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Europe » France » Burgundy » Auxerre June 1st 2016

Think of those travel and movie clips where the tourist is driven around African wild game parks feasting their eyes on the wildlife in a natural habitat. To me, touring Central France is like that except that I drive around a great big drive through museum. It’s not really a museum, but on every street, there is a diorama of modern life set amongst houses and other structures from as far back as 11th and 12th centuries. To modern residents of the region, their solid stone houses are home, a warm refuge, their place in the world, where retro-fitting of facilities and appliances has modernised life. Three towns that we have just visited in the central France region are Chablis, Joigny and Auxerre, all in Burgundy, oozing medieval history and while outwardly showing museum-like appearances, are ... read more
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Europe » France » Burgundy » Auxerre April 22nd 2015

We slept well waking early, breakfasting on our first day on French soil. And how good did it feel? We left the campsite early and hit the main road through towns and small villages which were just coming to life. School children were waiting for the school buses, shops were just opening and along the road we saw numerous signs to War Cemeteries from the First World War. The War that would be over by Christmas and 100 years ago to now 2015 it was still going on well after Christmas had been put to bed for another year. The cemeteries were large with ornate memorials , others small in the middle of empty fields. All very poignant and sad and which made us realise the futility of war. The motorway arrived and the monotony began. ... read more
Auxonne church and square
Pretty courtyard in Auxonne

Europe » France » Burgundy » Auxerre July 6th 2013

Hi this is a follow up from the blog which I tried to send last night. We are all having trouble with the the Wi Fi on the canal as sometimes it just seems to drop things. the photos in this one were meant to go last night but dropped off for some reason, so look at them in conjunction with the previous blog. At this moment {6 oclock in the morning} I am sitting by the water looking out on the beautiful city of Auxerre with its dominating churches watching over the river. It is a beautiful morning, so quite and still. Last night we had a meal in a very little french cafe that was recommended to us. Very nice. Pip/Rod... read more
Its so steep.
One of many.

Europe » France » Burgundy » Auxerre July 5th 2013

Well, what a mixture of weather we have had. We have been caught in heavy downpours , boiled by the sun and even had some fairly strong wind. But as on any holiday you make do with what you get and enjoy yourself. We have been on the move most days and have done a couple of long days to get further down the canal so we wouldn't be rushed when getting to Joigny, our final destination.We have seen some great sights and and the gentle country side that we have traveled over the last couple of days has been very very pretty. Traveling through the tunnels after leaving Baye was a high light as the longest one is 758 mts long. No lighting and very very dark. we had to light the way with torches ... read more
Pam in the kitchen
Nice beer.
Wine in a bag.

Europe » France » Burgundy » Auxerre September 9th 2012

My last blog entry finished before the plane trip here (from Guangzhou to Paris), which was unbearable. It was a night flight and I got next to no sleep despite everything I tried. I was very cramped and there was nowhere to rest your head or feet. I think the plane people expect us to sleep sitting upright! FAT CHANCE!!! They must fly first class or business!!! Not only did I not sleep, my screen, which would have normally kept me occupied, was broken so it was a sad series of events! The food on the plane was ok, nothing special but at least the juice was cold although the French air hostesses did not come around with trollies looking proud as often as they did on the flight from Sydney to Guangzhou! After the dreadful ... read more

Europe » France » Burgundy » Auxerre August 31st 2012

This will be my final blog from China. ... read more

Europe » France » Burgundy » Auxerre June 8th 2012

After a leisurely breakfast, I left the hotel about 09h00 and headed into town to buy my usual lunch - quiche and a ham salad baguette. I then went off to hire a bike for the day. My plan was to head up into the vineyards covering a total of 22 miles. And so, in the warm sun, I cycled through the park and headed downhill alongside the Boulevard Vaubelle to the River Yonne. Not wanting to take any chances, I used a couple of pedestrian crossings before joining the tow path at the Ecluse Auxerre. Following the canal to Vaux, I crossed the river by a narrow vehicular bridge before locating a well-marked track taking me to Champs-sur-Yonne. After pausing for a drink of water in the centre of Champs, I crossed the railway and ... read more
Ecluse Auxerre
Big Skies Near St. Bris
Big Skies Near St. Bris

Europe » France » Burgundy » Auxerre June 7th 2012

As usual, breakfast was at 07h30. As usual, I headed to the boulangerie for my Jambon avec salade and a quiche. Unusually, I headed for the station to catch the 10h00 train to Vermenton. Unusually, the train had been rescheduled and was now running at 10h18. Thus, I arrived in Vermenton, in the sunshine, a little later than planned and set off on a walk through the fields and woods. The sun was shining and the birds were singing and a gentle breeze wafted the humidity. All too soon, I was removing the legs from my trousers, turning them into shorts - and reaping the benefits of the coolness by succumbing to the constant bite of mosquitoes. Lunch was at one, at a perfectly timed river location and eaten to the sound of water rushing over ... read more
Looking towards the cliffs near Vermenton
River at Bessey (Lunch!)

Europe » France » Burgundy » Auxerre June 6th 2012

A very long cycle ride was on the cards today - a total of 40miles (64km) was to be achieved by end of play! There are so few trains out of Auxerre. This meant that I had to get the 08h16 out, arriving in Clamecy at 09h12 - a little too early to start, but a better option than the next train. Leaving the town, I headed for the Canal du Nivernais, stopping for lunch at the Ecluse de la Place, before eventually getting back into Auxerre at 17h00. The story is in the photos ...... read more
St. Martin, Clamecy
St. Martin, Clamecy
Canal du Nivernais

Europe » France » Burgundy » Auxerre June 5th 2012

Decided to walk through the vineyards today so, arrived at the station in time to catch the 10h16 train. Right at the last minute, a guard rushed over, informing us all that there was a platform alteration that hadn't been announced! Thirty people suddenly upped sticks and dashed across the tracks to the far platform where our train was waiting. Fifteen minutes later, the train pulled in to Champs-Saint-Bris. Leaving the platform by the main station building, I headed up the road, crossing the main N6 and began to walk up towards St. Bris. My first poppies of the day blew gently in the breeze by the side of the road. Shortly after, I turned onto a minor road and then into a stony track heading uphill. Following the little red and white GR waymarks, I ... read more
Vineyards around St. Bris
View of St. Bris
View across Burgundy

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