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April 6th 2010
Published: April 25th 2010
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Time passed. Around 5am, things started coming alive and then around 6am, Cyntia and I went through security and boarded the plane. We were in Paris before 9am! Then we took the RER to the TGV and returned to Besancon. At Christine's house I met PJ for the first time, and he drove us back to the CROUS. Cyntia and I had about 5 hours between the time we arrived at the CROUS to the time PJ came to take us to St. Lupicin to meet up with everyone to go to Spain.

I repacked my bag, choosing to take my larger backpack for the next trip, and posted pictures on Facebook. It was nice to have a few hours to relax because it had been a whirlwind getting back and our vacation was only 1/3 over!

The drive the St. Lupe was nice, and I chatted with PJ--it was pleasant. We reached the house within two hours. There we saw Christine. We also met Lola, PJ's Spanish host mom who had come up with her son, Paco, to visit Christine for the past week. We would all be road tripping to Murcia and spending more time with Lola there. Joachim came over for dinner, but his two sons were off doing something else. And then we wouldn't see Rejane, Josette, and Isabelle until the next morning.

That night at dinner we had beef tongue. I tried to like it, but I couldn't stop thinking about how I was essentially French kissing a cow. So I ate a lot of bread instead. Christine also made a yummy dessert called a "charlotte" (you would like this one mom!) with ladyfingers soaked in sugar water and strawberries and whipped creme.

But alas, we had to be in bed early because the next morning would come far too soon! We all got ready for bed and it felt a little like The Waltons.

"Bon soir Ashley!"
"Bon soir Christine!"
"Bon soir Pierre-Jean!"
"Buenas noches Paco!"
"Good night Cyntia!"
"Bon soir Lola!"

*lights out*


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