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Europe » Finland » Southwest Finland » Naantali January 21st 2008

So today I worked at kindie with Hanna aiti! She teaches at the Paivakoti daycare and kindie! Its not to far from home, so Iska Tom drove me over around 8 so I could make it for breakfast. Yum yogurt and pourage. I met the adorable little Finns, as they ran away from me to hide. Suvi, Veera and Sanni made me a little picture of me with some jewels glued onto it. It was very sweet. We baked some Pulla (finnish sweet rolls) and went outside for recess...where I got a TON of exercise. Those little kids can RUN! We played chase almost the entire time and I was always "it". We climbed houses and slid down the other side too! The little kids were seriously the cutiest things. They were speaking finnish to me ... read more

Europe » Finland » Southwest Finland » Naantali January 18th 2008

So actually TONIGHT is the start of a VERY long week!!! :) We went to the Tuto ice hockey game tonight in Turku! Tuto is like the AAA team for TPS!!! My first ADULT hockey game!!! It was fun, and I was hyper the entire game, talking, dancing, know, the usual. I ate some yummy makkara and juice too!!! Then between the periods Maddie's synchro team performed!!! It was such a fun night, then when we left it was snowing HUGE flakes outside! When I walked outside I yelled "VOI IHANA" (oh wonderful), really loud, and I heard some guy behind me say a very very bad finnish curse word! :) I was singing that barney song about snow and eating it out of the air. I draw a lot of attention some times....what can ... read more

Europe » Finland » Southwest Finland » Naantali January 16th 2008

So today I got a little tour of Turku and my new host dad's office while we wated for Matias' game to start! Matias plays soccer for the VG (Naantali) team! (also my German friend Eric also plays on their team!) So they had a game tonight, and we had a lot of fun watching them run back and forth and up and down the freezing field. I was dancing and moving uncontrollably (sp?) trying to stay warm!!!! Fun game! ... read more
The Field!
Me and the Field
Hello its me....

Europe » Finland » Southwest Finland » Naantali January 16th 2008

So, I don't really know if I mentioned this already, but at my last host family I decided to cook some American/New Mexican style breakfast every Sunday or so. It all started that day I had the finnish pancake fiasco! The next weekend I made american style pancakes, but then we also had a little problem, because my wonderful host aiti told me that the flour was baking powder, so I ended up adding two types of baking poweder, which made some very flat pancakes, but in the end we figured it out, and had a couple good ones! Hey, they still tasted good alright? :) Oh and we also had Pikkuprinssinakki (those tiny little sausages) AND...drumm roll please....MAPLE SYRUP! wooo hooo! A taste of home right there! Alright so then the next few weekends, one ... read more
Yumm! Salsa
UN decorating the tree

Europe » Finland » Southwest Finland » Naantali January 15th 2008

So today was the day..... I tried the famous finnish BLOOD PANCAKES. made of what you ask? REINDEER BLOOD!!! YIPPIE! Thank goodness I am so open minded. It was funny having my entire host family around me with aprehensive gazes (and the camera) ready to laugh at my reaction!!!..................which to tell you the truth...was not bad at was kind of like that food that you eat and enjoy until some one tells you its made of pig brains...then its all lost. ... read more

Europe » Finland » Southwest Finland » Naantali January 14th 2008

Today we kiddies sat down and ate our gingerbread house showing the end of Christmas time! YUMMY!!!! (michelle, check out those yopuku! (pj's!!!)) ... read more

Europe » Finland » Southwest Finland » Naantali January 4th 2008

Wonderful, loud, amazing, entertaining, considerate, NONQABA!!!! "and thats the last time youre going to hear the click" Non was one of our oldies (an oldie is an exchange student that came from the southern hemisphere so their exchange year was from January to January). She was fabulous to be around. She made us laugh with her funny stories about South African boys, and pine apples, and she's a great listener. She has the right advice for everything. Oh, and of course, she is groovy at braiding hair. :) She lived in Pori, Finland for her exchange year, and had some of us newbies up to Pori for her going away party! She had some funny rules for her party like: "No crying. No talking about politics. Only liquid gifts accepted" She flew home to SA on ... read more
trying not to freeze.
in the tree?

Europe » Finland » Southwest Finland » Naantali January 3rd 2008

So todays the day WE DIDDLE THE CUSTOMERS...(ok inside seany? haha alright) well today I spent the day packing. It was rather sad, seeing my side of the once oh so crowded room now so empty.... I wasnt homesick, I was nervous. Very. This really seemed like my frist move, because I dont know my new family really well (as I did when I moved into the Ailio's), and my new house is further away from the Ahti's! This was all crashing down on me as I re-searched the bathroom and picked up a couple lonely bobby pins. After all my items were packed and Henkka had reminded me to take down my New Mexico flag hanging over my bed, we (Henkka, Heini, and I) went downstairs to play one last game of Monolippu (spelling ... read more
new room!
new family!
Tervetuloa Stephanie

Europe » Finland » Southwest Finland » Naantali January 1st 2008

New years is HUGE in Finland!!!!!! So Marru's brother and his fiance were visiting from Jyvaskyla (spelling?) for new year! Marru's brother made us some sushi and we had it for our nighttime snack, wasabi and all! It was great, I hadnt had sushi in FOREVER, and it was really good! Then a couple hours and many pool games later (mostly...if not always me losing to Henkka) we drank some strawberry margaritas. Then Henkka and I left the adults to party it up, and walked down to the Hesburger where Anssi and his mother picked us up and drove us to Aikka's house! We partied there for a while, eating pirates booty (compliments of the Lampasi's), chips, pizza and some veggies. Henri Routilla and Anssi had some fireworks, so both of them, Henkka and I, and ... read more
Anssi, Aikka, Maiju, Henkka, Steph

Europe » Finland » Southwest Finland » Naantali December 25th 2007

Gingerbread. Chocolate. Ham. Glogi. Champane. Gingerbread. Chocolate. Silli. Ham. Gingerbread. HAM!!! Ok, so it IS FINALLY CHRISTMAS EVE IN FINLAND!!! I MADE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! "and there was much rejoicing"!!!! Alright, so I have to admit, it was SO MUCH better then I could have ever imagined. I was incandescently happy the entire day! We woke up late, and dressed in our warm comfy clothes, to walk to the old town center. There, around the towering Christmas tree music played, and the towns people gathered. There were at least 200 people, crowed around. I spotted many people I knew from school, and Rotary. I met up with Eija, and she gave me a glass of Glogi. I returned to Heini, Henkka and Marru, for the annual Christmas Peace speech. Drums played, and three women came out and sang ... read more
Center Old Town
peace talk
Heini ja Marru

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