Carly & Mike Sorensen


Carly & Mike Sorensen

OK, we've been away for a year, travelled through France to the Med, spent 3 months in Asia and are now in spain ... the blogs are now almost caught up, so I'll endeavour to catch up with the rest and get up to date asap!! Thanks for reading guys, I resolve to be better organised!!

Europe » France » Languedoc-Roussillon » Trebes July 29th 2011

A few hours after our early afternoon departure from Capestang, we made a stop at the beautiful village of Le Somail to fill up outr water tanks. I went for a wander, took photos of the stunnning ivy covered hotel/restaurant and sniffed out a little wine seller where I purchased a couple bottles of rose to chill for dinner. Once our tanks were full (that's the water, we weren't 'tanked up' … yet!) we moved on and motored up to Ventenac, the fabled village du vin terry and Kath had told us about. I saw the chateau on approach and kicked myself for buying wine just 2 hours ago … I hadn't realised how close we were!! However, when we pulled up and tied our boat to some trees, we wandered over to find the chateau ... read more
Ozzy tied up at Trebes
Our duck friend from Trebes!
The Ventenac label

Europe » France » Languedoc-Roussillon » Cap d'Agde July 28th 2011

We spent a couple days at Agde having discovered that our battery had gone flat and we needed to buy a new one! Agde itself is a lovely old town, built from black rock which gives it almost a sooty look and gets very warm in the sun – almost burnt my backside perching on a wall! Once we'd bought our battery we went off exploring on our bikes, cycling out to the beach at cap D'Agde which was stunning … and we had our first dip in the Med, just a paddle for me, mind you, it was pretty cold in May! Mike went for the full swim though and, I have to say, he looked very Tom Hardy/Daniel craig as he emerged from the surf! I realised again why it was I loved him ... read more
Capestang - lovely!
Mikey holding tight in Fonserannes lock
The view down the 7 lock staircase at Beziers

Europe » France » Languedoc-Roussillon » Frontignan July 28th 2011

We returned to our floaty boaty home aboard Ozzy 2 in Lattes marina on may 19th. By the end of the week she was motoring once again … it felt good to be back on the water in our floaty boaty home! We set out on a bright sunny day, passing a family of storks, some swooping buzzards, ducks, the much missed flamingoes, camargue horses and other birds and beasties. It was Spring in the south of France and all was rosy! After waiting for the lifting bridge at Frontignan to open, we motored through and moored up on the town quay in lovely sunshine. It seemed that a celebration was going on in town so we wandered off to have a look and soon found ourselves in the midst of the Fete D'Ete – a ... read more
First day back on the water
First lock of the new leg of the trip
Stork family

Asia » Cambodia » South » Sihanoukville July 28th 2011

We got to Bamboo Island by boat, picked up by Hannah, a lovely brunette from Cornwall who'd visited there a few months previously and was now on the staff! Pon the way over she told us that there was going to be a party that night and chatted away to everyone on the boat. On arriving we saw a lovely almost deserted beach a bar area with lounge cushions, packed with departing and arriving guests, and bungalows spread along the beach. We'd booked into the dorm at just $3 dollars a night each and were led to hard beds with mosquito nets. Fine for the price. We ditched our bags and went off to explore the island, coming face to face with Rambo, the rancid smelling ram mascot almost as soon as we went down the ... read more
Mike on the beach
Running through the deserted surf
Me on the beach

Asia » Cambodia » South » Sihanoukville July 28th 2011

Sihanoukville, right down south, was the French playground in the early 1900's. Today it's kind of like a Cambodian Skegness. Shops and street vendors selling bracelets, plastic models of Angkor Wat, fruit, pedicures, beads and other assorted tat are everywhere. On every beach we visited we didn't rest long before someone came up offered to de-fuzz us ('I do your hair leg?'), de-rough us ('I do you feet skin? It baaad, lady, let me get rid it) , braid us ('You wan caawn row, lady?) sell us bracelets ('Because you are friend for me, yes? You no buy now? Maybe laaaterrrr') and massages and we soon uttered 'No thanks' before they'd even finished. Here, as in Siem Reap, there were signs up everywhere discouraging you from buying from the beach vendors, especially children who were meant ... read more
Sunset from the pier
Sipping a cocktail on the beach
Our froggy friend!

Asia » Cambodia » South » Phnom Penh July 28th 2011

when we arrived in Phnom Penh we headed straight for Lakeside, a place that had been described in the Lonely Planet Becky'd lent us as a great backpacker district with cool decking and trailing flowers reaching out over the water. Yeah, the guide was a few yeares pout of dsat, but it had been really useful so far and not much can have changed in that short a space of time can it? It turns out the answer was yes, yes it could. When we arrived we were greeted by what looked like a building site. Sadly the whole area has been purchased for re-development and only 3 guesthouses still stand. The decking stretching across the water is no more and many of the restaurants, bars and guesthouses have been torn down. A smell of sewage ... read more
an engineer's workshop
The palace
all modes of transport on the chaotic roads

Asia » Cambodia » South » Phnom Penh July 28th 2011

Despite reading up on Pol Pot's regime and studying the harrowing and horrifying 'Voices from S-21' I was totally unprepared for the deep, soul penetrating horror, shock and sadness I experienced on entering the killing fields and S-21 prison. Nothing could have prepared either Mike or myself for the macabre and disturbing sight of bones and fabric of clothing still rising from the ground, thousands of skulls piled high, signs marking out the 'killing tree' and other similar atrocities and bloodstains still on the floors. For the entire day Mike and I hardly spoke. Several times I had to leave an exhibition or video room because what I was seeing or reading utterly overwhelmed me and sent sadness flooding to my very core. And I didn't even experience what the Cambodian people did. I just looked ... read more
The killing Fields
A chameleon sits atop remnaants of fabric brought to the surface by recent rains
Sign describing some of the atrocities that occured

Asia » Cambodia » North » Angkor July 28th 2011

On our first day in Siem Reap we'd been approached by a young guy on a moped, clutching a tattereed ring binder and carrying photocopied sponsor forms. He introduced himself as Waha Long, the head of a school and orphange for underprivileged children in a village outside siem Reap. He was canvassing for money and support on his weekly trip to the city to pick up supplies. At first we were a little apprehensive – we'd heard so many stories of touts on the scam, using sad stories like this to fleece sympathetic tourists. After chatting with him nad looking through his documents and folder, we decided he seemed genuine and gave him some money. He gave us a website and e-mail address where we could find out more about the project and carried on down ... read more
Collected stones for a game of jacks
Dani with a class
Mike teaching

Asia » Cambodia » North » Siem Reap July 28th 2011

On arriving in Cambodia the economic difference in comparison to Thailand was striking. The Thai side of the border is ordered, clean, policed and barricaded to prevent touts and hawkers coming in (although the tuk-tuk driver who took us there tried to fob us off with over-priced visas at his friends shop before the border, but we started walking off without paying him and he soon changed his tune - beware folks, read up on prices before you go because they will try to rip you off!). The Cambodian side is crowded, chaotic, swarming with touts and hawkers and littered with buildings peeling in the heat. However, we were guided through by a government volunteer, who also works as a tuk tuk driver, who advised us on what to expect to pay for a visa, told ... read more
Setting sun
Woman taking her shopping home
Sunset at the lake

Asia » Thailand » South-West Thailand » Chumphon July 28th 2011

So, after a smooth night ferry, complete with beds, from Koh Tao we landed at Chumphon, right on the south western tip of Thailand. It was 5am and we hopped on a sangthaew to get to the train station. A train to Bangkok was scheduled for 6am and we got tickets for a paltry 80 baht each (less than a quid!). An announcement came over at 5.55 to say the train was delayed til 7.30. We whiled away the time playing cards (rummy) and noticed a swaying Thai guy watching with interest. When I got up to use the loo, he sat down and signalled to Mike that he wanted to play. Mike dealt him in. He then tried to bet, but Mike shook his head. They played several rounds (I was relegated to watcher) and ... read more
Passing goods on to the train!
A cute little train station
Mike on board

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