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Europe » France » Franche-Comté » Besançon June 20th 2019

It’s time to start the drive back to London. It’s over 600 miles so we’ve divided it into 3 chunks. Our first overnight stop is Besançon. We set off from Zurich with musical accompaniment for 4 hours of driving/culture. By the time we reach our hotel, we have covered Tudor history (Six), Greek Mythology (Hadestown) and American history (Hamilton). The hotel is difficult to spot, requiring 3 (increasingly irate) circuits of the one way system to locate it. I briefly hope our arrival will stop daughter no 2 from reciting the lyrics of every musical in the world, but we’re in the birthplace of Victor Hugo. It’s mid afternoon, so locating a restaurant that’s still open takes a while, but we find a crêperie which serves an awesome Roquefort pasta. Besançon is a fortified city in ... read more
River Doubs
Besançon university

Europe » France » Franche-Comté » Besançon June 16th 2015

Tuesday 16 June 2015 Today we said our sad farewells to Annecy, a delightful part of France and worth a return visit. As we were preparing to leave we got talking to a couple from Scotland. They were with a small group of car enthusiasts driving MGs through Europe. One of their group couldn't remember her room number and was horribly lost. Such is the way when you are in a different hotel every night for a number of weeks. So far we haven't had that problem. We had a great chat and lots of laughs, wished each other well, and got on our way. With a collection of pastries, rolls and a drink each (3€21) for lunch, a full tank of diesel, GPS programmed for Besancon, we were on our way. We had no idea ... read more
En route to Besancon
En route to Besancon
En route to Besancon

Europe » France » Franche-Comté » Besançon May 22nd 2014

We were up early today and out the door by 8:30… on the promise of a Maccas morning tea! The nearest was shut so we headed onward until we found one that was open in Besancon. The real reason was reliable WIFI as we had nowhere to sleep. That was easily solved and we also found that there is a cool old citadel in Besancon which has a zoo inside. Old buildings for the old folks and big cats for the young-uns. Off we went but trying to get there, we realised that we are back in France. Driving is more arrogant here – they simply think you should know where you are going and get it right! Annoying differences between GPS maps and the real roads made it a bit difficult but we eventually got ... read more

Europe » France » Franche-Comté » Besançon September 4th 2012

Snooper told us this morning that we would only travel a few hundred yards from the campsite before turning left and heading out of town. However it had not factored in the deviations. Besancon was getting a tram system and most of the roads were being dug up. This meant the five minutes we expected to travel before leaving the town environs ended up nearer half an hour as we rode down one street and up another without getting anywhere. Eventually the citadel came into sight and we escaped. What a relief! I thought I had broken the back of my virus as I had stopped coughing at night but this morning- hack hack - it was back. Will I ever get rid of it? The day started grey and threatened rain but even so the ... read more
On our way through france
onour way through France
a train near the bottom of the Simplon Pass

Europe » France » Franche-Comté » Besançon September 26th 2011

Note: All events mentioned in this entry occurred back in October 2006. For more updated entries and trips, please refer back to this blog at a later date. Entries that take place in the present day will NOT include a note like this. Thank you and enjoy! I had already been to Besancon during my, at this point my first three of 9 months ahead of me (I first mention it in my blog entry entitled "First Trip to Paris," for more details). However, I only spent 5 hours and missed out on a lot of very important sites, so I decided to come back for a second visit. I take the train as usual to Besancon, and make my way towards the Musee des Beaux Arts (Museum of Fine Arts). However on my way I ... read more

Europe » France » Franche-Comté » Besançon May 18th 2010

Saying goodbye to Besancon was not easy. After five months, this place had become my home. And it's people had become my friends. The streets are worn into my mind like a spider web. I'm going to let these pictures speak for themselves. They are of a trip to Arc-en-Senans, scenes from campus, random outtakes, and pics from my last day in Besancon when I visited my favorite spots in town one last time.... read more

Europe » France » Franche-Comté » Besançon May 13th 2010

OK! HOLD THE PHONE! WHO AM I? AND HOW DID I ACQUIRE SUCH AMAZING FRIENDS? Soooo, last night I got ready for girls night out. Charline, Aurore, Pauline, and I had been planning on having a little soiree together before I left. They invited Rejane too, since I'd introduced them. I was excited, thinking: yeah! girls night! woo! At 9pm, Charline came and picked me up in her car and drove us to Pauline's place in town. We walk in and Pauline and I do bisous, and they say Aurore is in the living room. I thought it was a little odd that the door was closed, but then Pauline threw it open and inside.... WERE ALL OF MY FRIENDS YELLING "SURPRISE!" with balloons! AH!!! I was totally in shock, and I looked around and saw ... read more

Europe » France » Franche-Comté » Besançon April 23rd 2010

Friday, April 23 Hey! That's today! We woke early and had a quick breakfast at the hostel. We took the metro to Gare de Lyon and tried to get refunded for our original ticket to return to Besancon that were for Monday. They gave me a claims form to fill out, though I think I'll go to the SNCF office here and see what I can do. It seemed like we were home free on the ride to Besancon, until the Conductor announced that we would be delayed 20 minutes due to a fire near the train tracks in Dijon. Between broke-down buses, volcanoes, train strikes, faulty planes, metro accidents, and fires it really is a miracle that I made it back in one piece! Needless to say, at approximately 1:15pm today, Cyntia and I ... read more

Europe » France » Franche-Comté » Besançon April 6th 2010

Time passed. Around 5am, things started coming alive and then around 6am, Cyntia and I went through security and boarded the plane. We were in Paris before 9am! Then we took the RER to the TGV and returned to Besancon. At Christine's house I met PJ for the first time, and he drove us back to the CROUS. Cyntia and I had about 5 hours between the time we arrived at the CROUS to the time PJ came to take us to St. Lupicin to meet up with everyone to go to Spain. I repacked my bag, choosing to take my larger backpack for the next trip, and posted pictures on Facebook. It was nice to have a few hours to relax because it had been a whirlwind getting back and our vacation was only ... read more

Europe » France » Franche-Comté » Besançon February 2nd 2010

They say that you should never accept rides from strangers. And the people who tell you this are absolutely right…for the most part. But when you have class until 7:30pm and then find out at the bus stop that the buses aren’t running because of the snow, and you find yourself in the deserted downtown with no way to get back to your residence hall (which is inconveniently on the outskirts of town), not to mention you have no idea how to even get there if you were crazy enough to try and walk, somehow a ride (heck, you don’t even care with who) starts to sound good. At the bus stop there was another girl waiting. After talking with her and finding out that she had been sitting there for a while and had seen ... read more
yay france!

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