Swiss Roadie Trip Day 11 - Zurich to Besançon

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June 20th 2019
Published: June 20th 2019
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It’s time to start the drive back to London. It’s over 600 miles so we’ve divided it into 3 chunks. Our first overnight stop is Besançon.

We set off from Zurich with musical accompaniment for 4 hours of driving/culture. By the time we reach our hotel, we have covered Tudor history (Six), Greek Mythology (Hadestown) and American history (Hamilton).

The hotel is difficult to spot, requiring 3 (increasingly irate) circuits of the one way system to locate it. I briefly hope our arrival will stop daughter no 2 from reciting the lyrics of every musical in the world, but we’re in the birthplace of Victor Hugo.

It’s mid afternoon, so locating a restaurant that’s still open takes a while, but we find a crêperie which serves an awesome Roquefort pasta.

Besançon is a fortified city in a U shaped bend of the River DoubS. We walk along the river to the house where Victor Hugo was born, which is now a museum. He only lived here 6 weeks and never returned. But that doesn’t prevent the locals from milking the connection for all it’s worth.

Daughter no 2 manages the entire visit without singing a single lyric to Les Misérables. But the strain is finally too much; back at the hotel, we add the French Revolution to our day of musical culture.

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