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Europe » France » Lower Normandy » Cherbourg August 25th 2019

Ierland blog : Zaterdag 24/8/2019 – Cherbourg. We starten met een MH dagrit van 600km tot Cherbourg in Normandië. Hoofdzakelijk over de Franse péages. Temperaturen lopen op tot 35° onderweg. Klimaatopwarming ook hier. Hopelijk krijgen we eens regen in Ierland. Zondag 25/8/2019 Bootovertocht met StenaLines van Cherbourg naar Rosslare in het zuid-oosten van Ierland. 18uur varen voor 700km. Verzamelen ten laatste om 12.30 op de inschepingsparking. 8 eenheden. Dus een klein groepje van 16 koppen. Dan 2uur aanschuiven om op de boot te geraken. Dat hebben we al vlotter weten gaan. Toch vertrekken we op tijd om 15uur. Dus eigenlijk 14uur Ierse tijd. Prachtig weer 24° blauwe lucht en kalme zee. De speciaal bij de apotheker aangekochte pillen tegen zeeziekte kunnen in de doos blijven. Of misschien kunnen we ze nog gebruiken om niet ziek te ... read more
Cherbourg, inschepingsparking
Cherbourg, Stena Lines

Europe » France » Lower Normandy » Cherbourg June 6th 2019

Last evening we dined with our friends Chris and John at Barfleur. They have been touring - we were on the same ferry out by chance ! A good evening. Met up with a large American group from Brooklyn - the father (94) was 19 on D Day and was on the landing craft. Today we spent the day at St Vaast la Hogue with John and Chris, weather warm and sunny, an excellent lunch and lots of chats. They gave Gill a beautiful hand painted card (by John) of an Avocet, such a lovely touch ! Back to Anse du Brick, packing up, tomorrow we are booked on the ferry leaving at 3.30 pm. We’ve enjoyed the trip so much but it will be good to be back and catch up with family and friends ... read more
Ile de Tatihou
On our walk
Decorated roundabout

Europe » France » Lower Normandy » Cherbourg June 5th 2019

On site, heard aircraft over head! Hercules and Osprey from the USAF. We decided to nip over to the airport near us to see if there were any more aircraft over for the D Day celebrations. Yes ! 2 Spitfires and a Dakota ! Great to see !! Went round to the airport proper where the C130s were and one of the aircrew gave us a badge. Spoke to one of the 67 SOS airborne division as he was preparing for his drop over St Germain.... read more
C47 Dakota at Maupertus
Two Spitfires

Europe » France » Lower Normandy » Cherbourg June 4th 2019

So we said au revoir to Antony and Jolande after being shown around their half built new home. Next stop Le Mans. But incurred a problem with the Kia - loss of power whilst on the autoroute. Rescued by autoroute recovery. Caravan attached and finally ended up at the Kia garage in Vizeron - and after a few hours problem solved. The nearest campsite was at Salbris where we had the unfortunate incident of being robbed three years ago ! Anyway, beautiful evening. We now have to travel over 300 miles to get to L’anse du Brick near Cherbourg. So up early, arriving safely at 3.45 pm. Last stop as on Friday we head home. Lots of traffic about due to D Day 75 anniversary on June 6.... read more
All set to go to Kia at Vierzon
View from our pitch at Salbris
One friend

Europe » France » Lower Normandy » Cherbourg October 8th 2018

Bon jour from Cherbourg France. This is actually our 3rdport in France during the whole vacation, but last night we received a message that we had to turn in our passports for Immigration to see before we would be allowed off the ship in Cherbourg. But it was easier to comply than to argue, so David ran them down to Passenger Services late last night. This morning we got up at 6:30 because we needed to be in the Wheelhouse Bar by 8:00. We got dressed and went to the breakfast buffet in the Horizon Court. Apparently there were more people in the late night nightclubs than the early morning buffet, so we had an easy time of finding a table and had a quiet breakfast. We discovered our dinner waiter (Rolly) was in charge of ... read more

Europe » France » Lower Normandy » Cherbourg September 12th 2016

As we now have reservations for 6 months in Paris from Oct 1 – March 31 we needed to get moving so we hopefully can get there by the 1st of October. In some ways it seems like we have plenty of time as we decided to leave Weymouth on September 6th, but we always try to factor in the possibility that the weather may not be “right” for moving as well as we know we have to prepare to take the mast down in Honfleur so we can travel up the Seine to Paris. We also want to have some time to visit a few of the towns on our way to Paris. The battery was put in on Monday and the weather was right for us to leave to cross the English Channel to ... read more
Arriving in Cherbourg Just In Time
Put Away Your Umbrellas Here - Sunshine in France!
A Dry Dock in Cherbourg

Europe » France » Lower Normandy » Cherbourg June 27th 2016

With June 30th as our deadline for getting to the Channel Islands after a few days in Dieppe, the weather prediction looked like it would be good for our trip to Cherbourg, our original destination when we left Rotterdam. When sailing in this area you need to check the tide charts to determine when to leave to hopefully get the advantage of the tides and currents. With this in mind you also try to plan your travels so that you make landfall during daylight hours if at all possible. We knew Cherbourg as we had been there before and it would be possible to have a nighttime arrival, but we prefer daytime landings! Working it all out it looked like we needed to leave Dieppe about 5:30PM on June 22nd but would have some flexibility of ... read more
Our Very Generous Neighbors in Dieppe
The Sky Still Gives Us Plenty to Enjoy
The Clouds Got Heavier

Europe » France » Lower Normandy » Cherbourg May 29th 2013

There is no way to describe today as a fun day but it was a wonderful day nonetheless. We started our day with a visit to Mer St Englis where the 82nd airborne parachuted into town. Unfortunately there was a fire in a house next to the church and all the civilians were manning the bucket brigade. That meant that the Germans were out in force monitoring the crowd. Two unfortunate men landed on the steeple. One played dead for four hours and though wounded he survived. The other poor soul died. Today, hanging from the steeple is a parachute and soldier to simulate that horrific experience. From there we went to Utah Beach where the invasion forces were made up of Nation Guard forces who had never seen combat before. Here their inexperience added to ... read more

Europe » France » Lower Normandy » Cherbourg August 2nd 2010

Cherbourg is a pleasant and bustling town. After tidying the boat, having lunch, chilling for a bit, recovering our nerve and showering - it was early evening. We went for a walk to exchange our money and explore. Unfortunately the bureau de change was closed so we decided to withdraw some Euros for our dinner and swallow the fee! With the cash nestled snugly in our pockets we took a walk around the old Norman town and marvelled at the cute little buildings in cobbled streets - particularly at a cute little green and pink gabled ‘salon du the’ which Mike described as a ‘Hansel and Gretel House’. Feeling a little thirsty and keen to sample some beer al fresco we continued wandering in search of a nice place for an early evening beer. Not far ... read more
The Viking Prow
by the harbour side
The marina

Europe » France » Lower Normandy » Cherbourg March 12th 2010

Friday 12.3.2010 day 150 Ferry to Ireland We drove to Normandie past the d-day beachers which were very pretty we read in the French news paper that they are still fining unexploded bombs from d-day and had found one on the 14 of Feb a few weeks before we where there where they evacuated 20,000 people from their homes and they do not expect to find all the d-day bombs until 2020. We got the 10 pm Celtic link Ferry to Ireland. We got a cabin for the 16h over night trip but there were lots of people who slept out on the chairs. ... read more
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