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Europe » France » Alsace » Riquewihr September 19th 2015

Geo: 48.1669, 7.29728Saturday we traveled to the Alsace region of France along the Route des Vins (wine route) to meet up with Deb and Guenther in the 16th century walled city of Riquewihr. Over the weekend, we visited several of the local villages, including Ribeauville and Kayserberg, in addition to the old town of Colmar with its canals and centuries-old buildings. We also made it a point to sample as much of the local Alsatian cuisine as we could in the few days we had left. Monday we headed back to Heidelberg, Germany to return the bikes and prepare them for storage at Knopf Tours - until our next visit. While hanging out at Knopf's B&B we had the opportunity to meet several other motorcyclists, one of whom had been on the road for five years, ... read more
Castle garden
Armor display
Castle stained glass

Europe » France » Alsace » Riquewihr July 27th 2014

Elsass, 24. - 26. Juli 2014 Bei schönstem Sommerwetter ging es am Donnerstarmorgen mit Beat ins Elsass. Unsere erste Station war das Ecomuseum in Ungersheim. Das Ecomuseum ist das grösste Freilichtmuseum in Frankreich. Hier wurden viele alte Häuser aus dem Elsass und dem Sundgau wieder aufgebaut. Es gibt eine Bäckerei, Schule, Wassermühle, Schmiede, Schnapsbrennerei usw. Im Museumsdorf leben auch viele Tiere wie Pferde, Kühe, Schweine, Esel, Ziegen und nicht zu vergessen, auf beinahe jedem Dach eine Storchenfamilie. Das Freilichtmuseum war, obwohl es ein Werktag war, gut besucht. Wir übernachteten vor dem Museum auf dem Stellplatz. Am Freitagmorgen ging es (noch) bei strahlendem Sonnenschein, ins nur wenige Kilometer entfernte Riquewihr. Kaum dort angekommen zog ein Gewitter auf. Unsere Hoffnung, dass es sich schnell verzieht und die Sonne wieder die Oberhand gewinnt, best... read more
Gefiederter Besucher
Auf beinahe jedem Hausdach nisten Störche.
Wolfgang und Beat.

Europe » France » Alsace » Riquewihr December 19th 2013

Geo: 48.1668, 7.29891We slept late (8am), and after the best breakfast of fantastic croissants, bread and coffee, we headed off to Colmar, which is 15 minutes away. We didn't visit Colmar last time - I think we just ran out of time! I was nervous that the Christmas markets would mean huge crowds, but we quickly found a parking place near to the markets, and immersed ourselves! There were 5 or 6 different market locations, so we wandered from one to another. The products were very similar to those in Riquewihr, but it was very enjoyable. We had lunch in a cafe, where Tom and Steven had deer steak with gravy and dumplings, and I had choucroute (sauerkraut) with 5 different meats (G and M had sausages and chips!). Very good! We had hoped to catch ... read more

Europe » France » Alsace » Riquewihr December 18th 2013

Geo: 48.1667, 7.29887Leaving Ronco is never easy. Matt said that next time we come, we should stay here for THREE WEEKS - don't tell him that we did that last time! - and Tom said if we left him behind, he could just eat with the zii, and would bespeaking Italian in no time. Martina told Georgia that she is the daughter that she never had - think that we all feel very much at home here. After packing up (how do we have so much stuff?), we slipped down to Losone to get money to pay the Bar Lucca for last night - and because this town is so small, we ran into Danny de Bortoli. We were parked, and I was looking at the iPad, and couldn't work out why the kids in the ... read more
Zio Marcello and Zia Gabriella
Article re Zio Romano
Saying goodbye

Europe » France » Alsace » Riquewihr September 25th 2012

Riquewihr, 25. – 26. September 2012 Vom Hochwarzwald bis nach Riquewihr waren es nur gut 100 km. Die Distanz hatten wir schnell abgespult. In Riquewihr mussten wir dann leider über eine Stunde vor der Campingschranke warten, da die Platzwartin bis um 14.30 Uhr Mittagspause hatte. Wir nutzten die Zeit für Mittagessen und einen Gang über den Platz, bei der Gelegenheit suchten wir uns schon mal einen freien Platz aus. Die Altstadt ist vom Campingplatz aus in etwa 30 Minuten zu Fuss zu erreichen. Leider begleitete uns beim ersten Bummel durch die wunderschöne Altstadt von Riquewihr ein leichter Nieselregen. Ein Glas Federweissen und ein Bierchen konnten wir aber trotzdem im Freien unter einem Sonnen/Regenschirm geniessen. Auf dem Rückweg zum Campingplatz begann es dann wie aus Kübeln zu schütten. Gut waren wir mit einem Regenschirm und unseren Regenjacken ... read more
Fuchs du hast den Wein gestohlen......

Europe » France » Alsace » Riquewihr June 10th 2012

We travelled a few miles up the road from Colmar to Camping Intercommunal de Riquewihr. This site was owned and run by three of the local villages who wished to encourage visitors to their area. It was situated just outside of the small tourist town of Riquewihr. All of these small french towns feel more German than French but one thing they have in common is that they are all organised to support visitors to their area. Visitors and the purchase of wine being the life blood of the community. We got to the site earlier than we expected but found a warm welcome. We were given plot 68 which turned out to be against the back fence of the site and had long grass which resembled our own meadow. Buttercups, clover and long grasses waved ... read more

Europe » France » Alsace » Riquewihr July 12th 2011

Hello everyone, IF I SENT THIS BEFORE--IGNORE IT! I see that I saved it but may have forgotten to publish it? Yesterday we re-visited some of the villages we saw in 2007. Eguisheim, Turckheim and Riquewihr. The second time is never as good as the first. But it was a nice day and we didn't want to stray too far. Today we drove across into Germany's Black Forest. It was a nice day but by afternoon it became very hot (33C) I think that may be (90+F)? At about 1:PM we stopped at a nice Gasthof in the Simonswald for lunch.A nice schnitzel with a gravy and Rosti (which is like a really great hash browns) Gloria also had a mixed salad from the buffet. When we got back we went to the market to buy ... read more
This is a Ka-bop
Photo 5

Europe » France » Alsace » Riquewihr April 21st 2010

Geo: 48.1667, 7.29707Having established that the shop next to our little apartment was a boulangerie, the big kids went off with 5 Euro and enough French to buy 2 croissants and 2 baguettes! Success! They returned with huge smiles and explained that the lady in the shop spoke no English, but they had bought the bread without any hassles (and with only some sign language!)and with lots of smiles. They were so proud of themselves, and we were equally proud. This is why we came!Off to Haut Koenigbourg, a nearby castle that we could see towering over the vineyards. (we stopped briefly on the way to the castle to photograph the storks nesting in the town of Ribeauville.) The castle stands on a hill almost 800 metres above the surrounding area, so the views from the ... read more
Haut Koenigborg
the stork at Ribeauville
Haut Koenigbourg

Europe » France » Alsace » Riquewihr April 20th 2010

Geo: 48.1669, 7.29728After the big drive, and three countries yesterday, we decided to take it very easy this morning. We stayed in our little village (one main street and half a dozen side streets), following the map that the very kind lady in the tourist office gave us (she even rang our hostess for us last night when we arrived, rather than direct us to where there was a public phone and a phone card). The town is very old, with most of the buildings being medieval, and the remains of the walls and towers adding to the charm. The vines are just outside the town walls – you can see them at the edges of the village streets, and we also went for a walk amongst the vines for a lovely view back into town. ... read more
Storks, nesting in Ribeauville

Europe » France » Alsace » Riquewihr April 19th 2010

Geo: 48.1669, 7.29728It was sad to leave Miranda and Jonathon as they headed off to work – but we'll see them in three weeks at their wedding in Italy. And of course, I am not sure that they were sorry to see the departure of the noisy Perissinotto family – at least one of the cats was quite traumatized by the noise and sudden movements of the kids, and I seemed to give Miranda's washing machine a good workout!Then we were off again, with bags loaded in the car, on one of our longest driving days. Brussels was an easy city to drive in, and we were quickly on the road and off towards Luxembourg (about 2 hours away). Unfortunately, a 45 minute delay for road works meant that we were all tired and hungry when ... read more
Arriving in Riquewihr

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