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Europe » Finland » Uusimaa » Helsinki July 28th 2023

Train trip wasn’t too bad but it did have quite a few stops which meant for broken sleep. Tried to have a shower but the hot water must have gone with the wind. No cold shower for me so dried off what had got wet and had a pommie bath - splash a bit of water on the important bits and a double dose of deodorant. Made it to Helsinki and got the bags out without hernias again. Into a cab. Little station wagon but the driver said no problems, he can get all the bags in. Got it all in then he says where to. Minimum fee plus the bags = €30 - around $50 AUD for a relatively short trip. Has us by the short and curlies so had to go with it. Eventually ... read more
The ducks use the pedestrian crossings over here.
Stephanie on her way home.
The park area that runs down the middle of the esplanade in Helsinki

Europe » Finland » Lapland » Rovaniemi July 27th 2023

Woke up with the sun coming in the un-curtained windows. Allowed us to look at nature all night - behind closed eyes. Still looked good this morning. As we were walking to breakfast we heard the sound of a jet. Next thing a fighter jet zooms overhead into the wild blue yonder. Turns out the nearby airport is also a military base. This thing was going very fast and the noise went on for quite a while. Nice breakfast then went back and finalized packing. Called our valet service who picked us and our bags up. Stored the bags at the hotel and headed off on foot to Santa’s village. A 30 minute walk. Again, whine walking a couple more jets went screeching over us. This time different colored planes. Maybe Air Force and navy - ... read more
Electric Rudolph.
In we go……
Elves must have big heads.

Europe » Finland » Lapland » Rovaniemi July 26th 2023

Off the ship this morning. We say our final farewells to friends and crew. No tears but a few more laughs and subtle digs. Good crew. Out to our private transfer. This turns out to be a local taxi but a very nice guy - huge. Into the wild blue yonder. This dude has a booming voice and struggles a little with English but is generally very easy to communicate with. We get to one part where there are signs about militarily restricted areas. I ask if he is worried about being so close to the Russian border - only 10km away. Not at all he says. We find out a little bit later he is married to a Russian. No wonder he isn’t concerned. We have around 6 hours in the car to Rovaniemi. Eventually ... read more
Traffic reindeer.
Our Arctic Tree House room.
Nice view from the bed

Europe » Finland » Lapland » Rovaniemi July 13th 2023

Pas de souci... je ne vous laisse pas tomber... nous vivons seulement activement et chaque journée est bien remplie... soirées aussi vu qu'à partir du passage du Cercle polaire arctique, plus de télévision... pas souvent un très bon internet mais aussi une fatigue du voyage du jour qui fait que si le soleil ne se couche plus... nous oui.... nous rejoignons nos pénates avec grand plaisir !!!! Pour ce blog je vous mettrai des photos de Rovaniemi... le fameux village du Père Noël... Et oui... il nous a reçu et nous a même dit "Moein", en luxembourgeois... On ne peut malheureusement pas prendre de photos... c'est ici le gagne pain des étudiants en photographie... on en achète une pour leur faire plaisir et on garde son rêve d'avoir connu le Père Noël en mémoire... Evidemment ce ... read more
on était prévenus.. c'est le royaume des moustiques !
il ne nous aura plus !
on y est ! reste à arriver au Cap Nord...

Europe » Finland » Ostrobothnia » Vaasa July 10th 2023

Lähdettiin Jukan kanssa automatkalle, päämääränä Oslo, josta minulla olisi lento viikon päästä. Ajettiin ensin Vaasaan. Mennessä käytiin syömässä Jalasjärven Juustoportissa. Ajoin autoa Ikaalisista Jalasjärvelle. Vaasassa oltiin sen verran ajoissa, että ehdittiin kävellä keskustassa. Satamassa piti olla klo 19, ja laiva lähti klo 20. Matka kesti neljä tuntia, ja saavutiin perille Uumajan matkustajasatamaan klo 23 Ruotsin aikaa. Otetiin laivan kannella viinit, ja minä otin vielä lonkeron. Otin laivallakin 12,5€ seisovan pöydän, koska erilliset annokset olisivat maksaneet melkein yhtä paljon. Ajettiin keskustaan hotelliin yöksi. Oltiin hotellissa klo 24.... read more

Europe » Finland » Pirkanmaa » Ikaalinen July 2nd 2023

Ikaalinen (suédois : Ikalis) est une ville du sud-ouest de la Finlande. Elle se situe dans la région du Pirkanmaa, non loin de Tampere. Vous remarquerez qu'ici la deuxième langue est bien le suédois... Dans le train qui nous menait en ville à Helsinki nous avions rencontré un jeune étudiant qui nous avait expliqué qu'à l'école les deux langues se pratiquaient... Nous sommes venus à Ikaalinen dans le but d'aller au magasin d'usine d'Ittala... malheureusement ils n'avaient pas tout le choix que l'on nous a présenté à Helsinki mais avons tout de même ... read more
malgré l'autoroute on retrouve la nature
Los lupinos para Marta L.

Europe » Finland » Uusimaa » Helsinki June 27th 2023

Nous dormirons ici deux nuits... car arrivant en début d'après midi, on préfère se reposer un peu, mettre un peu d'ordre dans Pollux car déménager tous les jours n'est pas de tout repos et tout ne se fait pas toujours dans les règles de l'art à tout point de vue... Il faut aussi penser à se cultiver et donc visiter... Nous avons eu tellement de difficultés à trouver notre route vers le camping à cause des nombreux travaux dans la ville qu'heureusement nous avons à deux pas de la réception du camping un transport en commun qui existe !!! A Helsinki, il est facile de se déplacer en transports en commun. Les tramways, les métros et les bus sont fiables et appréciés par la population et leur réseau s'étend dans toute la ville. Presque les deux ... read more
laissez passer les petits canards svp !
bien à l'heure pour le ferry

Europe » Finland » Uusimaa » Helsinki June 20th 2023

Helsinki was established as a trading town by King Gustav I of Sweden in 12 June 1550, as the town of Helsingfors, which he intended to be a rival to the Hanseatic city of Reval on the southern shores of the Gulf of Finland (today known as Tallinn). After the Russians conquered Helsinki in May 1713 during the Great Northern War the city had grown to 3,000. It was not until Russia defeated Sweden in the Finnish War and annexed Finland as the autonomous Grand Duchy of Finland in 1809 that the town began to develop into a substantial city. Emperor Alexander I of Russia moved the Finnish capital from Turku to Helsinki in 1812 to reduce Swedish influence in Finland, and to bring the capital closer to Saint Petersburg. The population of Helsinki was already ... read more

Europe » Finland » Southwest Finland » Turku June 16th 2023

Finland! Our journey to Turku, Finland from Crete involved nearly every form of transportation available: car(taxi), airplane, train, subway/metro, bus, ferry and walking. We had a brief overnight stay in Stockholm but I lost the photos as I lost my phone in Turku (most of my Greece photos were backed up ... but I lost about 5 days of photos I think. Thankfully I also brought my work phone as a backup. Turku is a lovely place, not too big, not too small (population ~200k). Lots of parks and walking trails. Really, it's quite similar to New Brunswick with a lot of outdoor activities, similar flora and fauna, rocks everywhere! I went on a hike that could've easily been a trail 30 minutes from home. What I really like about European cities are the outdoor cafés ... read more

Europe » Finland » Uusimaa » Helsinki October 22nd 2022

One of my favourite childhood jokes has always been: Q-Where are people not fat? A-Finland! As we have spent a fair number of days in all the other Scandinavian countries, we thought it was about time to add to the one day that we spent in Finland (which was back in 2008). Having secured ourselves a reasonable deal at a mid-range chain hotel, we will be setting off towards the end of May to spend five days and nights in the Finnish capital, Helsinki. The evenings will be light until 11pm, the language will be unpronounceable, the food will consist of berries and reindeer and should I get enough time after being in the sauna each day, further reports will follow. First impressions. Well, not that many first impressions because we have only been here a ... read more

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