The Streets Of Nice
The Principality Of Monaco

Europe » France » Midi-Pyrénées » Toulouse August 6th 2007

Note to self, "Its not such a good idea to find cheap lodgings close to a station". Though the hotel itself was fine, the area got a bit scetchy at night with prostitutes walking the streets. There were also a few beggars around. One of them camped on the street and had a really cute puppy with him which he was obviously taking good enough care of - I just wondered how he afforded to feed an animal when he couldn't take care of himself, but maybe he needed the company more than food... Toulouse is described as a lively city, however I think that due to the holidays it was hardly buzzing at all. Place du Capitole - the main square. I took the obligatory photo, but after seeing the magnificant squares in Brussles nothing ... read more
Pont Neuf
View of the canal from the boat
Place du Capitole

Europe » France » Midi-Pyrénées » Toulouse July 18th 2007

Well some 17 hours after I left Toronto I arrived in Toulouse, the starting point of my journey. The plqne ride wasn't all that bad. I sat beside a couple from Swan River, Manitoba who were on their way to visit his father in Nice. Talking to them definitely made the 8 hour flight go by much faster. Didn't mqnnqge to sleep though. I arrived in Paris (with all my luggage accounted for) and immediately searched for the train station. Next time I bring this much oversized luggage I'm hiring a porter to carry it all. For some reason you can only keep the luggage trollies on the same level, which meant having to hand balm the gear up and over barriers and 7, yes 7 escalators. Anyways long story short, I managed to get my ... read more

Europe » France » Midi-Pyrénées » Toulouse May 26th 2007

Bonjour *insert kiss on both your cheeks After our Swansea adventure we headed to Worthing in Southern England. We stayed with Clare, Sam's second cousin and visited the rest of her family there. We've been amazed by everyone's kindness and generosity on our travels and it's been really nice to stay with people from the places we visit and get to share in their lives as they live them. Worthing is a small seaside town and Clare's house was a one minute walk from the ocean. On our first night we listened to a jazz band at a local pub and in the couple days that followed we had cream tea on the pier, indulged in some fish n' chips, strolled along the ocean, took a day trip into Brighton and visited with family. The ... read more
Carcasonne Streets
Crepes in Toulouse
 Sam and Roses

Europe » France » Midi-Pyrénées » Toulouse December 14th 2006

The shopping season is in full swing here. Place du capitole is decked out in Christmas decor and the market out front is booming. ... read more
Christmas Trees
Le Capitole
Christmas Market at Place du Capitole

Europe » France » Midi-Pyrénées » Toulouse December 13th 2006

I am now half way through my second week and I am beginning to settle in. I am loving it, but it definitely hasn't been easy trying to cook, clean, shop, live in a new way. My biggest challenge, however, has probably been adjusting to my appliances. My oven is literally a toaster oven. I have managed to still cook dinner every night, although I cannot find many of my usual cooking ingredients. I have spent most my time sight seeing in Toulouse. I have gone to the movies, eaten lunch in the park several times, seen some of the museums, christmas shopped, and I even got a French cell phone. I am enjoying the food very much, and I must say I quite enjoy the way of life here. This past weekend Dustin and I ... read more
Canal Du Midi
St. Sernin
rue Dupont

Europe » France » Midi-Pyrénées » Toulouse November 10th 2006

For the last three days of my Reading Week, I went to visit my cousin Marianna, wholives in Toulouse, in southwest France. Nine years ago, when she was a junior studying abroad like me, she studied in Montpelier and fell in love. Ever since then, she’s worked on and off in France, and she and her husband have lived in Toulouse for the past two years. He’s an atmospheric physicist (he studies weather patterns) and she makes websites and does other communications work for the French space agency. Her husband’s name is Paul, and he’s from Corse (Corsica), like Napoleon. The two of them are so cute. They’ve been to our house a few times for Christmas, and my mother remarked that she really enjoyed Paul’s facial expressions and expressive gestures (“Gallic shrugs,” as Agatha Christie ... read more

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